biomolecules proteins taxonomy bentham and hooker plant systematics chlorella algae dna binomial nomenclature angiosperms flowering plants phytomonas leptovasorum phytopathology coffee disease phloem necrosis plant pathology angiosperm taxonomy history of prions stanley b. prusiner alzheimer’s disease bovine spongiform infection prions micro algae ulva salad dulse powder agar spirulina de candolle theophrastus linnaeus rank taxa taxonomic hierarchy classification of plants tissue culture micropropagation gene transfer mechanism plant breeding crop improvement disease management plant biotechnology mastigomycotina fungi imperfecti deuteromycetes classification of fungi g c ainsworth basidiomycetes ascomycetes fungi fritsch’s system vegetative organization thallus organization in algae thallus chlorophyceae cholesterol steroids prostaglandins plasma lipoproteins eicosanoid plasmalogen sphingophospholipid glycolipids phospholipids triacylglycerol and wax fatty acids lipids polysaccharides sucrose glycosidic bond epimers mutarotation glycoproteins cellulose starch disaccharides monosaccharides glucose reducing and non reducing suga carbohydrates z form of dna a b hershey-chase experiment griffith's experiment genetic material watson and crick model free energy thermodynamic principle bioenergetics oxidative phosphorylation krebs cycle glycolysis atp ribose & deoxyribose sugar nucleotide and nucleoside chargaff's rules nucleic acids rna keratins elastin collagen hemoglobin denaturation of proteins polypeptide peptide bond optical activity amino acids life science entrance exam pgee rate of chemical reaction activation energy lock and key model enzymes functions of vitamins fat and water soluble vitamins k e d vitamin a terpenes alkaloids vitamins biochemistry biology uses of honey bee wax bee hives bee rearing apiculture honey honey bee post harvest techniques trade of cut flowers cut flowers cultivation examples of plant families plant families nature around us flowers and trees horticulture floriculture ornamental plants
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