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Letter%20of%20Character copy

  1. 1. Letter of Character On Behalf of RachelleHeath 8/11/2014 Katie Hadlock,Red CanoeCredit Union- Branch SupportSpecialist To whomit mayconcern: Thisletterisa personal characterreference forRachelle Heath. IworkedforRachelleforabout1 year as a Loan Officerinthe Call Center. Inow workina differentdepartmentandconsiderRachelle tobe a goodfriendI go to whenI needguidance forworkor personal. Inthe time I workedforher I wasable to learna lot abouthowto be patientand how slow downwhenapproachingdifferent situations thatmay be challenging. She hasaverypositive outlooknotonlywithinworkbutlife ingeneral toowhichforme helpedtosee the goodinthingsand letgoof the negative. Whenpresentedwithanyissue she takes the time to getthe detailsandfactsbefore she goesaboutresolvingthe issue. Ienjoyedsharingmy successeswithRachelleaswell because she wouldalwaysbe proudof whateverhadhappenedandjust continue toencourage me and liftme up. Rachelle hassucha great caring personalitywhenyouare aroundher youcan’t helpbutsmile. Respectfully, Katie Hadlock 360-430-7978