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Trafficking in women

  1. Trafficking in Women
  2. What is trafficking Recruitment, transport from one place to another Aim: exploit for bodies Missing persons Trafficking vs. smuggling
  3. Modus Operandi • Traffickers place ads for job opportunities • Girls/women bought • Picked from bars, discos, nightclubs • Forced into counterfeit marriages • Abducted; sold into slavery/prostitution • Recruitment means: deception, coercion, threats, buying/selling & exploitation
  4. Forms of exploitation/control • Forced to work long hours, 7x a week • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse • Organ removal; debt bondage; Isolation; sequestration • 3 – D jobs: dirty, dangerous & difficult
  5. Factors in human trafficking • Poor people; war-torn countries; catastrophes • Orphans easy targets • Targets promised job opportunities • Made to sign bona fide documents • Globalization • Feeble state systems
  7. Japan • Juvenile delinquency: street robberies; voluntary sex • Lolita complex • Soapland shops • Hotetoru business • Yakuza
  8. Nepal • Economic problems • Cross-border trafficking • Deception • Naïve families • Counterfeit marriages • Fragile state system
  9. “My ‘prince charming’ promised me a better life in Holland. I could leave behind a life of poverty and family problems. But I couldn’t fathom that I would be exploited by a criminal network. My ‘prince’ was a monster. And I lived a nightmare. I had to work in a cheap brothel in Germany near the Dutch border. I had terrible problems with STDs [sexually transmitted diseases]. I also worked in a fancy mansion close to Amsterdam, with drugs, alcohol and wealthy clients. My body, my soul … my life belonged to a group of criminals who blackmailed me, threatened to kill me and were always saying they could harm my family back home.” Trafficking victim - UNODC
  10. Why HR violation? • Victims already deprived of basic needs • Held against wills • Rights – security, autonomy, dignity, freedom – breached • Precarious conditions
  11. Action Plan • Identify trafficking routes • Arrest and prosecute culprits • Help victims • Encourage collaboration • Respects rights of victims
  12. Conclusion • Take measures to curb trafficking • People have died • Collaborate and take precautionary measures • Realize rights of civilians • Compensate victims and families • Allow victims to voice frustration
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