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  1. 1. MBSSocialStudiesProject Done by: See Kai Wei,22,3S4
  2. 2. About Marina Bay Sands…• Developed by Las Vegas• Includes The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 floating crystals pavillion, casino and ice skating rinks.• With Skypark and 150m infinity swimming pool.
  3. 3. How Marina Bay Sands benefited Singapore’s growth?• -Helped to boost Singapore’s economy• Popular tourist attraction because of the casino.
  4. 4. Places that attracts tourist
  5. 5. Leadership is key:• Government made people who want to enter the casino to pay $100.• Singaporeans have raised the gambling issues through feedbacks and this government took proper actions to curb this problem.• Good leader listens to people’s opinion and act accordingly.
  6. 6. Anticipate change and stay relevant• Government decided to stay relevant with the country and thus took a risk and build the casino.• They also take steps in coping the gamblers by making the residents pay $100 for entrance fee.
  7. 7. Reward for work, work for reward• People being employed in the casino will work hard to get reward and thus boosting Singapore’s economy, and they will work harder to get better rewards.
  8. 8. A stake for everyone, opportunities for all.• After building the casino, there will be more job opportunities.• Since Mbs is the world of first class accommodations, they only allow potential people to work there.
  9. 9. Acknowledgements• http://www.google.com.sg/imgres?hl=en&gbv =2&biw=1280&bih=679&tbm=isch&tbnid =-OueI5AEBezyIM:&imgrefurl=http:// www.mymalaysiabooks.com/hotels/hotels_tours.htm&docid =63AlqCeoW-qzmM&imgurl= http://www.mymalaysiabooks.com/images/mysingapore_pics/ =448&h=336&ei=oydaT-aOMYarrAfv9PHyCw&zoom=1&iact= hc&vpx =567&vpy=157&dur=3619&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=120&ty
  10. 10. •THANK YOU! :D