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Getting your Product Noticed

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ProductCamp Boston is the world's largest and most exciting crowd-sourced one-day event for product people.  It's organized by and for product managers, product marketers and entrepreneurs, so attendees get the most out of the day.

Attendees learn about and discuss topics in product management and product marketing, product discovery, product development & design, go-to-market, product strategy and lifecycle management, and product management 101, startups, and career development. 


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Getting your Product Noticed

  1. 1. Getting Your Product Noticed: The Experts Guide Bobbie Carlton @BobbieC Innovation Women @WomenInno Mass Innovation Nights @MassInno Carlton PR & Marketing @CarltonPRM
  2. 2. @BobbieC
  3. 3. @BobbieC Agenda – Why The “Experts”? —That’s not a typo —A quick story for context —Advice for launchers —AMA
  4. 4. @BobbieC The Situation
  5. 5. @BobbieC Time on my Hands
  6. 6. @BobbieC The Place
  7. 7. @BobbieC What Did the Museum Need?
  8. 8. @BobbieC Innovation Days
  9. 9. @BobbieC
  10. 10. @BobbieC Supporting the Startups — Early companies rarely have enough marketing resources. They need our help.
  11. 11. @BobbieC The Experiment: Innovation Nights
  12. 12. The Start of a Community
  13. 13. @BobbieC
  14. 14. @BobbieC Everyone wins when you do crowdpromoting right– the model rewards those who support the common cause.
  15. 15. @BobbieC
  16. 16. @BobbieC - The greater good - Everyone wins - It’s the people
  17. 17. @BobbieC • Always start with goals • Who is your target market? • Launch a complete product • Beta customers • Let’s talk about PR • The truth about press releases Advice for Launchers
  18. 18. Bonus Slide: Messaging Matrix Behind Parity Ahead High Defense Launch focus Medium Low Education or thought leadership Competitive landscape Customerinterestorawareness
  19. 19. @BobbieC Thank You (Give me your card for slides.)