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Business Development PPT Template

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"Visualize your business development strategy with the help of planning tools and analyses.

Use our template to present your business development strategies and stimulate corporate growth. Our charts and graphs, analytical methods, and project plans are the ideal tools for any business development manager.

Download this 52-slide presentation and further your business development:

- a definition of business development
- organizational structures
- Porter’s Five Forces model
- market analysis
- target group analysis
- business development manager’s tasks
- SWOT analysis
- portfolio analysis
- utility analysis
- STEP analysis
- checklists

- implement ready-to-use slides on business development
- visualize your company’s growth strategy
- take advantage of useful analysis tools, such as SWOT and STEP
- create your business plan with various tools, analyses, and charts and graphs"

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Business Development PPT Template

  1. 1. PREMIUM POWERPOINT SLIDES development Business
  2. 2. Business Development POWERPOINT TEMPLATE
  3. 3. A business is like a car – it will not run itself, except downhill. American saying
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Challenges for Businesses 1. Transparent Markets 3. Global Competition 2. Dynamic Exchange Rates 4. Fast Changing Technologies
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION Growth Through New Business A company can achieve growth by increasing production figures or crowding out competitors. If these options no longer exist, it must be done through new business. New Business New business throughinnovation New business throughthe development of new business segments BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (BDM)
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION Business development involves the various techniques designed to help a company grow by developing new business or expanding products/services.
  7. 7. BASICS Types of Organizational Business Development Partof Sales  Sales development is a type of business development that is involved solely with Sales.  Its main task is to research and qualify new sales potential such as new leads or channels. Groundworkfor Management  Business development is not directly responsible for making company decisions.  It is meant to prepare the sales tasks or set up strategic assignments (e.g. project management) for management. Business Field  Business development is also a subset of the business field.  It is responsible for realizing new business opportunities.
  8. 8. BASICS Business Development Areas Business development Marketing Sales Product Development
  9. 9. BASICS Business Development Activities Market analysis Brainstormingideas for acquiring new customers Establishinglong-term customers Developingmarketing strategies for sales promotions Selecting and removing distributionchannels Maintainingstrategic partnerships Findingnecessary marketing measures Supportingcustomers and managingreferral marketing Strategic planningas well as sales andproject management
  10. 10. BASICS Strategic Options for Business Development Old product on old market Keepon or Take off the market New product on old market Product Development Old product on new market Market Development New product on new market Diversification Source: Sonja Kind „Business Development – Aufgaben, Organisation und Implementierung“
  11. 11. BASICS Competitive Advantage Expectations of products and value COMP- etitive- ADVANT- AGE
  12. 12. BASICS Target Group Analysis: Sinus Milieus in Germany 2016 HIGHER MIDDLE LOWER Tradition, rooted in tradition, modernized tradition Modernization, individualization, self-realization, standard of living Re-orientation, multiple options, exploration, pragmatism Established conservativemilieu 10% Newmiddle classmilieu 13% Escapistmilieu 15% Precariousmilieu 9% Adaptive pragmatistmilieu 10% Traditionalmilieu 13% Highachiever milieu 8% Liberal intellectualmilieu 7% Socio-ecologicalmilieu 7% Moversand shakersmilieu 8% Source: Sinus 2016
  13. 13. BASICS Goals Should be clearly defined Need to serve a general purpose Should be in writing Must be realistic GOALS
  14. 14. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Characteristics of Good Business Development Managers can quickly brainstorm newideas. analyze the market. accompany the process of launchinga product, from idea to implementation. are familiar with different marketing strategies. have basic knowledge of customer service, new customer acquisition and development of strategic and operational partnerships. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGERS
  15. 15. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Combination of Generalists and Specialists Business Development Manager Generalist Departments Specialists A business development manager must work with many specialists in order to successfully position a product or company on the market.
  16. 16. BDM PROCESS Business Development Establish Business  Keep competitive strategy up-to-date.  Maintain quality assurance system.  Develop flexibility and speed.  Establish responsive innovation system.  Develop new competitive strategies.  Promote executives and employees.  Expand geographically.  Conquer market shares and distinguish products.  Acquire a regular customer base.  Expand the team.  Plan for the next growth phase.  Determine business field and product.  Put together team.  Set up business plan. Initial Growth Mid-term Growth Long-term Growth Download at www.PresentationLoad.com
  17. 17. BDM PROCESS Business Development Phases  Determine which departments and employees are involved in decision making.  Marketing should take business development measures into account .  Budget and resources determine whether a company should invest in BD.  A risk analysis should also be considered.  Ideas are developed.  Market analysis or other techniques are used to find the best idea.  Less promising ideas are evaluated and only pursued if they have high potential. 1. BrainstormingPhase  Reasons for a business development are identified.  Initial ideas arise as to how this development might look.  The rough targets of business development are made. 2. IdeaPhase 3. EnvironmentPhase
  18. 18. BDM PROCESS Business Development Phases • The success of the measures is monitored, whereby key figures and predefined milestones are periodically evaluated. • In the event of deviations, corresponding parameters of the previous phases are adjusted. • Business development measures will be implemented, including components such as business planning and the go-to-market. • A critical analysis of the target market, target group and marketing measures follows. 4. Channel Phase • Operational and strategic partnerships should be considered, provided that they serve the target. • Relationships with suppliers and distribution channels should also be considered. 5. ImplementationPhase 6. ReviewPhase
  19. 19. METHODS Popular Business Development Tools A study by the German Institute for Marketing in 2015 found that Business Development Managers prefer the following tools: 1 SWOT Analysis 2 Portfolio analysis 3 roadmapping 4 Utility analysis 5 STEP Analysis
  20. 20. METHODS SWOT Analysis Private Organization POTENTIAL ANALYSIS Relevant Competitors COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Suppliers, Sales Agents and (Potential) Customers MARKET ANALYSIS Legal, Social and Natural Environment ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS SWOT Analysis Strengths/Weaknesses Analysis Opportunities/ThreatsAnalysis
  21. 21. METHODS Portfolio Analysis Question Marks Products with high market growth. They need a steady growth rate to graduate to star level. STARS Products with a high market share and high growth potential. Poor Dogs Products that should either be relaunched or discontinued if not profitable. Cash Cows Products with a high market share and low growth (less than 10 percent). Revenue surpluses can be invested in other products. Market Share MarketGrowth
  22. 22. METHODS Roadmap 2016 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 Vegan New energy sources Trend X Europe Africa Aging customers Smartphones Competitor 1 Competitor 3 Competitor 2 Trends Cus- tomers Channels Comp- etition
  23. 23. METHODEN STEP Analysis Social factors Trends Mobility Demographic … Technologicalfactors New technologies Machines Utilization … Economic factors Economic situation Available resources Competition … Policitcalfactors Laws & guidelines Trade agreements Political stability … S T E P
  24. 24. BENEFIT Units Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution3 Solution4 LEVEL BENEFIT LEVEL BENEFIT LEVEL BENEFIT LEVEL BENEFIT Criterion A XX 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG Criterion B XX 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG Criterion C XX 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG Criterion D XX 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG Criterion E XX 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG Criterion F XX 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG 1-10 XX x EG Total Benefits XX SUm SUm SUm SUm METHODS Utility Analysis UtilityPoints
  25. 25. CHECKLIST Implementing Business Development Measures  Setmarketing measures.  Implement development measures.  Evaluate development measures.  Adjust to findings. Download at www.PresentationLoad.com
  26. 26. Click here to visit www.PresentationLoad.com DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT SLIDES