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  1. 1. PRADEEP SEN (TRAINER) Email- tracksen @gmail.com Mobile- 9533846397 Pradeep Sen brings40 yearsof Management experience to your organization- 22 yearsin the Industry, and 18 yearsin Training. His client list is asfollows- Siemens, WellsFargo, Berkadia, Rockwell Collins, Verizon, HFDC, American Power Corporation, Sutherland Global Solutions, Pega systems, Zensar Technologies, DSL Worldwide, Shantha Biotech, Wipro, InfoTech, (Cyient), HDFC, RELIANCE GIC, CANARA BANK. CERTIFICATIONS-  B.A.T. Chelwood U.K. - Management development and Blake’sGrid.  B.A.T Sri Lanka - P.R and Corporate communication strategies.  B.A.T. Penang (Malaysia)- Product development  Dale Carnegie- “High Impact Teaching Skills”  Cambridge- Interactive teaching methodologies.  Wipro- Master Trainer. Note- B.A.T representsBritish American Tobacco Company. His Industry experience includesthe domainsof Marketing, Sales, Corporate Communications, Customer Service strategiesand Brand diversification with ITC LTD and VST IND LTD. He hasthe following certifications- Key Organisational positions Branch Manager, Regional Manager, National SalesManager, Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications. Programme directory 1. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Situational leadership- (Hersey/ Blanchard model) Transformational leadership. From Managing to Leading. 2. TEAM PRODUCTIVITY 3. PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS 7 habitsby Covey Performance management Interviewing skills Change management Transition- (from individual contributor to team work to leadership) Managing stress (includeswork/ life balance) 4- Human interactions(behavioral) Managing conflict Inter-personal skills Coaching and Mentoring
  2. 2. 5- Analytical thinking ( Creative, conceptual, critical and intuitive thinking) 6- CUSTOMER FOCUS Service excellence Tele and direct sales Spin selling. Key accountsManagement. NOTE  Programmes 1 to 4 are cross referred and the underlying assumptionsare common  All programmesoperate at two levels- (1) behavioral alignment and (2) skills development  The programmesare Case based and include activitiesthat are appropriate to the key propertiesof the subject  For maximum effectivenessit is desirable to have a batch size of 15 to 20.  Programme design and sessionsplansare client specific, and they are designed for 1 or 2 days interventions. Pradeep Studied in The Doon School Dehra Dun, and graduated with English Honoursfrom St. StephensCollege Delhi. Some Client FEEDBACK January 25, 2013 >> >> Dear Pradeep >> >> Thanks for conducting Conflict Management at Wells >> Fargo India Solutions on 23rd Jan’12. >> Attached below is the feedback we have received for
  3. 3. >> this program conducted by you. >> >> >> >> >> >> >> Program Name:Conflict Management Venue: Learning Room 2 >> Faculty :Pradeep From Date: 23-Jan-13 To Date: >> 23-Jan -13 >> Faculty ID –NA ALL MARKS OUT OF 5 >> >> COURSE OBJECTIVE: >> Overall rating for the course 4.78 >> Faculty -1 Effectiveness Feedback Rating Average >> >> Ability to communicate the subject 4.83 >> Encouragement provided toparticipate during the session 4.67 >> Responseto queries from participants 4.83 >> Ability to present the subject in a sequence 4.75 >> Abilityto maintain participant control 4.55 >> KnowledgeLevel demonstrated by faculty 4.83 >> Faculty Effectiveness 4.74 >> Course Structure Effectiveness Feedback Rating Average >> >> Extent to which Course objectives were met 4.58 >> Clarityof the course contents 4.67 >> Usage of practical examples 4.58 >> Provision of guidelines for learning 4.75 >> Duration allotted for this program 4.58 >> Discussion of a learning plan for future 4.58 >> Course Structure Effectiveness 4.62 >> Course Ambience Effectiveness Feedback Rating Average >> Adequacy of visual aids (if applicable) 4.50 >> Classroomambience (If applicable) 4.58 >> >> Mention 2 most liked aspects >> Informative >> Material was good and session was level and interesting >> Material was good during the session and explained it to the point >> Case study and content >> Reaction response types/Conflicts of behavioral style. >> >> Mention 2 least liked aspects
  4. 4. >> Usage of technical terms. >> >> How can we improve this program >> More live examples/videos >> Need to be a two day program >> More such workshop should be conducted thanks! >> >> >> >> >> >> >> Thank you, >> WFIS Learning & Development team >> >> ©2012 Wells Fargo India Solutions. All rights reserved. Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original pradeep sen SUTHERLAND GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Hi Pradeep, The feedback from all participants have been very good. You conduct these with a lot of commitment and passion. Thank you very much! Regards, Prem ----- Original Message ----- From: pradeep sen <tracksen@gmail.com> To: Paul John M. Steaven; Premkumar Nambiar Sent: Sat Apr 20 10:39:20 2013 Subject: Fwd: SUTHERLAND STUDENT’S FEEDBACK Forwarded message ---------- From: Vipin Tiwari <vipin.hyderabad@gmail.com> Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 10:37:34 +0530 Subject: Re: To: pradeep sen <tracksen@gmail.com> Good Morning Pradeep Sir,
  5. 5. No doubt your training session is going to bring major changes in our life (Professional and Personal Life), I really wants to thank you on behalf of complete group for the wonderful sessions and request you to please continue in the same manner