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The new landscape of facts and trust

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Lee Rainie, director of Internet, Science and Technology research at the Pew Research Center, discussed the Center's latest findings at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit in Washington. He talked about how people use social media, how they think about news in the Trump Era, how they try to establish and act on trust and where they turn for expertise in a period where so much information is contested.

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The new landscape of facts and trust

  1. 1. The new landscape of facts and trust Lee Rainie - @lrainie Director Internet, Science, and Technology Research Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit – April 21, 2017
  2. 2. Facts are the atomic unit of truth Facts drive outcomes for individuals and societies Facts underlie justice Facts are democratic Facts are spiritually important Facts are tied to trust Trust is what binds people together to: overcome uncertainty overcome vulnerability cement interdependence achieve collective action
  3. 3. Information revolutions are like avalanches
  4. 4. Elizabeth Eisenstein Folklore Witchcraft Alchemy
  5. 5. Today Trolls Fake news Weaponized information
  6. 6. New challenges to facts and trust
  7. 7. Public Trust in Government: 1958-2015 Trust the federal government to do what is right just about always/most of the time
  8. 8. Trust in government by party: 1958-2015 Trust federal government to do what is right just about always/most of the time…
  9. 9. 7 Large majorities say elected officials out of touch with public, put their own interests first % who say most elected officials… 77 74 74 19 23 22 Try hard to stay in touch with votersLose touch with people quickly Don't care what people like me think Care what people like me think Put the country's interests firstPut their interests first
  10. 10. Consistent Liberals & Conservatives Often Live in Different Media Worlds
  11. 11. Little Overlap in the Sources Trusted for Political News
  12. 12. Few have a lot of trust in information from professional news outlets or friends and family Social media garners the least amount of trust
  13. 13. Fake news is seen as a problem
  14. 14. Most say Clinton, Trump supporters cannot agree even on ‘basic facts’ On important issues facing the country, most Trump and Clinton supporters … (%)
  15. 15. Negative feelings also much stronger now
  16. 16. Negative stereotypes about the ‘other side’
  17. 17. A year before election, most felt like ‘their side’ was losing more often than winning in politics On issues that matter to you in politics today, has your side been winning or losing more often? (%)
  18. 18. Both Parties Have Lost Confidence and Trust in Public’s Potential Wisdom % very great/good deal of trust and confidence in political wisdom of American people
  19. 19. From the campaign – how Trump and Clinton voters viewed a changing nation Compared with 50 years ago, life for people like you in America today is …
  20. 20. Trusting the President’s words?
  21. 21. What people say they want/need Smart allies (diversity really helps) Improved curators Proof of authenticity Transparency More confidence they can learn and grow Just-in-time help in decision making More training on tech use and information literacy Organizations that will help and protect them
  22. 22. April 27, 2017 29www.pewresearch.org Thank you! Email: lrainie@pewresearch.org Twitter: @lrainie @pewinternet @pewresearch