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Bugpub crowdtesting

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  • We are committed to improve your product

    BugPub unlocks affordable, on-demand software testing by professional testers and ethical hackers distributed around the world. According to our research, a cost per bug detection with in-house testing is $50, with Bugpub this cost is ramped down to $15. Our proven community can address any type of testing with very scalable resource allocation from few testers to hundreds testers spread across the globe. Our platform is built with help of cutting edge tools – Jira and variety of test automation apps, so our clients and testers work in very familiar and enterprise-friendly environment. All these tools are Free for our Clients.

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Bugpub crowdtesting

  1. 1. A Story about How Polished Product meets Happy Users
  2. 2. Developers have been working hard so it is totally fine that your product is a bit stained… Then what the product needs?
  3. 3. Good Washing machine BugPub Platform
  4. 4. Special washing powder with softener Community of Qualified Testers and Ethical Hackers with Dedicated Coordination
  5. 5. What Product gets Quick testing turnaround (dozens bugs in one day!) Affordable but truly Professional service (hundreds Experts with LinkedIn profiles) Scalable testing spread across the world ensures compatibility and localization. Only BugPub can address over 30 languages X 50 browsers X 21 OSs X 72 countries Full Testing lifecycle management and best in the class tools
  6. 6. We conducted some research… is average cost per bug detection and follows up with in-house or outsourced testing. Another pitfall is ongoing management overhead and test lab maintenance. $50
  7. 7. With BugPub is BugPub’s cost per a valid bug We take care about results management and maintenance. $15
  8. 8. One Story about Ecommerce web site Product got testing: Testers earned 5 BugPub Testers Tester#1 - $350 3 weeks test round Tester#2 - $865 284 valid bugs Tester#3 - $410 97 approved test cases Tester#4 - $168 14 browsers/versions Tester#5 - $245 10 OSs/versions 3 Countries 7 Languages BugPub ProfessionalCrowdTesting http://bugpub.com