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HIV in Film: STEPS For the Future

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The Pediatric AIDS Coalition Cause Education Committee – HIV in Film: STEPS For the Future

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HIV in Film: STEPS For the Future

  1. 1. STEPS For The Future
  2. 2. Can film be used to challenge the perceptions related to HIV/AIDS stigma?
  3. 3. Steps For The Future ● Created in 2001 ● 50 Films ● 18 Languages ● Produced in Southern Africa
  4. 4. History of Steps - The program was created by South African Filmmaker Don Edkins. - Employed the help of international filmmakers. - Focused on supporting filmmakers from the Southern African region.
  5. 5. Impact Study ● Baseline questionnaire to gauge knowledge about HIV/AIDS given before screenings. ● Follow-up interviews 2 weeks after each screening. ● Also interviewed people who benefited from hearing about the films, but did not watch them personally.
  6. 6. Key Findings ● Personal Narratives in the films stimulate dialogue and debate. ● Films challenge preconceived notions about HIV/AIDS ● Films help audiences to incorporate new ways of coping with the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
  7. 7. Feedback from Screenings ● “It was the first time that I had seen someone say “I am HIV positive”, not just in the movie, but actually being there and saying it like that.” ● “I think that their being there after the movie made all the difference because people need to see so that they can believe.” ● “The films are important because they make people believe, otherwise I think some people would still not believe this thing (HIV/AIDS) exists.” ● “I told my friend who is usually not interested in HIV/AIDS because he says that this thing doesn’t exist...When I told him about what we saw the other day when you came, he showed an interest in seeing the movies.”
  8. 8. http://stepsforthefuture.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2015/08/ImpactStudy.pdf http://stepsforthefuture.co.za/