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Portfolio & BIO Paulo Cavalcanti EN

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Portfolio & BIO Paulo Cavalcanti EN

  1. 1. Brazilian, Paulo was born in 1989, São Paulo, SP. He is contemporary dancer (DRT 34570), pianist (OMB 54925) and researcher. His first experiences in music and dance started in Mairiporã, SP, between the years 2005 and 2006. His aesthetic research in the arts goes through the multidisciplinary practice, the philosophy of the body, and experimental essays integrating the human movement along with musicality, visualities, and new media. Studied contemporary dance mainly with Mauricio de Oliveira and Claudia de Souza, and also with Morena Nascimento, Ismael Ivo, Sandro Borelli, Edy Wilson and Márcio Dantas. His background in classical dance occurred mainly with Luis Ribeiro, Neyde Rossi and Eduardo Bonnis. Graduated in Classical Piano with Horacio Gouveia by Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo – EMESP/TOM JOBIM. Graduated in International Trade by Universidade Paulista-UNIP, and still graduating, at the 4th year in the course of Bachelor in Physical Activity Sciences at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of the University of São Paulo (EACH-USP). Integrates academic research groups: 'ECOAR' (Studies in Body and Art), with guidance by Marilia Velardi (EACH-USP), and 'Hybrid Poetics - the theater interface with the visual arts' at the Arts Institute IA/UNESP, guidance by Agnus Valente. Accomplished the courses: ‘Performance Creation/Live Art’ with Elisa Band in SP Escola de Teatro; ‘Cultural Production for music' with Inty Queiroz in EPICENTRO CULTURAL and the philosophy course 'Body, thought and freedom in Spinoza, Nietzsche, Bergson and Deleuze' with Amauri Ferreira, from Nomadic School of Philosophy. Recent workshops: Contemporary Dance with Rafaela Sahyoun at Capital 35 - Jorge Garcia Dance Company; ‘Still Life’ with Dimitris Papaioannou at Tusp Maria Antônia by MITsp; ‘Darkness Pomb’ with Modern Table Contemporary Dance Company at Centro Cultural São Paulo (CCSP); 'Videodance creation' with André Uba, Anselmo Mancini and Cynthia Domênico at SESC Pinheiros; 'Mind as Choreographic Body' with Ricardo Gali from Cia Perversos Polimorfos at SESC Belenzinho; 'Afro-Brazilian dances and Mozambican experiences' with Lenna Bahule in FUNARTE / SP; and 'Merce Cunningham Tecnique' with Gícia Amorim in OFICINA CULTURAL OSWALD DE ANDRADE. Choreographer and contemporary dance teacher at Studio de Dança Sandra Sueli for about eight years. Paulo has worked for the academies: Ballet Ismael Guiser Yoko Okada, Coreo Dance School, Studio Kitty Bodenheim, Bravo Ballet and Dance Center Nice Leite-Ilara Lopes. In 2011, was a ballet pianist at Espaço Dança e Vida. In 2012 and 2013 was soloist at Cia Balé de Bolso, playing Romeo in the remake "Romeo and Juliet – neither one or another", directed by Esmeralda Penha Gazal. In 2013, he joined the cast of the CIA DANÇAS - Claudia de Souza, with whom he studied techniques of modern dance (Graham); and attended the opera AIDA, at the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, directed by Marco Gandini. In 2014 he founded a project of integrated arts through video "E | P Ensaios Poïéticos", forming the group Corpo Camerístico, with artists of music, dance, visual and performing arts. The production of this group has achieved several exhibitions and awards in national and international festivals of videodance, highlighting: CCSP Weeks of Dance 2015 - Exhibition of videoart in dance with the video CLOISTER; and 23th Festival Mix Brazil 2015 in the official selection with the video LISTEN. In 2015, he directed the show SUITE EM DEZ ATOS with the group Corpo Camerístico at SESC Belenzinho, which was part of “Caminhos da Dança” Programme, proposition coming from artistic actions of Ismael Ivo and Ivaldo Bertazzo. He has also danced in Bogotá, Colombia, at the II Encuentro latino Americano de investigadores sobre el cuerpo y corporalidades en las culturas, with the piece Corpus Sonum, for piano (composition by Cauê Muratt) and body. As a performer, attended the assembly of experimental performative theater show ANATOMY OF THE FHAUN, based on the work of Arthur Rimbaud, and also linked to the Performing Arts Laboratory of Escola de Comunicações e Artes (CAC / ECA-USP), also linked to the EAD (School of Dramatic Art, USP), TUSP Maria Antonia and SP ESCOLA DE TEATRO.
  2. 2. In the year of 2016 Paulo joined the cast of SIAMESES DANCE COMPANY, directed by Maurício de Oliveira, during the São Paulo Tour with the work ALBEDO (Project supported by PROAC). CHAOS MEDITATION | https://youtu.be/K-AJc7A818I LISTEN| https://youtu.be/g56aqhu6K_g CLOISTER | https://youtu.be/9vDq9LiwhI8 SULLIED | https://youtu.be/g56aqhu6K_g TOXIC HUES| https://youtu.be/AIbPQRwdy2A THEMA | https://youtu.be/ooZ7sw24g1Q Mobile phone | +55 (11) 968-199-447 E-mails | paulo2.cavalcanti@usp.br; paulocavalcantti@hotmail.com facebook.com/paulo.cavalcanti.18 instagram.com/lcavalcantipaulo youtube.com/c/PauloCavalcantii google.com/+PauloCavalcantii corpocameristico.wix.com/projetoep
  3. 3. Dance Concert
  4. 4. Partilha do sensível - CCSP
  5. 5. Videodance screenings
  6. 6. Contemporary music concert
  7. 7. ENSAIOS DE INVESTIGAÇÃO ESTÉTICA (re)Construções românticas |Photo: Alef Ghosn | Places: FAU e ECA/USP
  8. 8. “Anel no quarto dedo” | Photo: André Medeiros Martins | Place: Casa Amarela
  9. 9. Matizes de Toxicidade | Photographs: Alessandra Alves | Place: Heliporto Edifício Reynaldo Raucci
  10. 10. Experimental self-images - “Corpenis” and Plano Sagital do Cárcere
  11. 11. Performance-Intervenção | Catarse PopPorn | Photo: Fernando Furini
  12. 12. Homo Eros | Anatomia do Fauno | Photo by Hélio Beltrânio
  13. 13. Recital de Dança | Photo: Danilo Patzdorf | Teatro Maria de Lourdes Sekeff – IA/UNESP
  14. 14. Concert | Meditação sobre um motivo de Debussy | Zóltan Kodály | EMESP-TOM JOBIM | 2013 Partilha do Sensível | CCSP |Photos: Danilo Patzdorf
  15. 15. Fel i cidade | Photos: Lucas Façanha and Hemerson Coelho| Sites: Gluck Pianos e Paço das Artes – USP
  17. 17. Romeu e Julieta, nem um, nem outro | Photo: Sílvia Machado | Teatro Juca Chaves
  18. 18. Pavana | Luis Ribeiro | Teatro Santa Cruz