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ATA MC&E 2015 Paul Menig, Tech-I-M

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Fleet input on 10 questions regarding future technology

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ATA MC&E 2015 Paul Menig, Tech-I-M

  1. 1. Paul Menig Paul has been leading new product development in the trucking industry for 30 years including AMT’s, electronic engines, electronic brakes, wireless communications, instrumentation, air conditioning, electrical power, hybrids and natural gas. CEO, Tech-I-M
  2. 2. Wish  to  thank  our  par.cipa.ng  fleets:
  3. 3. 100  years  ago   WW  1,  planes,  trucks    
  4. 4. 100  years  ago   WW  1,  planes,  trucks     50  years  ago   Highway  system,  transistors,   computers  
  5. 5. 100  years  ago   WW  1,  planes,  trucks     30  years  ago   Cell  phones,   deregula=on,   telema=cs   50  years  ago   Highway  system,  transistors,   computers  
  6. 6. 100  years  ago   WW  1,  planes,  trucks     30  years  ago   Cell  phones,   deregula=on,   telema=cs   20  years  ago   Internet,   electronic  engines,     ABS,  GPS   50  years  ago   Highway  system,  transistors,   computers  
  7. 7. 100  years  ago   WW  1,  planes,  trucks     30  years  ago   Cell  phones,   deregula=on,   telema=cs   20  years  ago   Internet,   electronic  engines,     ABS,  GPS   10  years  ago   Smart  phones,   clean  engines,  AMT,   collision  warning   50  years  ago   Highway  system,  transistors,   computers  
  8. 8. 100  years  ago   WW  1,  planes,  trucks     30  years  ago   Cell  phones,   deregula=on,   telema=cs   20  years  ago   Internet,   electronic  engines,     ABS,  GPS   10  years  ago   Smart  phones,   clean  engines,    AMT,   collision  warning   5  years  ago   Cleaner  engines,   predic=ve  cruise   50  years  ago   Highway  system,  transistors,   computers  
  9. 9. 100  years  ago   WW  1,  planes,  trucks     30  years  ago   Cell  phones,   deregula=on,   telema=cs   20  years  ago   Internet,   electronic  engines,     ABS,  GPS   10  years  ago   Smart  phones,   clean  engines,    AMTs,   collision  warning   5  years  ago   Cleaner  engines,   predic=ve  cruise   Today   Stability  control,  radars,   Cameras,  ELDs,  AMTs   50  years  ago   Highway  system,  transistors,   computers  
  10. 10. Tomorrow     Let’s  See  
  11. 11. Curved  Glass  
  12. 12. What   maintenance?   TMC  should  not  lose   focus  on  heavy  duty.   It  used  to  be  the  size  of  your  toolbox.   Now  it’s  what’s  in  your  head.   Predic=ve   Condi=on  Based   Train,  Train,  Train   Over  The  Air   Updates   Info  to  fleets,   not  the  driver   Need  beRer  way  to  define  each   piece  of  equipment  and  its  applica=on   Aggregate information from different fleets! Use DOT or other agency grant money! Web  based  informa=on   Agnos=c   All tools! integrated! We’re  in  the  hauling  business.   We’re  not  a  technology  tes=ng  plaUorm.  
  13. 13. Give  it  up   to  third  par=es   Get  involved   Listen to us! One  throat  to  choke   $125,000  truck  down,   while  two  OEM  IT  people  argue   Rely  heavily  on  OEM   They  need  to  take  full  responsibility   More field testing with! customers in real world! Self  diagnos=cs   Ver=cal  integra=on   good  and  bad   Fewer driver screens! Integra=on  of  sensors   and  safety  systems   Wireless  to  replace   problema=c  wires  
  14. 14. Integration, consolidation,! analytics! WiFi  Hot  Spot   Port  Tag  Readers   are  good   Stop multiple data plans and devices! Many  places  have  poor  cell  service.   Can  almost  totally  replace  satellite  systems  now.   We don’t need telematics suppliers in the future.! Tablet  saves  driver’s  life.   Suffering  from  meningi=s.     Temperature  Monitoring   Conges=on  rerou=ng   Geofence  2  with  info  to  terminal/dock  personnel  
  15. 15. They  are   crap   Need for! everything! Cameras are a great! “BS” remover! •  Heat  at  wheel  ends   •  Engine  oil  sensor   •  Brake  stroke   •  Vibra=on  failure  detec=on   •  Bird’s  eye  view   •  Hap=c  feedback   •  Trailer  temperature   Comm x 4! Tractor+Trailer+Diagnostics+Camera! Backup  cameras   for  trailers  
  16. 16. Natural Gas! Nah! Some customers demand! Biofuels! Yes! Need regulations! DME! Maybe! Hybrid! No!
  17. 17. Yes to higher voltage! Goldilocks! 48 volt too high! 24 volt just right! 12 volt too low! What’s! a! volt?! How! do we! transition?!
  18. 18. Add  photo  of  East  Penn  Group  31  and  42/48  volt  
  19. 19. Already doing it 20-25%! Plants, teams, restaurants, liberal cities, China-LTL,! big box home improvement, breweries! Problems! JIT, wide loads and hazmat! warehouses, ports, customer QC! Need to incentivize! ATA policy initiative?!
  20. 20. Logis=cs,  =ming,  safety   need  to  be  worked  out   On time delivery prioritized! over fuel economy in contracts! Need  freight  corridors   Insurance  ques=ons   Must be fleet and OEM! independent! Weather not Whether! Business  Case   Open  road,   not  in  congested  areas  
  21. 21. Yes! small packages,! rural, 3rd world medical,! same-day city services! No   gravel,  frozen  foods   livestock,  caskets   Legal   Social   Weather!Genie  out  of  the  boRle   3D Printing May Disrupt Part Delivery!
  22. 22. Drivers! ! • Comfort & amenities! • Health monitoring! • Safety! • Productivity! Other! Thoughts! Service Technicians! ! • Info-tech! • Info-Aggregation! • Logistics! Tractors! ! • Comm x 4! • Integration! • Idle! • Brakes! • Dynamic RSG! Government! ! • Involve in TMC! • Accelerated! testing! • Vehicle/trailer! configurations!
  23. 23. ATA  MC&E Tremendous change! coming in! next 10-15 years!
  24. 24. Calls To ACTION! ! ATA/TMC should enable sharing of reliability, durability & performance data among fleets and research ways to turn it into actionable information! Ac>onable  Informa>on  is  CRITICAL  
  25. 25. ATA should promote! expanded night-time operations! to fleets, shippers, consignees, and! government! Trucking  NEVER  Sleeps   Calls To ACTION!
  26. 26. Calls To ACTION! ! TMC, SAE, and the! Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association! should develop a transition plan to start in! 2027 or sooner, timed with the new fuel consumption regulations.! Higher  Voltage  Will  Come  
  27. 27. ATA/TMC should work with the! Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association! to improve how OEMs field test & support products! Current  OEM  Processes  INADEQUATE   Calls To ACTION!