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Paul mathieson

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All about Paul Mathieson's accomplishments and education in the finance industry. Including the companies he's founded, and their branching futures.

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Paul mathieson

  1. 1. Paul Mathieson Mr Amazing Loans
  2. 2. Summary  Graduated from Macquarie University  Masters Degree In Applied Finance  Bachelor's Degree in Commerce  Also went to Bond University
  3. 3. Work History  Formed his first holding company in 2001, Mathieson Enterprises Pty Ltd in Sydney Australia.  Went on to found IEG Holdings in 2005.  Formed Mr. Amazing Loans, and brought services from Australia to American shores in Las Vegas Nevada.
  4. 4. And The Company Is Always Expanding  Paul Mathieson has guided Mr Amazing Loans to a great start in America, by opening offices in Las Vegas Nevada.  Services are expanding in 2014 to New York, New Jersey and even California. Hitting all of the countries major cities.