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Personal Branding: How to Build Your Personal Brand

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Marketing Nutz Keynote presentation delivered at numerous events by Pam Moore, CEO / Co-founder of Marketing Nutz, a training & consulting boutique agency specializing in helping brands of all sizes select, integrate and optimize digital and social technologies and best practices. Included in this presentation are strategies and tactics to help you build your personal brand. Highlighted are also key differences of a business brand vs personal brand and why every person, regardless of the industry working in or the size of business, needs to take the time to build a personal brand. You are your brand! The presentation highlights key social networks, content strategies, and best practices to help you inspire and connect with your audiences as well as grow your business and achieve your personal and professional goals.

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Personal Branding: How to Build Your Personal Brand

  1. Personal  Brand  Factor   Pam  Moore CEO  /  Founder Marketing  Nutz Social  Zoom  Factor   Social  Zoom  Factor   #GetRealChat #SocialZoomFactor @PamMktgNut
  2. 10  Reasons  You  Need  Personal  Brand http://www.socialzoomfactor.com/personalbrand
  3. Embrace   the JOURNEY!
  4. news no  longer breaks! It   tweets!  
  5. Facebook • 66%  users  get  news  on  site   • 62%  find  news  by  chance   • 38%  actively  seek  news   • 44%  total  U.S.  Population  gets   news  on  Facebook!  
  6. Facebook • 1.09  Billion  daily  active  users   • 989  million  mobile  daily  active   users   • 1.65  billion  monthly  active   users
  7. YOU are  the   media
  8. People  don’t   just  buy   things,  they   join things
  9. These  brands differentiate   based  on  their  brand.   They  use  simplicity,  value,  trust,   emotion  and  human   connection.  
  10. But  they  are  brands,  not   people,  right?  
  11. Digital  and  social  body  language….   Your  actions  speak  louder  than  your  words
  12. YOU  are  your  brand
  13. Embrace  OPCs   Other  people’s  community  &  content
  14. Got  Personal  Branding   Strategy?  
  15. You  have  a  personal  brand   regardless  if  you’ve   consciously  designed  or   thought  about  it  or  not.  
  16. Stop  the  excuses   • You  are  not  too  busy • You  don’t  have  to  be  a:   – Writer – Programmer   – Brand  or  social  guru   – Rock  star  
  17. Personal  branding  goals   • Thought  leadership   • Establish  brand   • Grow  and  enhance  brand • Support  employer  brand   • Enhance  career   • Future  employment   opportunities • Ignite  OPCs  
  18. My  Brand  is… • What  I  say • What  I  do • What  I  think • What  I  tweet • What  I  post  on  Facebook • What  I  Instagram • What  I  Pin • What  I  snap  on  Snapchat • What  I  write  in  email • What  I  share • How  I  respond • How  I  interact  on  &  offline! • How  I  drive! • ME!    
  19. Your  brand  is  perceptions • What  people  say   behind  your  back   • What  people  say   when  you  leave  a   room   • What  people  post  on   a  review  site  or  social   network     • What  people  think   about  you • Words  people  use  to   describe  you  
  20. Know  the  difference Authenticity  vs  transparency
  21. Take  charge  of  your  brand DO  NOT  let  emotions  drive  it
  22. Not  just  image Sustainability  matters  
  23. Tell  Your  Story   • It’s  not  only  about  you • Engage  others   • Share  your  journey • Be  patient
  24. People  don’t  buy  what  you  do,  but  WHY  you  do  it!  
  25. It’s  in  our  DNA  to  find  people  with  the  same  beliefs.  
  26. Who  are  YOU?   • Who  are  you?   • What  do  you  stand  for?   • What  value  do  you  offer? • Who  do  you  offer  value  for? • What  is  your  differentiator? • What  do  you  need  to  learn?   • What  are  your  strengths?   • What  are  your  weaknesses? • What’s  your  OPCs?  
  27. • WHO are  you  talking  to? • WHAT do  they  need? • WHEN will  they  engage  with  you? • HOWcan  you  help? • WHEREdo  they  want  to  talk?   • WHY should  they  care?   Why  should  you  invest?  
  28. Where  to  start   1. Plan:  Goals  + Objectives   2. Vision/  Mission   3. Persona   4. Name  (consistent,  easy  to  remember)   5. Social  Profiles   6. Domain   7. Message  House  (bio,  description,  vision) 8. Technology  (hosting,  measure  etc.) 9. Content  Strategy  
  29. You  must… • Pick  a  name  (consistent,  easy  &  memorable) • Build  your  persona  (create  once,  use  many)   • Secure  &  leverage  top  networks   – Facebook   – LinkedIn   – Twitter – Snapchat – Google+ – YouTube – Instagram – Tumblr – Flickr   – Domain  
  30. Blog   • Home  base   • Stays  with  you  always   • Tell  stories • Thought  leadership   • Integrated  platform  for   social  presence • Ignite  OPCs  via   syndication  &  guest   blogging  
  31. Blogging:  Tell  your  story • Medium   • Tumblr • Wordpress self   hosted • Hosting:  Hostgator • Themes:  StudioPress,   ThemeForest • KISS
  32. Facebook  most  active   -­‐70%  engage  on  site  daily -­‐45%  several  times  a  day   Instagram – 49%   Twitter  36%   Pinterest 17% LinkedIn  13%   Facebook  is  home   base  for  many   people
  33. Facebook • Build  your  brand   • Storytelling   • Live  video • Build  your  network     • Establish  community • Embrace  evangelists   • Share  content   • Grow  blog  readership • Thought  leadership     • OPC  
  34. LinkedIn   • More  than  job  seeking  /  recruiting • Build  your  brand • Build  your  network     • Establish  community • Publish  content   • Grow  blog  readership • Thought  leadership     • Achieve  business  goals   • OPC  baby!  
  35. Twitter • Ignite  your  network   • Find  relevant  content   • Become  a  curation machine   • Leverage  &  setup  tribes   • Thought  leadership • Blog  readership     • Use  tools  to  grow  following   (Manage  Flitter)
  36. Instagram • Tell  stories • Humanize  your  brand   • Connect  dots  with   corporate  /  employer   • Connect  with  other   humans   • Integrate  with  other   networks
  37. Video  Live  Streaming  &  Mobile   Broadcasting • Facebook  Live   • Periscope   • Ustream YouTube  Live • Behind  the  scenes   • Exclusive  content   • Q&A   • Up  close  and  persona   • Broadcast  events,  launches,  news
  38. Meaningful   Journey   • Don’t  focus  on   follower  counts…   focus  on  heart  counts • Look  at  metrics  that   help  you  understand  if   people  are  believing   you  and  if  they  believe   the  same. • Start  with  a  seed.  
  39. Personal  Brand  Zoom  Kit:   http://www.themarketingnutz.com/personalbrandzoom 10  Reasons  You  Need  Personal  Brand http://www.socialzoomfactor.com/personalbrand
  40. Questions?   Pam  Moore CEO  /  Founder   Marketing  Nutz @pammktgnut Blog:  www.pammarketingnut.com Agency:  www.themarketingnutz.com Podcast:  www.socialzoomfactor.com
  41. Maslow’s  hierarchy  of  needs Morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts Self-­esteem,  confidence,   achievement,  respect  of   others,  respect  by  others Friendship,  family,  sexual  intimacy Security  of  body,  employment,  resources,   morality,  family,  health,  property Breathing,  food,  water,  sleep,  homostasis,  excretionphysiological safety belonging esteem self-actualization
  42. Hierarchy  of  social  community   inspiration self-­‐ actualization esteem belonging safety physiological achieve connect inspire
  43. The  RIGHT   people  will   find you  if   you  are   authentic   in  what   you   believe.
  44. Communities  Create  Markets Opportunity Harvest Free   member Paid   member Loyal   evangelist Community Zone Customer Zone $$