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The China Debrief

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The China Debrief by PSFK highlights the lessons to be learned from China’s leading retail and customer experience innovators — Alibaba, JD and Tencent. This report is a part of our ongoing series of thought leadership, inspiring members of our business intelligence services through retail innovation and customer experience.

Download the full report: psfk.com/the_china_debrief

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The China Debrief

  1. 1. THE CHINA DEBRIEF PSFK Lessons From The World’s Retail Innovation Lab OVERVIEW #21
  2. 2. Access the full report at: psfk.com/the-China-debrief Become A Member To Get The Full Report! In recent years, China has become a laboratory of retail innovation, implementing changes quickly and on a large scale. Brands and retailers in China are presenting a dynamic, hybrid vision of retail that implements the best aspects of both, supported by a highly sophisticated logistics infrastructure that makes the shopping experience truly seamless. PSFK’s The China Debrief examines three major players  — Alibaba, JD and Tencent — highlighting their key innovations along the purchase path, in order to provide insight into the near-term future for CX innovations across the globe. The 80+ page report includes: • Key insights on Chinese consumers’ expectations for retail and how they can help brands and retailers understand global consumers’ future demands • Key pillars of the current Chinese retail landscape and how they can offer insight into the global future of retail • In-depth analyses of 3 of China’s major players comparing their key innovations along the purchase path, supported by more than 50 exemplary case studies • Initiatives that all brands and retailers can implement to drive ‘new retail’ now

  3. 3. Why The Chinese Consumer Of Today Is Your Consumer Of Tomorrow 1. They Are Quick To Embrace Innovation And Therefore Have Elevated Expectations
 2. They Are Truly Mobile First When It Comes To Shopping
 3. They Already Live In A Wallet-Free World
 4. Shopping As Entertainment Is Seamlessly Woven Into Everyday Life
  4. 4. 1. The Big Marketplaces Serve As Complete Shopping Ecosystems
 2. The Distinction Between Online And Offline Shopping No Longer Exists
 3. ‘New Retail’ Is Enabled By A Fully Integrated Supply Chain And Automated Logistics
 4. Retailers Have An Enormous Amount Of Data To Learn From
 How Retail In China Today Reflects The Future Retail Landscape
  5. 5. China’s 3 Leading Retail And CX Innovators Company Structure: Vision: Key Strengths: Alibaba JD Tencent Platform for third-party sellers, with no inventory of its own New Retail: seamlessly integrating online and offline commerce, incorporating the best aspects of both Integrated, scalable ecosystem of online & offline technology and platforms Direct retailer with its own inventory and warehouses Borderless Retail: aligning with other players, such as Tencent, Walmart and Baidu, in a bid to compete against Alibaba and Amazon on a global scale Sophisticated logistics and end-to-end supply chain management Technology infrastructure provider Smart Retail: Upgrading the customer experience through tech upgrades and empowering more sophisticated data collection and analysis Direct brand engagement channels and seamless mobile payments (WeChat)
  6. 6. 8 Initiatives To Drive New Retail Now 1. Construct Your Own Ecosystem
 2. Expand Capabilities Through Strategic Partnerships
 3. Think ‘One Channel,’ Not Omnichannel
 4. Surprise And Delight Every Day With Connected Digital In-Store Experiences

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  8. 8. THE CHINA DEBRIEF PSFK Lessons From The World’s Retail Innovation Lab OVERVIEW #21