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PSFK Future of Work Report 2013

  1. For your full copy of the report, visit: ABOUT THIS REPORT • 150 Page Report • 16 Trends described within 4 Macro Themes • 64 Best In Class Manifestations of Change At Work • 12 Future Work illustrated concepts • Reactions by executives from leading organizations • Supporting stats and research references • 80 Recommended ‘Next Steps’
  2. KEY TAKEAWAYS The company of the future will be constantly changing form to efficiently take advantage of the opportunities presented in an ever-shifting marketplace. As a result, the place, tools and systems of work will change and five larger themes will emerge: ON DEMAND STAFFING Skills Marketplace The skills and availability of employees and freelancers will be matched by an Contextual Rolodex algorithm against the company’s changing needs. Quantified Employee Visual Collaboration COLLISION COLLUSION Tele-presence Physical, mobile and web workspace will be designed to ensure critical interaction Co-Creation Spaces between colleagues, vendors, partners and customers. Work(out) place IMPROVISED WORKPLACE Fluid Technology With the flick of a switch, furniture and software will adapt to the changing needs of Pop-Up Workplaces an organization LIVING KNOWLEDGE Networked Knowledge Information will flow across and up-and-down the organization constantly; Social Workflow instantly accessible by anyone who needs it. Feedback Culture CONSTANT LEARNING Digital Knowledge Update Learning By Doing Employee empowered education will help staff own the direction Employee Stakeholders of the company. Career Matchmaking
  3. FUTURE OF WORK SUMMARY The following summary presentation of the Future of Work report outlines the four major areas of change taking place, showcasing examples from each of the four trends within the overarching major themes listed below. IDEAL WORKFORCE INTUITIVE CONNECTION Skills Marketplace Social Workflow Career Matchmaking Contextual Rolodex Digital Knowledge Updates Tele-Presence Learning By Doing Visual Collaboration EMPOWERED CULTURE AGILE WORKPLACES Employee Stakeholders Co-Creation Spaces Feedback Culture Fluid Technology Networked Knowledge Pop-Up Workplace Quantified Employee Work(out)places
  5. LEARNING BY DOING A collaborative, startup mentality is being adopted by workers and organizations that allows for new ways to learn. Multidisciplinary teams made up of people with diverse experiences are allowing participants to teach each other and learn at the same time.
  6. Startup School Merges Mentorship, On The Job Learning And Classroom Instruction E[nstitute]
  7. Interactive Facebook Application Connects Budding Entrepreneurs Directly With Successful Startup Founders #StartupLab
  8. SKILLS MARKETPLACE Badges and visual cues are helping to call out proven talent and skills to help distinguish capable individuals.
  9. Online Badges Depict Informal And Soft Skills Mozilla Open Badges
  10. Infographic Tool Transforms Media Profiles Into Visual, Web-based Graphical Biographies Vizify
  11. CAREER MATCHMAKING Systems are leveraging social and contextual information to help better match companies and talent for deeper connections that create lasting value.
  12. Team-Building Matchmaker Helps Entrepreneurs Find Suitable Business Partners CoFoundersLab
  13. Internal Social Network To Match Employers Needs With Worker Mobility Upmo
  14. DIGITAL KNOWLEDGE UPDATES Services borne out of the e-learning revolution are enabling workers to stay up to date with the cutting edge skills necessary to operate the latest, most sophisticated technology on the market.
  15. Company-Wide Learning Program Connects Co-Workers To Keep Them Updated Learn27
  16. Software Plug-In Updates Users on Complicated Programs And Sharpens Skills Adobe Levelup
  18. FEEDBACK CULTURE Micro-communication tools and open feedback channels are helping to foster more constructive communication and reveal workplace sentiment.
  19. Service Lets Workers Send Anonymous Feedback To Their Superiors Happiily
  20. Real-Time Suggestion Box Connects Managers With Employee Ideas Vetter
  21. NETWORKED KNOWLEDGE Collaboration initiatives are providing a collective expertise of a diverse workforce creating an on-demand resource and information library.
  22. Layered Into Training Programs, Social Learning Improves Learning Retention And Progress SuccessFactors
  23. Social Knowledge Platform Facilitates Knowledge Transfer, Builds Expertise-Based Reputations Crowdbase
  24. THE QUANTIFIED EMPLOYEE Talent management tools that leverage big data are revealing hidden metrics tied to employee value.
  25. Workers Rank Their Peers To Reveal Value To The Company Valve
  26. Hidden Talent Revealed Within Companies By Social Metric Score SilkRoad
  27. EMPLOYEE STAKEHOLDER Flat management organizations are empowering workers to manage their work with greater autonomy and choose how their time may best be spent.
  28. Management Reframed As Mentors, Encouraging Workers To Deliver Great Work Grey
  29. Team Members Self-Select How They Will Fit Into Each Project Microsoft Lync
  31. SOCIAL WORKFLOW Cloud services are enabling team members to simultaneously edit, comment upon and review an ever-growing variety of assets.
  32. Cross-Organizational Social Tool Enhances Collaboration In The Project-By-Project Economy Shift
  33. Social Network For Doctors Improves Cross-Specialty Collaboration Doximity
  34. CONTEXTUAL ROLODEX New address book applications are helping to create deeper connection by providing contextual reminders and prompting worthwhile connections between co-workers.
  35. Address Book Supplemented With Social Data For More Informed Interactions Brewster
  36. Proximity Based Service Alerts Users Of Potential Clients And Contacts Who Are Nearby Intro
  37. VISUAL COLLABORATION Cloud services are enabling team members to simultaneously edit, comment upon and review an ever-growing variety of assets.
  38. Company Creates Google Docs For Engineering, Design and Architectural Programs Sunglass
  39. Public Noticeboard Lets Everyone Share And Discuss Ideas Virtually Wallwisher
  40. TELEPRESENCE Technologies are helping employees interact remotely with co-workers and objects stationed anywhere in the world.
  41. Projector Lamp-Camera Configuration Shares Remote Desks IllumiShare
  42. Haptic Remote Robots Will Let People ‘Physically’ Be Anywhere In The World Beaming
  44. CO-CREATION SPACES Collaborative spaces have spawned labs for initial ideas to be tested and further inform innovation.
  45. Crowdsourced Product Developers Open An Advanced Lab For All Quirky
  46. Co-working Space Fuels Foodies And Collaborators With Menu Of Cooking Tools ForageSF
  47. FLUID TECHNOLOGY Compact technology continues to proliferate, further aiding workers with the completion of tasks while on-the-go.
  48. Modular Smartphone Could Replace Computer And Tablet NexPhone
  49. Keyboard Projects Key Onto Any Surface And Fits On Your Keychain CTX Virtual Keyboard
  50. POP-UP WORKPLACE Furniture and office designs are becoming increasingly flexible to meet the ever changing demands of the workplace.
  51. Colorful, Sound Absorbing Booths Give Users Privacy In Public Spaces BuzziBooth
  52. Mobile Workstations Roll Around To Find The Best Place To Work Hive Workstations
  53. WORK(OUT) PLACE Health-conscious designs are promoting physical activity to overcome the sedentary nature of desk work and increase focus and productivity.
  54. Upright Furniture Line Positions Workers Between Sitting And Standing Focal Upright Desk
  55. Treadmill Workstations Mix Walking With Working TrekDesk Tredmill Desk
  56. ENVISIONING THE FUTURE In order to bring to life the Future of Work, PSFK Labs challenged creative agencies from around the world to generate product and service concepts that leverage the trends identified within this report. Creative innovators from advertising agencies, interior design companies, digital design companies and innovation groups have put forth a vision of the future that will hopefully inspire your thinking. Live With Design
  57. PSFK LABS PSFK Labs is the consulting arm of daily ideas site We are a a trends-led business innovation company that provides its clients with ideas and inspiration. Our trends research helps companies evolve their products, services and marketing communications to meet the changing behaviors and expectations of their clientele. We employ a unique methodology to deliver trends research, together with future-forward business concepts and user-case scenarios to a client list that includes American Express, BMW, Microsoft, Target and Pepsi.
  58. For your full copy of the report, visit: WANT MORE? To request an in-person presentation, please contact Hedyeh Parsia: +1 646.520.4672 PROJECT DIRECTOR Piers Fawkes President. PSFK 646.520.4672 CONTACT 42 Bond Street 6th Floor New York, NY 10012 USA