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Wikaniko Opportunity

A short explanation of the Wikaniko business opportunity

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Wikaniko Opportunity

  1. 1. Win with Wikaniko How to be paid for doing something very worthwhile?
  2. 2. • Co-operative Marketing company • British and established 8 years ago • Supplies products that are eco-friendly and/or health related • All profits are shared between distributors as commissions and bonuses • Follow our simple business plan and earn what you are worth You Can With (We Can Eco)
  3. 3. To help anyone, without regard to their finances, circumstances, education or background to create a secure financial future for themselves and the people they care for. We will accomplish this by rewarding people to help protect the planet that we live on, and to make the world a better place to live. The Company Vision
  4. 4. • Too many chemicals in “modern lifestyles” • This is damaging our health • Hundreds of chemicals in personal care products • 250 chemicals from cleaning products in average house • We offer better alternatives free from these nasty chemicals WIKANIKO HAS PRODUCTS FREE FROM “CHEMICAL NASTIES”
  5. 5. “As a mother of two young boys I wanted products that were affordable yet excluded all the nasties that you find in the high street store products. Wikaniko’s Eco Warehouse provided both value for money without the worry of bad for health ingredients” Kate, Kingkerswell, Devon BETTER FOR YOU BETTER FOR YOUR LOVED ONES
  6. 6. WIKANIKO PRODUCTS ALSO HELP PREVENT THIS: Consequences of Chemical Pollution Poisoning Animals Polluting Land and Sea With Plastic
  7. 7. WITH US YOU GET PRODUCTS • Free from “chemical nasties” • Better for you, better for the planet • Which are in growing demand by people looking for natural ingredients • Which are affordable and easy to buy on line • Which are genuinely the healthier and more eco friendly options
  8. 8. Products People Use Daily Body and skin care Feminine care Health and nutrition Supplements Aloe Vera Vegan Cleaning Laundry Gardening & Outdoor Eco Gadgets …and more
  9. 9. HOW CAN YOU EARN MONEY? • Wikaniko is a direct to customer company • Two ways of earning • Retailing products • Building Your Team • Do both and you will build a brilliant “residual income” within 3 years
  10. 10. We Show You How to Get Customers • Sales via your VERY OWN online eco supermarket • Word of mouth • Social Media – Facebook etc • Catalogues • “Table-Top” selling events • Supplying cleaning products to local businesses like bed and breakfasts
  11. 11. The Plan • Purchase approximately £40 of products monthly • Introduce one new member per month • Train and support them • Get promoted & earn extra profits and commissions • Follow the plan and after 36 months you will have a substantial monthly income Simples!
  12. 12. HOW MUCH CAN I EARN?
  13. 13. …..I'm giving Wikaniko our highest mark of 9 out of 10 because it's such an excellent idea and the company gives every indication of being very honestly run and very well run….. …..So Wikaniko gets my highest mark of 9 out of 10. (In 14 years of reviewing business opportunities, 9 out of 10 is rare. I've never rated anything at 10 out of 10 because that would mean it's a dead cert and there is no such thing as a dead cert in business.) Well done, Wikaniko. Rating: ●●●●●●●●●○
  14. 14. Start Winning with Wikaniko Today • One off fee £24.95 • £4.95 monthly admin fee • Join on line now • Full access to Eco Warehouse On Line Shop • Free Training • Wholesale Prices – Save on monthly shopping bill • Key to a better future for you, your family and the planet
  15. 15. WHAT TO DO NEXT Get back to me so we can either meet face to face or on line There is never any pressure to join - we are only interested in willing volunteers! My contact details are Peter Simmonds Email: info@peterwikaniko.com Mobile 07879 442883 (Text is easier than voicemails, I will then phone back)