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Zapak Social Media Case Study Feb 2012

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Check out the brilliant work done by Zapak Social Media team in the last couple of years. Contact us at smm@zapak.co.in

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Zapak Social Media Case Study Feb 2012

  1. 1. ZapakCase Studies & Offerings
  2. 2. So what?People are talking!Why should YOU care?
  3. 3. 2/3rd of the Internet Population visits Social Networks. Social Networking is the most popular activity online.
  4. 4. Global Overview850mn+ unique visitors / monthCurrently available in 70 languages.US, UK and Canada are top countries for Facebook.500mn unique visitors / month.US and Western European countries are responsible for maximum usage followed by India.Twitter growth has exploded in India following adoption by various Bollywood superstars,Politicians etc..3 billion video views / week globallyCurrently available in 20+ languages.India is No. 6 when it comes to YouTube consumption.134mn+ unique visitors / month.After US, India contributes to LinkedIn’s traffic, more than anyone else.More than 40mn people use LinkedIn, which is regarded as a well known SNS for whitecollared professionals
  5. 5. The Zapak Brands 2 Million + 695 K + 622 K +2 million + 580 K + Everything we do becomes a case study!
  6. 6. How does Zapak help?Social CommunicationStrategySocial Games &ApplicationsMonitoringResults
  7. 7. How have we helped brands in India? Our Case Studies
  8. 8. Axe Angels Club What did we do? India’s largest and most well engaged Facebook fanpage! More than 2 Million+ Active fans! This club is run by the Angels. The 9 Angels live their lives on Facebook, & Twitter showing off their sexy Axe.www.facebook.com/AxeAngelsClub
  9. 9. The AXE Angels Each girl updates her status on a daily basis, adds photos/videos,comment on friends’ updates and initiates conversations based on her character.
  10. 10. facebook.com/axeangelsclub Highlighting the AXE Life! Subtle Variant Promotion More than 5000+ likes on posts Feedback / Consumer Insights
  11. 11. The AXE Engagement on1.5 Million+ Fans on FB! Daily Post Views: 3 Million + The number of eyeballs to Axe posts on a daily basis. #3 In the list of Top 5 FB Fan Pages of India!
  12. 12. Buzz on All the angels are highly active on Twitterand overall followers of Axe exceed 30,000 Eg: Chetan Bhagat Effect
  13. 13. Results• Natalie, Alisha, Sophia, Lydia, Tanya, Simran and Kelly became daily factors in the lives of half a million people!• Yes! These girls now have a total of more than 500,000 friends spanning these Social Networks.• Daily updates and conversations along with contests on the ‘Axe Angels Club’ result in 3.7 M+ interactions on a monthly basis.
  14. 14. Recently won a Silver Media ABBYs at Goafest 2011 forBEST USE OF INTERNET AND DIGITAL MEDIA
  15. 15. Case Study : Pepsi India
  16. 16. Campaign Idea – Change The Game 11What? ran a nationwide hunt to select 11 shortlistedpeople who will travel along with the Indian Cricket Teamduring the World CupAnd? These 11 people broadcast their opinions,observations & „Hatke‟ commentaryVia? Social networks like Facebook, Twitterand the Website
  17. 17. www.pepsichangethegame.com•The contest was hosted on the micro-site.•Users upload a 60-second video showcasing their „Hatke‟ style of Cheering the Indian Cricket Team.•Shortlisted winners attended all India matches and broadcasted from there•Their messages went live on the website
  18. 18. “11 Pepsi CTG Winners travelled WC Matches, with All Access Passes tomeet Cricket Stars, Live Tweeted from the stadium & turned Celebrities on ESPN.” – No.1 Digital Activation during World Cup – Domor study 2 Pepsi Meet Metallica Winners traveled to the concert, stayed with the band & got to meet them backstage. They Live Tweeted & Photos via Galaxy Tabs 6 Pepsi NH7 Weekend Winners got Backstage Passes to meet Performers
  19. 19. Reaching out to a Million Social Extension of website – Pepsi Indiafan page on Facebook.1 Million Monthly Active Users! 1.5 Million Daily Post views! 2 Million + fans
  20. 20. Won a Bronze at Campaign IndiaDigital Media Awards!!
  21. 21. Case Study:Mountain Dew India What? Built an adventure driven community for Dewoholics Results? One of the fastest growing pages on Facebook with an impressive base of 6.9+ Lakh
  22. 22. Dy: We created “Dare To Win” Application forFacebook fans to highlight the grand prize ofMountain Dew sponsored Bungee Jump off the Macau Tower Enthusiastic Dewoholics show off their creativity during one of the contests held on Facebook
  23. 23. Case Study: White Mischief Gals What? Built the official community by activating 3 White Mischief Cheerleaders across Facebook and Twitter So? This helped us put fans in the mood for mischief and gain visibilty for the brand;)
  24. 24. The Community is run by two ambassadors – Shannon & Elle.Shannon‟s a bartender and we subtly introduce theBrand‟s flavors through her updates. by discussing vodka tips, partying etc. Once in a while, we playaround with cricket updatesCricket + Music makes for an ideal engagement medium for 21-26
  25. 25. Friends of Sure An engagedwww.facebook.com/SureFriend community driven with topical conversations, subtl y focusing on the brand, the product and its various attributes. 5.8 Lakh+ Fans
  26. 26. CLEAR ANTI DANDRUF SHAMPOOAn application where thepromoters uploadedphotos from mobile andcould be viewed byaudiences on theirfacebook profile. 6 lakh + fans on Facebook
  27. 27. TROPICANA 1 lakh + fans on Facebook
  28. 28. TROPICANA 9,000 + fans participated in the Breakfast Club.A Showcase website created for Tropicana www.tropicana.in
  29. 29. TROPICANA A unique approach where we created brand ambassadors where each represents specific flavors. The 4 ambassadors live their lives on Facebook, & Twitter and share healthy breakfast habbits
  30. 30. • A unique brand a unique positioningwhich instilled itself in the mind of theusers on the back of Metallica‟s firstever tour to India.• Scream to Befreshed, a contest whereusers screamed to meet Metallica.• Launched INDIA‟S FIRST DUALFLAVORED VODKA and turned acommon man into an expert Mixologist through „Fix UR Mix‟ Pack 18,978 fans on Facebook
  31. 31. MICHELIN INDIAAn engaged community & asocial hub for all Bike and Carlovers. 55 k + fans on Facebook
  32. 32. Reliance Entertainmentwww.facebook.com/RelianceEntertainment An engaged community & a social hub for all movie lovers. Facebook: 1 Lakh + fans
  33. 33. BOLLYWOOD MOVIES Highly Interactive Contests Pic Badge Contest , Movie Still Contest, One Word Contest Interactive Tabs that promote Videos, Photos, Movie Synopsis, Downloads Other Viral Activities Event page created, Exclusive Album updates,
  34. 34. HOLLYWOOD MOVIES Interactive Contests Caption Contests, Exclusive Screening, Promo Contest Twitpic Contest Interactive Tabs that promote Videos, Photos, Movie Synopsis, Downloads Other Viral Activities Event page created, Exclusive Album updates
  35. 35. Other Movies Promoted… Fan Page Alternate Reality Game Fan Page 900,000+ views 115,097+ fans 56,111+ fans Interactive Tabs Aamir Khan Fanpage Define Yourself Home, Synopsis, Define Yourself Viral Videos, Comic Strips, 3,851,928+ Fans Videos, Downloads Viral Videos, Comic Strips, Games, Brain Teasers BOOST ENGAGEMENT Games, Brain Teasers Crazy Idiots Test Interesting Tabs Idiots AcademyTabs Interesting Our Story, Our Diary, 50,000 installations Diary, Our Story, OurPremiere, Magazines, Reviews 200,000 users Premiere, Magazines, Reviews WON SILVER at Campaign India Digital Media Awards
  36. 36. Emami Fair and Handsome fanpage - A socialhub for all highly active men on Facebook
  37. 37. Applications and Contests resulted in high engagement on the pageCricket Trivia app during IPL was a craze amongst fans
  38. 38. Cadbury 5 Star Facebook PageReached 25,000+fans in 2 months!
  39. 39. Leveraging ‘Kho Jaao’ Riding on the popularity of the brand‟s tag line „Kho Jao‟ and launched a contest for fans where they could upload their best memories on the page and then get lost in the taste of 5 Star! UserGenerated Content
  40. 40. Mahindra Great EscapeCreated India’s first 3D racing game for Facebook and Orkut users. A community on Facebook was created for passionate off-roading enthusiasts. 125,000+ fans on Facebook
  41. 41. Zapak on FacebookWhat?The Zapak community onFacebook utilizes challenges,trophy cabinet, tournamentsetc. to fuel engagement.Numbers?300,000+ active users on theapp, & 30,000 active fans onthe page
  42. 42. Media Buying• Accelerated growth through Paid Media on Facebook & YouTube for the relevant platforms• On an average our clients invest Rs. 6-10 Lacs/month for increasing and engaging fans• Our USP – Better ROI & dedicated talented resource for account management• Key Clientele: and others!
  43. 43. Some of our ads
  44. 44. Thank You