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HCPs Digital Media Usage

HCPs digital media usage insights curated from some of the leading research into physicians attitudes and behaviours.

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HCPs Digital Media Usage

  1. 1. HCP’S DIGITALMEDIA USAGE. 1. Cello Health Insight  -   Digital Health Debate 2015 2. UBM Medica -  HCPs and Social Media 2011 3. DRG Digital, formerly Manhattan Research  -   Taking the Pulse v10 4. EPG Health Media -    Pharmaceutical Industry: HCP Engagement 2015 5. DRG Digital  -  Taking the Pulse Europe 20166 6. Deloitte  -  Pharma Adoption of Social Media 2015 7. HealthLink Dimensions  -   Healthcare Professional Communication Survey 2016 Sources We’d like to say a huge thanks to all the companies below, who carried out the research featured in this infographic — We salute you! If you have research you’d like us to include in future updates please let us know.