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Wizzard Technical Designs - One 2 Three presentation on PC safety

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Wizzard Technical Designs, presents a presentation detailing 8 tips to help keep you safe online and your PC healthy. This presentation was originally presented at the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce One 2 Three cub.

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Wizzard Technical Designs - One 2 Three presentation on PC safety

  1. 1. + Top Tips to PC Safety Presented by Wizzard Technical Designs
  2. 2. + 1. Patch, Patch, Patch  Set up automated updates for all your software.  Update when updates are available – do not wait or put off. An unpatched machine is more likely to have software vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
  3. 3. + 2. Install Protective Software  In todays virus and malware infested internet, you need protection that works and keeps you safe.  You need a good anti virus teamed up with a proven Malware tool.  We always recommend Malware Bytes Pro teamed up with a good Anti Virus product. Use a paid version of Anti Virus and Malware software – get the best protection available
  4. 4. + 3. Complex Passwords  Are you still using the same password you have always had with a 1, 2 ,3 after it.  Choose a suitable complex password that has an uppercase letter, a number, a special character and at least 8 characters.  Use different passwords for important accounts.  Consider using Last Pass. U$erN4me!
  5. 5. + 4. Backup Recovery  Perform a regular backup of your critical data.  Implement a 5 day retention of your backup data or a 30 day retention.  Use a cloud backup solution to give you an onsite and off site backup.  Wizzard Technical Designs offer a cloud backup, UK data centre and military grade encryption. What is your Disaster Recovery Plan, when did you last check your backup data?
  6. 6. + 5. Email Security  Ignore unsolicited emails – if you do not know the person, delete the mail.  You have not won £1m, you have not got a tax rebate and you have not got an inheritance from a wealthy family member.  Be particularly wary of mail that contains attachments, these can carry unwanted viruses and malware.  Invest in a spam and anti virus solution at ISP level.  Wizzard Technical Designs offer mailsafe for your safety You have won £1 million, log in here with your bank details and we will send you the money
  7. 7. + 6. Internet Safety  Avoid viewing Porn or gambling websites – these are laden with pop ups, pop unders and malicious files all waiting to be downloaded.  Do not download ‘FREE’ browser bars, coupon bars, discount offers, PC clean up tools.  Update your browser frequently, and set your browser to automatically empty your cookies, history and temp files on exit. Speed up your PC and download this free software
  8. 8. + 7. Clean Up Your PC  Tidy up your desktop, create folders and store your files in these not all over your desktop.  Use the built in windows tools to perform a regular disk clean up and defragmentation.  Some tasks can be scheduled to run at regular intervals, simply leave your machine on and allow to run.  Empty your recycle bin and clear all temp files on a weekly basis.Automate a disk clean up and defragmentation on a regular basis
  9. 9. + 8. Get IT Support  Find a reliable IT support partner, that can support you and your business.  Get an IT support contract that gives you, your staff and your customers security and reliability.  Wizzard IT support includes a monitoring service that can often see issues before you have even noticed. Find a reliable IT support partner and get a support contract
  10. 10. + Ideal Referrals in Staffordshire Start Up Businesses 1 man bands and Sole Traders SME’s 10 to 50 users
  11. 11. + Wizzard Technical Designs Office 14 Grosvenor Court Lea Hall Enterprise Park Rugeley Staffordshire WS15 1AB 01889 227 900 office@wtd-ltd.co.uk www.wtdesigns.co.uk facebook.com/wizzardtechnicaldesigns twitter.com/WTDesigns Google + / Wizzard Technical Designs Ltd uk.linkedin.com/in/osmondmaguire