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Zenodo - The catch-all repository

  1. @openaire_eu Zenodo Research. Shared.
  2. The catch-all repository • Share and preserve your publications, data, software and all other scholarship for free in OpenAIRE’s trusted repository hosted by CERN • About Zenodo
  3. 64% are willing to allow others to access their research data Less than 15% of researchers share data in a data repository. Open Data – the Research perspective - survey and case studies. Published: 04-04-2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bwrnfb4bvh  How to prevent loss of research data?
  4. Big data…in small pieces
  5. Meet Zenodo
  6. • All research outputs from across all fields of research are welcome • Zenodo accepts any file format as well as both positive and negative results. • Citeable and discoverable: Zenodo assigns all publicly available uploads a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) • Create your own “repository” or collection through ‘Communities’ • Flexible Licensing — not everything is under Creative Commons: allow for uploading under a variety of different licenses and access levels. About Zenodo
  7. Upload Describe Publish
  8. Upload • Any discipline • Any scientific output • Any size/format Sign-in locally or by using your GitHub or ORCID credentials. Easily upload files of up to 50 GB.
  9. Describe • Reusable for others • Link to related research • Open, embargoed and closed content
  10. Describe
  11. Publish Files are NOT edible. Metadata is. Possibility to add versions Indexed by OpenAIRE – Research Graph Statistics on views/downloads Easily to cite with DOI, also per version.
  12. Zenodo - FAIR data Allows multiple files/types Machine readable metadata Tools Open Data Open license DOI
  13. • Zenodo allows you to create your own collection and accept or reject uploads submitted to it. • Curate — accept/reject what goes in your community collection. • Export — your community collection is automatically exported via OAI-PMH • Upload — get custom upload link to send to people Communities
  14. You can link records in Zenodo to grants from the following funders: • European Commission (Framework Programme 7/Horizon 2020). • ARC - Australian Research Council (Australia) • FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. (Portugal) • MESTD - Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (Serbia) • MZOS - Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia (Croatia) • NHMRC - National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) • NSF - National Science Foundation (US) • NWO - Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Netherlands) • WT - Wellcome Trust (UK) OpenAIRE furthermore has the following funders in the pipeline which will be made available in Zenodo once they launched in OpenAIRE • CSF - Croatian Science Foundation (Croatia) • NIH - National Institutes of Health (US) • RCUK - Research Council UK (UK) • SFI - Science Foundation of Ireland (Ireland) • SNSF - Swiss National Science Foundation (Switzerland) • TARA - Tara Expeditions Foundation Funders Zenodo is integrated into reporting lines for certain research funds via OpenAIRE. You can just upload your research to Zenodo, and they will share the metadata with the funder directly, making reporting easier.
  15. • Zenodo is funded by CERN and the European Commission via the OpenAIRE projects • Zenodo claims no ownership: no change of ownership is implied and no property rights are transferred to CERN. • Retention period: Items will be retained for the lifetime of the repository (currently the lifetime of the host laboratory CERN) • Visibility in GoogleScholar & GoogleDatasetsearch • GitHub integration — Easily preserve your GitHub repository in Zenodo and making code citable. Policies
  16. • Research output is stored safely in cloud infrastructure of CERN's Large Hadron Collider • Data files are kept in multiple replicas in a distributed file system, and is backed up nightly • Uses CERN’s open source repository software Invenio. • Zenodo code is itself open source. The work-in-progress, open issues, and roadmap are shared openly in GitHub. • All metadata is openly available under a CC0 licence, and all open content is openly accessible through open APIs. Technical requirements
  17. Try it out: Or use it: Questions: Contact:
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