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  1. ORBi update Improving the publication repository ULiège Library 21/11/2022
  2. ORBi Open Repository and Bibliography Research publications @ULiège 2008 B. Rentier & P. Thirion
  3. ORBi
  4. ORBi: challenges Evolution of technologies / interfaces Users feedback (2015) Internal observation Institutional needs
  5. ORBi update (February 2022)
  6. ORBi update (February 2002) 1. Generalities 2. Publications deposit 3. MyORBi 4. Author profile 5. Data enrichment 6. Statistics
  7. 1. Generalities Update to DSPACE 6 Multi-institutional (ULiège, UNILU, UMONS) IT Development: Agile methodology Responsive design interface User oriented interface Search easiness and speed through Solr index Search faceting Fulltext search
  8. 2. Publications deposit Import by ID (DOI, Scopus, Pubmed, ArXiv): Automatic recognition, search into the right DBs Merge data from DBs Check in ORBi references to avoid duplicates
  9. 2. Publications deposit PDF text processing Automatic recognition of metadata PDF with publisher layout
  10. 2. Publications deposit New metadata Sustainable Development Goals (ONU) Institutional tags Data sets information Creative Commons Licenses Direct access Search interface: modification through single click MyORBi: « My unfinished deposit » (unfinished, to sign, …)
  11. 3. MyORBi Author centered Faster and easier Short and concise video tutorials and hints Contextual call to action
  12. 4. Author profile Data from the institution Google Scholar Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ORCID Data from publications Link to ORBi publications with faceting Most downloaded, most cited
  13. 4. Author profile ULiège authors publishing the most on a specific subject Search results : The 3 most productive authors, with direct access to their profile Direct access to the 50 most productive ULiège authors
  14. 5. Data enrichment Reference details • Fulltext through thumbnails • DOI, Pubmed, ArXiv links • Metrics from Scopus, OpenCitations, Dimensions, Scite_ • Publication bibliography (Scopus) • Similar publications through CORE Journals DB (+69000) • Open Access status • Licence CC • Reviewing status DB of Institutions, funding organisms and research centers European projects list
  15. 6. Statistics Real time statistics Graphs and data export (open data) New graphs • Map of views and downloads • Web visitor origin • Part of fulltext and OA • Top 20 of authors with OA publications Coming soon: Personalised statistics (based on a list of authors, research center, …) • Publications in Q1 Scimago • Part of OA • Number of co-first/co-last publications • …
  16. Questions? Videos and tutorials on