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Social smart week one freesouls weekly publisher

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Welcome to Social Smart Unclass Learning Group. Here are Ellen, Daisy and Oliver. In next five weeks, we will explore smart way to consume information in the social age. Each week we will run a special planned program. This is our first week. If you are interest in this program, please fell free to join us.

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Social smart week one freesouls weekly publisher

  1. 1. Social  Smart    Week  One  Freesouls    Weekly    Publisher  Oliver  Ding  Feb  3,  2013    
  2. 2. Hi  all    Welcome  to    Social  Smart  Unclass                                    Learning  Group.    Here  are  Ellen,  Daisy  and  Oliver.  
  3. 3. In  next  five  weeks…    …We  will  explore  smart  way  to  consume  informaHon  in  the  social  age.      Each  week  we  will  run  a  special  planned  program.  
  4. 4. This  is  our  first  week.      If  you  are  interest  in  this  program,  pleas  fell  free  to     join  us!  
  5. 5. @Ellen,  Daisy  The  first  week  program  is  named    Freesouls  Weekly  Publisher    
  6. 6. You  are  requested  to  publish  an  issue  of  Freesouls  Weekly  by  using  bag.  
  7. 7. Tasks  
  8. 8.  1  You  are  going  to  build  a  group  of  bags  covering  the  newest  acHviHes  in  the  free  culture  field.    By  following  the  example  bags  I  show,  you  are  going  to  create  a  main  bag  and  several  sub-­‐topic  bags.  
  9. 9.  2  You  are  going  to  write  a  post  to  describe  your  experience  during  the  publishing  process,  as  well  as  compare  the  new  behavior  and  your  old  informaHon  consuming  habit.  
  10. 10. Goals  
  11. 11.  1    This  program  aims  to  train  the  capability  of  forming  trend  insight,  develop  concept  from  a  big  amount  of  informaHon  during  a  limited  period.  
  12. 12.  2  Use  task-­‐directed  thinking  to  guide  your  informaHon  consuming  behavior.  
  13. 13.  3  PracHce  fast  English  reading.  
  14. 14.  4  Embrace  the  free  culture  world.  
  15. 15. InstrucHons  
  16. 16.  1  Read  the  bagged  related  blogs,  twiWer  accounts,  and  other  resources.    hWps://www.bagtheweb.com/b/ovOrGC  
  17. 17.  2.1  Build  your  main  bag  with  the  following  format:   –  Bag  <tle:  Freesouls  Weekly  by  Ellen  or  Freesouls  Weekly  by  Daisy   –  Bag  icon:  use  the  same  bag  icon  I  used  for  the  past  Freesouls  Weekly   –  Tags:  use  #SocialSmart  #Freesouls  #Unclass  and  other  trending  topics  you   find  hWps://www.bagtheweb.com/b/O7wbxP    
  18. 18.  2.2  Build  your  main  bag  with  the  following  format:     –  Cover  photo:  select  a  related   photo  from  Flickr,  bag  it,  adjust   the  order  to  display  the  cover   photo  on  the  top     –  Rich  media:  use  bag  it   bookmarkelt  to  bag  related   YouTube  videos,  Flickr  photos,   and  SlideShare  ppts  into  your  bag    
  19. 19.  3  Create  several  sub-­‐topic  bags  during  the  process  of  building  the  main  bag.  
  20. 20.  4  Link  this  group  of  bags  together.  
  21. 21.  5  Keep  all  bags  as  dra_  bag  during  the  building  process.  Publish  them  on  the  next  Monday.  
  22. 22.  6  Don’t  tell  each  other  the  ideas  of  sub-­‐topic  bags  you  find.  Remember!  
  23. 23.  7  A_er  publishing  this  group  of  bags,  create  a  new  bag  called  Social  Smart  Programs  Posts.  Write  a  review  post  within  the  bag.  
  24. 24.   Check  out  the  bag:          hWps://www.bagtheweb.com/b/ovOrGC