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Program Rough - Aug 15 6PM


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Program Rough - Aug 15 6PM

  1. 1. 21st ANNUAL August 25, 2014 | St. Peter’s Field, Cambridge, MA. Presented by Abbot Financial Management and PerkinElmer
  2. 2. Welcome to the 21st annual Oldtime Baseball Game presented by Abbot Financial Management and PerkinElmer. Or as we’ve been calling it around the office, the first annual Pete Frates Reunion Game. With this year’s game being played as a dual fundraiser for the ALS Therapy Development Institute and the Pete Frates #3 Fund, we decided to switch things up a little and ask Pete to invite some of his old pals from Boston College and St. John’s Prep to participate. That’s why, while you’ll still see a lot of current college and high school players on the field, you’ll also see some former players who are important to Pete and, hence, important to us. It was a little over two years ago that Pete, a Beverly native and former Boston College baseball captain, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Later that summer he made a dramatic appearance in the 19th annual Oldtime Baseball Game, starting at first base and then coming out after one pitch. Pete has since emerged as a rock star in the ALS community -- raising awareness, raising money, raising hope. We are honored to have Pete -- and his old pals -- on the field tonight. Pete is also being supported by two former members of the Boston Red Sox who are suiting up tonight. One of them, Framingham native and WEEI talk-show host Lou Merloni, is an old friend of the Oldtime Baseball Game. The other, Mike Timlin, who during his illustrious mound career played on four World Series-winning teams (two with the Toronto Blue Jays, two with the Red Sox), flew to Boston from his Florida home in order to be in uniform tonight. Mike has been a tireless advocate in the fight to conquer ALS, this after losing his own mother to this terrible disease, and we are thrilled to have him toe the rubber at St. Peter’s Field tonight. With Mike slated to be the starting pitcher for the home team, it will mark the first time in Oldtime Baseball Game history that three former major-leaguers are on the field at the same time. Joining Mike and Lou will be Peabody native Matt Antonelli, a former teammate of Pete’s at St. John’s Prep who made it to the big leagues with the San Diego Padres in 2008. Yet another former big-leaguer will be in attendance in 85-year-old Ted Lepcio, who played eight seasons with the Red Sox in the 1950s. He’s back for his third tour as an honorary coach. We’ll also be represented by the family of New York Yankees legend Yogi Berra, one of the greatest catchers in baseball history. With this being the 75th anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s memorable “luckiest man” speech at Yankee Stadium, and with the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center in Little Falls, N.J., currently staging an exhibit on Lou Gehrig and his role in the fight against ALS, Yogi himself has sent his granddaughter, Lindsay Berra, to join us tonight. A former softball player at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and now a writer at MLB. com, Lindsay plans to suit up tonight and become the first female participant in the history of the Oldtime Baseball Game. “I’ve spent my entire life around baseball and I’m thrilled to be able to put on a wool uniform like the one my Grampa Yogi wore and participate in the Oldtime Baseball Game,” said Lindsay. “It’s also an honor to be able to help raise both money and awareness for ALS TDI and the Pete Frates #3 Fund. Lou Gehrig was a Yankee legend, and, for me, he was literally the stuff of bedtime stories. Now, 75 years later, there is still no cure for the thousands of people like Pete Frates who currently suffer from ALS. Hopefully, with the help of funds raised at the Oldtime Baseball Game, we’ll see that cure in the near future.” We have yet another honor in store for Pete, as he will be the 2014 recipient of the Greg Montalbano Award, named in honor of the former Northeastern University standout and Red Sox prospect who died in 2009 after a long battle with cancer. The award is presented to a former participant in the Oldtime Baseball Game who best exemplifies Greg’s spirit, competitiveness and good nature, and Pete is a worthy recipient. It is a tradition of ours that the recipient of the Montalbano Award is invited back to play in the game and wear the 1926 St. Louis Cardinals uniform that Greg wore in 1998, the year throwback uniforms were introduced to the Oldtime Baseball Game. This year, we have invited last year’s recipient, Stonehill College grad Junior Medina, to return to the diamond and again wear Greg’s uniform. And it’s only fair: Knocked August 25, 2014 Dear Baseball Enthusiast:
  3. 3. out of last year’s game after being injured in a home plate collision with Bowdoin College catcher Dan Findley, Junior returns tonight for at least another at-bat. And speaking of Dan Findley, a changing of the guard with the Oldtime Baseball Game has taken place in recent years that includes the Duxbury native. Dan is the latest in a growing cast of former Oldtime Baseball Game participants who is returning in a coaching capacity, joining James Greeley, Alex Lee and former Montalbano Award recipient Orazio Azzarello. While Alex is off playing professional baseball in Austria this summer, we do have Dan, James and Orazio on hand as player-coaches. Before the start of tonight’s game, we will take a moment to observe the recent passings of two longtime fixtures on the Cambridge political scene. Walter J. Sullivan served Cambridge for decades as mayor, city councillor and state representative, and Peter Vellucci served as a state representative from 1983 to 1992. Both are members of longtime Cambridge political families and they will be missed in Cambridge and beyond. When the game begins, our brilliant collection of throwback uniforms will again take center stage. The original uniforms were donated in 1998 throughthegenerosityofourfriendRickStoddardandtwocompanieshe has run -- Technical Personnel Services and Injured Workers Pharmacy. This year, we have a new uniform representing the famed early 20th century touring team “House of David” that was donated by longtime Oldtime Baseball Game supporter Abbot Financial Management. Players on the “House of David” were known for their long beards. In that spirit, we’re happy to announce that the first player to wear this new uniform, Babson College pitcher Nick Ahearn, has grown a beard just for the occasion. We’re happy that Nick understands what the Oldtime Baseball Game is all about. We hope you’ll feel the same way by the end of the night. We’re glad you’re here. Enjoy the show. Celebrate baseball. For the Oldtime Baseball Game, Steve Buckley, Jesse Haley, Marlinda Langone, Dave & Sue Leibovitz, Andrew Novelline, Bill Novelline, Ben Weiss
  4. 4. Adams, Johnny 2013 Addesa, Mark 2010-11 Ahearn, Nick 2013 Akashian, Brendan 2007 Alden, Will 2012-13 Alexander, Karl 2011 Alicea, Fabian 1996-97 Allison, Jeff 2002, 12-13 Alonzo, Geury 2008 Anderson, Matt 2006-07 Andre, Mike 2006-08 Andrew from Norwood 1994 Azzarello, Orazio 1995-01, ’12 Babb, Andrew 2010 Baez, Wilsisky 2007 Bailey, Kevin 1998-01 Barden, Colin 1998-00 Barrett, Bobby 2008-09 Bates, Shawn 1997 Belmosto, Joe 2007 Bernstein, Ed 2010 Bernstein, Matt 2013 Besse, Tristan 2007 Bishop, Matt 2005 Bleau, Ben 2004 Bodnar, Chris 2001-05 Boland, Mark 2013 Bortolotti, Mike 2013 Boyd, Dennis “Oil Can” 2004 Boyle, Kevin 1994 Bradford, Rob 2010-11 Bresnehan, Patrick 2002-05 Brickley, Andy 1999 Brown, Matt 2012 Brunnig, Matt 2003 Buckley, Dave 1997 Buckley, Steve D. 1994-95 Buckley, Steve P. 2005 Burke, Jimmy 2004 Burns, Mark 1995 Burt, Bill 2006 Busby, Steve 1996 Byrnes, Brendan 2004 Cadoret, Steve 2005-08, 11 Caggiano, Rob 2010-13 Cahill, John 1999-00 Caple, Jim 2006 Carlucci, Nick 2007 Casey, Brendan 2011-12 Casey, Brian 2006-07 Casey, Chris 2013 Casey, Kevin 2008-09, 13 Cash, Colin 1995 Cavello, Paul 2011 Cerettani, Chip 1994 Chetelat, Alex 2012-13 Chiodo, Joe 1996-97, 00 Chuck from Revere 1994 Cintolo, Jake 2011 Clark, Connell 2002 Clark, Joe 2006-10 Cleary, Sean 2008-09 Cody, Brandon 2003-04 Collins, Billy 2012 Collins, Chris 2002-03 Collins, Matt 2008-09 Comerford, Will 2009-10 Conn, Ben 2006-08 Connell, Connor 2008-10 Connors, Josh 2006-08 Corey, Joe 2009-12 Corsi, Jim 2002-03 Cosenza, Mike 2004 Cosgrove, Guy 1994 Covelle, Paul 2011-13 Cox, Josh 1996-97 Crawford, Jake 2011 Crockett, Ben 1999-00*, 01 Cruz, Kyle 2011 Cummins, Casey 2012 Cunningham, Mike 2013 Curran, Joe 2007-10 D’Andrea, Mike 1997 Daley, Tim 1996-98 Dannenhoffer, Matt 2010 Decembrele, Chris 2006 Del Duca, Bo 2000-05 Del Ponte, Mike 2009-10 Del Prete, Anthony 2001-03 Delgado, Ryan 2011-13 Dell’Anno, Nick 2007, ‘09-13 Deluca, Joe 2004 Delvillar, Dave 2005-07 DeMartinis, Stan 1995-96 Denson, Mike 1997 DeOssie, Steve 2004 DesRoches, Marc 1995-96, 98-99 Devanna, Ricky 1999-03 Devlin, Paul 2006 Diaz, Jose 1997-99 DiCato, Matt 2012 DiCato, Mike 2006-07, 09 DiFlumeri, Chris 1995 Doble, Dennis 1996 Dominic from Malden 1994 Donahue, Paul 1995 Donnie from Malden 1994 Doyle, Terry 2006 Drabek, J.R. 2001 Driscoll, Bernie 2002 Duffell, Andrew 1998 Dunlea, Steve 1997-98 Dunphy, Tim 2001-06 Durant, Steve 2006-07 Edell, Ryan 2001-04 Evers, Sammy 2013 Ezure, Masakzu 2007 Fallon, Craig 1995-96 Farkes, Josh 2003-05 Farkes, Zak 2002-04 Farrell, John 2009 Ferreira, Matt 2013 Findley, Danny 2011-13 Fitzgerald, Billy 2006-08 Fitzgerald, Tom 2006 Flanagan, Skip 2012-13 Foley, Aaron 1995-96 Fournier, Bobby 2005, 07-09 Fournier, Joe 2005 Frates, Andrew 2013 Frates, Pete 2012 Fred from Burlington 1994 Freiman, Nate 2005-06 Freni, Jared 2005-07 Friel, Dan 1995 Fulton, Cameron 2007-08 Galluccio, Anthony 2008-09 Gambino, Mike 2012 Gardocki, Aaron 2012 Gardocki, Nick 2012 Gath, Steve 2012-13 Gedman, Matt 2009-10 Gedman, Mike 2009-10 Gibbons, Bobby 2013 Gilchrist, Kevin 2010 Godin, Kevin 2013 Goldberg, D.J. 2011-12 Gorman, John 2012-13 Graham, David 2000-02 Grant, Brendan 2001** Grassia, Joe 1994 Grassia, Mike 1994 Greeley, James 2005-11, 13 ALL-TIME ROSTER
  5. 5. Green, Andrew 2003-05 Greene, Evan 1999-01 Greer, Garrett 2002 Guarino, Joe 1996 Gustin, Sean 2012-13 Hakesley, Alex 2000-02 Hanley, Buddy 2004-06 Hanna, John 2010-12 Harris, Jack 2008-10 Hartwell, Darren 2011 Haugh, Tommy 2012-13 Haveland, Jordan 2011 Hayes, John 1996-98 Haywood, Joe 1995 Hemingway, Paul 1995* Herzberg, Wylie 1997 Hesenius, Justin 1997 Holway, Jamie 1995 Houser, Paul 1995 Hoyer, Jed 2006 Huckaby, Malcolm 2012 Isaacs, Scott 2009, ’11-12 Jacobson, Mac 2013 Jack from Shrewsbury 1994 Jackson, Reid 2008-09 Jamison, Lee 2000-03 Jerry from Waltham 1994 Jewell, Matt 1996 Jim from Derry 1994 Joe from Lowell 1994 Johanson, John 2004 John from Hyde Park 1994 John on the car phone 1994 Johnson, Justin 1995-96 Jones, Devan 2012 Josh from Lowell 1994 Kaloyanides, Dave 2006 Karl, Peter 2009 Keating, Matt 1999 Keefe, Jeff 2006-07 Keefe, Tim 2006 Kehoe, Joe 2002-03 Kelley, Joe 1995 Kenny, Bob 2002-05 Kenney, Jared 2013 Kimaiyo, Joel 2000 Klimkiewicz, Josh 2001-05 Konecky, Chad 1994, 00-03 Korchin, Todd 1997-01, 10 Krasner, Jeff 2003, 05 Kucher, Chris 2009-12 Lambert, Chris 2002 Langone, Mark 1996, 1998-00 Langone, Stephen 1995-99, 11 Lankarge, Pete 2013 Larry from Lincoln 1994 Leach, Jared 1998-00 Leach, Ryan 2012 LeBel, Mike 2010 Lederhos, Matt 1999, 01 Lee, Alex 2007, 10-11, 13 Lemberg, Jeff 1999 Lentz, Brian 2000 Leva, Nick 2009-12 Likis, James 2007-08 Lima, Benjamin 2010, ’12 Lindstrom, Mike 2000 Loftus, Kevin 1996 Lopes, Geoff 2012 Loughlin, Michael 2013 Luti, Dennis 1996 Macchi, Brian 2001 Mackor, Jeff 2000-01 Maguire, Ryan 2008-11 Maier, Jeff 2006 Mantinho, Nick 2005-06 Manzanillo, Tamayo 2002-05 Marchesi, Jarrod 2005-09 Marchesi, Joe 2004 Marengi, Matt 1998-99 Marino, Russ 1998 Mark on the car phone 1994 Martin, Dave 2000-03 Martinez, Manuel 1997 Martins, Max 2012-13 Marvin, Matt 1997-98 Mason, Pat 1997 Maza, Moises 2013 McBride, Dan 1995 McConnell, Charlie 2012-13 McCusker, Adam 2001 McDonald, Joe 2009, 11 McDonald, Shayne 2010 McDonough, Chris 2013 McEvoy, Matt 2000-03 McGaffigan, Bill 1998 McGann, Ron 1997, 98*, 99 McGeary, Jack 2006 McGlinchy, Kevin 2012 McGonagle, John 2010-11 McGowan, Sean 1998 McMann, Steve 1998-99 McManus, Jason 1995 Medina, Junior 2000-01, 13 Melchionna, Nick 1998-99 Mendez, Jhonneris 2011 Mendonca, Sal 2002-03 Menieur, Victor 2006-07 Mercado, Rony 2003-04 Merloni, Lou 2008-13 Merullo, Chris 2002 Mike from Lowell 1994 Mike from Malden 1994 Misci, Brian 2001 Monagle, Cameron 2013 Monagle, Daniel 2013 Monico, Matt 2006 Montalbano, Greg 1997*, 98 Morel, Amauri 1998-99 Morizio, Matt 2003-05 Morse, Dan 1998-99 Morse, Jon 2006 Moses, Steve 1995 Moyer, Chris 2007 Mugar, John 1999 Mullin, Ben 2009-10 Mulry, James 2012-13 Mulvaney, Scott 1997 Munkholm, Eli 1999 Murphy, Ben 2013 Murphy, Graig 2006, 08-11 Murphy, Patrick 2009 Murray, Donny 2012 Neczypor, Dan 2006-07 Neil, Christopher 2006-07 Nelson, Steve 1995 Nolet, Jeff 2006 Novelline, Andy 1995 Novelline, Brian 1995 Nugent, Danny 2005-08 Nunez, Alfredo 1997-03 Nuzzo, Matt 2005, 07-08 O’Brien, Matt 2008 O’Hara, Sean 2006-08 O’Leary, Shane 2011 O’Neil, Bob 1994 O’Sullivan-Pierce,Connor 2009 O’Sullivan, Chris 1996-97 O’Sullivan, David 1997-98 Oakley, Isaac 2009 Olson, Erik 1997-98, 00 Oppenheim, Kenny 1996 Oppenheim, Rob 1996 Orlando, Joseph 2004-06 Ostuni, David 1996 Ozanich, Owen 2008 Pagliarulo, Charlie 2009 Pagliarulo, Mike 1997-00 Papelbon, Jeremy 2005 Papelbon, Josh 2005 Paré, Matt 2009-11*, ’12 Pellerin, Adam 2005, 13
  6. 6. Pena, Carlos 1996-97 Pena, Omar 1997-98, 00 Pena, Pedro 1997-98, 00 Peter from Charlestown 1994 Peter from Saugus 1994 Pezza, Mike 1994-95 Phil 1994 Ponti, Jake 2010 Ponzio, Steve 1995 Previte, Eric 1998-01 Prohovich, Kyle 2011 Purcell, Pat 1996 Quinn, Tim 2011-12 Quinones, Miguel 1994-95 Quiros, Jaimie 1997-01 Ramsey, James 2010, 13 Rea, Dan 2008 Reinhart, Dave 1997 Richard, J.R. 2013 Richardson, Mike 2013 Ricoy, Jimmy 2013 Ridley, Larry 2008-10 Rizzuto, Phil 2011 Roepsch, Eric 1995 Roger from Revere 1994 Rogoff, Mark 2005 Rojas, Dorian 2005 Roland from Cambridge 1994 Ron from Cambridge 1994 Rosario, Carlos 2005-06 Rosario, Ronnie 2008 Rosinski, Brian 2011 Russell, Jeff 2000 Saccardo, Jamie 2000-01 Salines, Kevin 2011 Sandini, Chris 2009-10 Santana, Camillo 1994-96 Schiavone, Kyle 2010-12 Scott from Woburn 1994 Serino, Nick 2007, 09 Shaughnessy, Sam 2003-11 Shaw, Chris 2013 Sheehan, Joe 2007-11 Shelvey, John 1995 Skenderian, T.K. 2005 Smerlas, Fred 1995 Smith, Brendan 2003-04 Soolman, Zach 2002 Sousa, Joe 2001-04 Steve from Arlington 1994 Steve from Northeastern 1994 Stewart, Greg, Jr. 2004-05 Stiller, Jed 1996 Stoll, Ben 2001, 03 Stu from Newton 1994 Stuart, Denard 1995 St. Claire, Jack 2013 St. Hillaire, Joe 2013 Sullivan, Andy 2000 Sullivan, David 2002-05 Sun from Durham, N.H. 1994 Surprenant, Joe 1998-00 Sweeney, Jim 1999 Symmons, Brian 1997 Taglienti, Jeff 1995 Talis, Zac 2013 Tempesta, Nick 1998-00 Timmons, Brendan 2001-02, 04 Tingle, Garrett 2002-03 Tingle, Gary 1994 Tom from Cambridge 1994 Torres, Alex 2010 Trachtenburg, Mike 2010 Trupiano, Brian 2001-05 Uberti, Billy 2013 Vasquez, Louis 2009 Vega, Damian 1999 Velasquez, Eric 2007-08 Velez, DeShaun 2013 Vennochi, Nick 2010 Vickers, Steve 2000-01 Volinski, Jeff 2004-05 Walsh, Dan 2011 Walsh, Ryan 2011 Waskiewicz, Justin 2004 Waters, Billy 1999 Watkins, Billy 2004-07 Watkins, Bryan 2008-10 Watson, Frank 1997 Welch, John 2004 Whelan, Sam 2005-07 White, Matt 2007-09 Williams, Jamie 2002 Wiswall, Mickey 2008 Woods, Dave 1994, 2008 Wortzman, Jared 2007 Wright, Cole 2009 Yaeger, Matt 1995 Yaeger, Nick 2000, 02 Yanatos, Rich 2002 Zagaria, John 2003-05 Zaher, Dominic 2011-13 Zarbano, Joey 2008 (* In uniform, injured, did not play) (** Posthumous selection) Managers & Coaches Abreu, Paul 1995 Alexander, George 1995-00, 02 Carey, Brian 1998-13 Cassell, Tom 2002 Cody, Jim 2003-08 Gambino, Mike 2012 Gigante, Patrick 2009-10 Greeley, James 2013 Henderson, Will 2005 Lee, Alex 2013 McConnell, Cary 1996-07, 09-12 Merullo, Lennie 1999-10 Morgan, Joe 1998 Noone, Matt 2007-09, 11-12 Pagliarulo, Mike 2010 Pellagrini, Eddie 2000-02 Pesky, Johnny 1999, 06-10 Powell, Josh 1999-2001 Pezza, Mike 1994 Tingle, Gary 1994 White, Joe 1995-96 All-Time Roster, cont.
  7. 7. ANDEREGG FAMILY Supporting the Pete Frates #3 Fund & Oldtime Baseball Game #strikeoutALS
  8. 8. Boston College pitcher John Gorman emerged as MVP of the 2013 Oldtime Baseball Game, registering five strikeouts over two shutout innings to lead Anderegg Family to a 6-4 victory over Eastern Bank. Last year’s game also goes into the books as the first edition of the game in which a participant was forced to leave with an injury, as Junior Medina, playing as the 2013 recipient of the Greg Montalbano Award, suffered a hand injury while sliding (safely, he points out) into the plate. Because he had just one at-bat, he is being invited back this year. The 2012 Oldtime Baseball Game included many dramatic moments, beginning with the introduction of former Boston College captain Pete Frates as starting first baseman for the home team, Abbot Financial Management. Frates, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease earlier in the year, wore a replica No. 3 Jimmie Foxx uniform, presented to him during pre-game ceremonies by Sox general manager Ben Cherington. Frates, who played the field for the first pitch of the game, returns to the Oldtime Baseball Game for tonight’s ALS fundraiser. Also in 2012, Skip Flanagan of Framingham and the Rochester Institute of Technology became the first profoundly deaf player to appear in the Oldtime Baseball Game.Wearing the No. 9TedWilliams uniform, he had three hits and was named MostValuable Player. In 2011, Newton’s Sam Shaughnessy hit a home run and emerged as MVP in leading the Bejoian Family Trust to a 9-6 victory over Abbot Financial Management. It was a record ninth appearance in The Game for the 2010 Boston College graduate, who is expected to make a 10th appearance tonight in honor of Pete Frates. Medford’s Orazio Azzarello, recipient of the 2012 Greg Montalbano Award, has made eight appearances. Alfredo Nunez of Haverhill (1997-03) appeared in seven games, and former Red Sox infielder Lou Merloni tonight appears in his seventh game as well. Although the 2010 OTBG was delayed a day because of rain, an enthusiastic crowd packed St. Peter’s Field to see James Greeley of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts become The Game’s first two-time MVP, pitching three shutout innings and driving in a run. He was also MVP in 2006. The 2008 Game featured a return of one of its original players. Dave Woods, who played in The Game in 1994, flew in from California when offered a chance to play . . . The 2007 Game served as a 40th anniversary party for the 1967 “Impossible Dream” Red Sox, with 12 members of that fabled team coming to St. Peter’s Field to throw out the first pitch . . . Chris Moyer, who pitched a scoreless inning in the 2007 Game while a student at Boston University, made it to the big leagues in a different capacity: The New Hampshire native served as press secretary to United States Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina. He is now director of media relations for the American Gaming Association. Jeffrey Maier, who became an overnight celebrity during the 1996 American League Championship Series when he reached out of the stands and deflected a Derek Jeter fly to right field into a home run, played in the 2006 Game. The four-year Wesleyan standout singled in his first at-bat . . . ESPN.com columnist Jim Caple flew from Seattle to Boston to play in ’06 and wear the 1969 Seattle Pilots Tommy Harper uniform . . . In 2005, Cambridge’s Danny Nugent wrote several letters asking to be in The Game, having attended it since he was a small child. Selected to play in ’05, he won it for the Abbot Angels with an RBI double in the bottom of the ninth inning. He was named MVP . . . Josh and Jeremy Papelbon, twin brothers of then-Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, each pitched a scoreless inning in ’05 . . . Josh Papelbon is one of three veterans of the Lowell Spinners to have played in The Game, the others being the late Greg Montalbano (’97-98) and Zak Farkes (’02-04) . . . One of the most thrilling moments in The Game’s history took place in 2004 when former Red Sox star Oil Can Boyd pitched four innings. Farkes, on his way to being drafted by the Red Sox, hit a home run off The Can . . . Garrett Tingle (’02-03) is the son of Gary Tingle, who played in the inaugural 1994 Game. Players who have worn the No. 9 Ted Williams uniform have enjoyed a measure of success that would have made The Splendid Splinter proud. Steve Langone (’98), Todd Korchin (’00), Damian Costantino (’03), Farkes (’04) and Flanagan (’12) have all emerged as MVP . . . Rick Devanna, who played in The Game from 1999 to 2003, pitched a total of nine scoreless innings, the equivalent of a shutout. He was MVP in ’99 . . . In one of The Game’s great moments, Orazio Azzarello struck out former New York Yankee (and fellow Medford native) Mike Pagliarulo in 1998 after having served up a home run to Pags in ’97. Pags hit two home runs in the ’97 Game, teaming up with Pat Mason and Carlos Pena of Northeastern University for back-to-back-to-back home runs. Mason went on to become the first veteran of the game to coach college baseball at the Division 1 level when he was NOTES FROM THE PRESSBOX
  9. 9. hired to run the Virginia Tech program in 2013. Pena went on to become the first veteran of the game to play in the big leagues when he debuted with the Texas Rangers on Sept. 5, 2001. Harvard University’s Matt Brunnig, who is ambidextrous, pitched one inning right-handed for the home team in ’03, and then changed uniforms and pitched one inning left-handed for the road team . . . Added to the roster just hours before first pitch in 2001, Lexington’s Josh Klimkiewicz, still in high school at the time, emerged as co-MVP. He continued to play in The Game during his years at Harvard. When Dave Martin of Tufts University played in The Game in 2000, he was issued the 1927 Philadelphia A’s road uniform, which features the famous “white elephant” on the front. Making the connection with Tufts, whose athletic teams are known as the Jumbos, Martin was heard to remark, “We should make these our road uniforms.” Every year since, the uniform has been worn by a Tufts player: Steve Lapham (2001), Martin again (2002-03), Bob Kenny (’04), Jeff Volinski (’05), Brian Casey (’06- 07), Kevin Casey (’08-09, ‘13), Matt Collins (’10), Jake Crawford (’11), Billy Collins (’12) and Connor McDavitt (’14) . . . Steve Moses (’95) is the son of former Red Sox catcher Gerry Moses, and Joe Haywood (’95) is the grandson of Hall of Famer Joe Cronin . . . Media contacts: Brian Trupiano (’01-05) is the son of Red Sox broadcasting legend Jerry Trupiano. Steve Krasner (’03, ’05), is the son of former Providence Journal baseball writer Steve Krasner. Sam Shaughnessy (’03-11, ‘14) is the son of Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy. Pat Purcell Jr. (’95) is the son of Boston Herald publisher Pat Purcell Sr. Jack Harris (’08-10) is the son of Herald hockey writer Steve Harris. Jamie Holway of Cambridge struck out four batters in one inning in ’95 . . . Chip Ceretanni of Reading performed double duty in the inaugural Game in ’94: In addition to playing, he also sang the national anthem . . . Chad Konecky was the first batter in the first inning of the first Oldtime Baseball Game. He reached on an error off starting pitcher Steve Buckley, who registered three strikeouts in his two innings on the mound. NOTES FROM THE PRESSBOX cont.
  10. 10. #strikeoutALS #ALSicebucketchallenge PeteFrates.com
  11. 11. ROAD UNIFORMS 1901 Baltimore Orioles The 1901 Baltimore Orioles was managed by John McGraw before he went on to a storied career with the New York Giants. The Orioles relocated to New York and became the Highlanders, and, eventually, the Yankees. 1914-15 Brooklyn Tip-Tops Members of the upstart Federal League for two seasons, the Brooklyn Tip-Tops got their name from the bread company that was run by the team’s owners. The Tip- Tops’ Benny Kauff led the Federal League in hitting in 1915. Uniform added in 2009. 1920’s South Philadelphia Hebrew Association The Hebrews were a semi-pro team based in Philadelphia and run by Eddie Gottlieb, who would later own the Philadelphia Warriors of the National Basketball Association. He is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Uniform added in 2009. 1922 Wichita Falls Spudders Playing in the Texas League, the ’22 Spudders won 22 consecutive games. The Spudders’ Homer Summa, who would go on to play 10 seasons in the majors, led the league in hitting with a .362 average. Uniform added in 2009. 1926 St. Louis Cardinals After beating out the Reds and Pirates to capture the National League pennant, the ‘26 Cardinals beat the Yankees in a thrilling World Series. This uniform was first worn by the late Greg Montalbano in the 1998 Oldtime Baseball Game and is now worn in his memory. 1927 Detroit Tigers Harry Heilmann hit .398 for the 1927 Detroit Tigers, leading the American League and finishing second in MVP voting behind Lou Gehrig. Heilmann was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1952. 1927 Philadelphia Athletics Eight members of this Roaring Twenties powerhouse would go on to be elected to the Hall Of Fame. 1930 Boston Red Sox If you look closely on the sleeve you’ll see a Pilgrim patch showing the year 1630. The patch commemorates the tricentennial of the founding of the city of Boston and was worn by both the Red Sox and Braves in 1930. 1932 New York Yankees, No. 4 Lou Gehrig The Iron Horse played in 2,130 consecutive games during his illustrious career with the Yankees. He succumbed to Amyotrophic Lateral Aclerosis (ALS), now commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. 1938 Boston Red Sox, No. 3 Jimmie Foxx Foxx’s record 50 home runs for the 1938 Boston Red Sox stood until David Ortiz hit 54 dingers in 2006. Foxx also compiled 175 RBIs and a .349 batting average on his way to winning the 1938 MVP award. 1938 Cincinnati Reds, No. 57 Johnny Vander Meer The only pitcher in Major League history to throw back- to-back no-hitters. 1940’s Baltimore Elite Giants, No. 28 Roy Campanella Campy played 15 seasons with this Negro League team before joining the Brooklyn Dodgers. 1940 Cienfuegos Elefantes This famous Cuban baseball team represented the port city of Cienfuegos, but played its home games in Havana. Their symbol was the elephant, and their slogan was, “The pace of the elephant is slow, but crushing!” Luis Tiant, Sr., father of the former Red Sox great, starred for the Elefantes. Uniform introduced to the Oldtime Baseball Game in 2005. 1940 Ethiopian Clowns Originally from Miami, this famous barnstorming team from the Negro Leagues moved to Cininnati in 1943. The Ethiopian Clowns were heralded more for their on-field shenanigans than their stellar play. 1941 Chicago Cubs, No. 21 Lennie Merullo The long-time New England scout wore No. 21 when he broke into the big leagues with the Cubs. This is the actual uniform he wore in the 1999 Oldtime Baseball Game. 1941 Hollywood Stars, No. 4 Ham Schulte This navy blue uniform from the Pacific Coast League features chenille lettering and the number on the back encased in a star. Wearing No. 4 for the Stars in 1941 was second baseman Ham Schulte, who one year earlier played in the major leagues for the Philadelphia Phillies. 1944 Seventh Army Air Force, No. 5 Joe DiMaggio
  12. 12. The Yankee Clipper played for this team at Hickam Army Air Force Base during World War II. Uniform added in 2009. 1945 Cleveland Buckeyes, No. 10, Larry Doby Led by player-manager Quincy Trouppe, the 1945 Buckeyes defeated the Homestead Grays in the Negro League World Series. Trouppe was 39 years old when he made his major-league debut with the Cleveland Indians in 1952, making him one of the oldest “rookies” in baseball history. 1948 Birmingham Black Barons, No. 8 Willie Mays With a 15-year-old Willie Mays playing in the outfield, the ’48 Black Barons defeated the Kansas City Monarchs for the Negro American League pennant. Uniform added in 2009. 1950 Havana Cubans Champions of the Class B Florida International League. It’s been said that their biggest fan was a fellow named Fidel Castro. 1954 Roswell Rockets, No. 43 Joe Bauman The Rockets played in the Class C Longhorn League. Bauman hit 72 home runs in 1954, which until 2001 was the single- season record for home runs by a professional player. 1954 Santurce Cangrejeros This legendary Puerto Rican team is still active in the winter leagues. No. 21 represents their greatest player, Puerto Rican native Roberto Clemente. 1957 Milwaukee Braves, No. 21 Warren Spahn The ‘57 Braves beat the Yankees in the World Series, with Spahn, arguably the greatest lefthander in history, winning Game 1. 1961 Hawaii Islanders Professional baseball came to Hawaii in 1961 when the Sacramento Solons of the Pacific Coast League relocated to Honolulu. Carlos Bernier led the PCL in hitting in ’61 with a .351 average. 1961 Middleboro Senators The uniform is an actual hand-me-down from the 1960 Washington Senators of the American League, and was worn by outfielder Dan Dobbek, whose name is stitched inside the shirt. 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers, No. 32 Sandy Koufax The ‘63 Dodgers swept the Yankees in the World Series. 1964 Alaska Goldpanners One of the better-known teams from the famed Alaska Summer League, the Goldpanners are based in Fairbanks. Among the future major-leaguers who played for the Goldpanners are Tom Seaver and Bill Lee. Uniform introduced to the Oldtime Baseball Game in 2005. 1967 St. Louis Cardinals, No. 32 Steve Carlton The 1967 St. Louis Cardinals defeated the “Impossible Dream” Red Sox in the World Series. 1969 Atlanta Braves, No. 44 Henry Aaron The game’s all-time home run king, Aaron hit 44 in 1969, and retired with 755 dingers in the pre-steroid era. 1969 Chicago Cubs, No. 3 Lennie Merullo When former Chicago Cub and longtime scout Lennie Merullo was invited back to Wrigley Field in 1969 to participate in an oldtimers game, this is the uniform he wore. 1969 Chicago White Sox No. 11 Luis Aparicio Played 10 of his 18 seasons with the White Sox, winding up his career in Boston. Led the AL in stolen bases in each of his first nine seasons. 1969 New York Mets, No. 41 Tom Seaver The Miracle Mets shocked the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series. Seaver, who went on to the Hall of Fame, finished his career with the Red Sox. 1969 Seattle Pilots, No. 21 Tommy Harper The expansion Pilots played only one season, relocating to Milwaukee in 1970 and becoming the Brewers. Harper went on to play and coach for the Red Sox.
  13. 13. HOME UNIFORMS 1890 Boston Beaneaters Later known as the Boston Braves, the 1890 Beaneaters finished in fifth place in the National League. Their top player was Cambridge native John Clarkson, who won 26 games that year and went on to win 328 for his career. He was inducted into Hall of Fame in 1963. Clarkson, who died in 1909, is buried in Cambridge Cemetery. Uniform added in 2009. 1914 Providence Grays After being sold by the minor-league Baltimore Orioles to the Red Sox, a 19-year-old named Babe Ruth was sent by the Sox to play for the Providence Grays of the International League, helping the Grays to a first-place finish. Uniform added in 2009. 1915 Cleveland Indians In honor of the late Ray Chapman. Chapman was one of the great-fielding shorts-stops of his era. On August 16, 1920, he was hit by a pitch thrown by Carl Mays of the Yankees and died the next day, making him the only player in big-league history to die as a result of a game injury. 1918 Chicago Cubs Had the distinction of being the last team to lose to the Red Sox in the World Series until the Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2004 Fall Classic. 1920’s Bacharach Giants Based in Atlantic City, the Bacharach Giants won the Eastern Colored League pennant in 1926 and 1927, led by player- manager Dick Lundy. In both cases they lost the Negro League World Series to the Chicago American Giants. 1920’s Chicago American Giants Rube Foster, who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981, founded the Chicago American Giants in 1911 and managed it through 1926. The club was active into the 1950s. 1920’s Detroit Stars A charter member of the Negro National league in 1920, their star catcher, Bruce Petway, in 1910 was said to have twice thrown out Detroit Tigers great Ty Cobb trying to steal second base in an exhibition game. 1921 Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Wilbur Cooper won 22 games for the 1921 Pittsburgh Pirates. Also on the roster were Possum Whitted, Kiki Cuyler, Johnny Gooch and pitcher Chief Yellowhorse. 1930s Homestead Grays, No. 3 Josh Gibson Gibson, who is in the Hall of Fame, was the greatest offensive player in Negro League history and was known as the Black Babe Ruth. 1932 Chicago White Sox Great uniform, bad team. The 1932 Chicago White Sox lost 102 games. 1933 San Francisco Seals, No. 10 Joe DiMaggio Nearly a decade before hitting in 56 consecutive games for the New York Yankees, DiMaggio hit in 66 straight games with the 1933 San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League. 1936 Brooklyn Dodgers, No. 26 Fred Frankhouse Casey Stengel managed this team, and then the Boston Bees, before managing the New York Yankees. 1937 San Diego Padres, No. 19 Ted Williams Two years before he made his major-league debut with the Red Sox, the future Splendid Splinter socked 23 homers and drove in 98 runs for the hometown San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League. 1938 San Francisco Seals, No. 36 Lefty O’Doul A .349 career hitter in the big leagues, Lefty O’Doul went on to manage the San Francisco Seals for 17 seasons, winning five Pacific Coast League championships. 1939 Baltimore Orioles, No. 7 Rogers Hornsby One of the greatest second basemen in history, Rogers Hornsby, also known as the Rajah, later managed the International League Orioles. 1939 Boston Red Sox, No. 9 Ted Williams Ted Williams patrolled left field for the Red Sox for 19 seasons, taking time out to serve his country in World War II and Korea. He’s the last man to hit .400 with a .406 mark in 1941. 1939 Oakland Oaks Six years later, a kid from the Oakland area would play for the Oakland Oaks on his way to the big leagues. Wearing no. 6, that player was Billy Martin. 1940’s New York Cubans It has been argued that Cuban-born Martin Dihigo, who managed the New York Cubans to the Negro League World Series championship in 1947, was the greatest all-around player in Negro League history. He won more than 260 games as a pitcher and consistently hit better than .300. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1977. 1942 Boston Red Sox, No. 6 Johnny Pesky Johnny Pesky’s name is synonymous with the Boston Red Sox, for whom he worked in a variety of capacities for more than 60 years. A .308 life-time hitter, he had three 200-hit seasons. 1944 St. Louis Browns, No. 5 Vern Stephens Vern Stephens, 109 RBIs led the American League in 1944.
  14. 14. 1944 St. Louis Cardinals, No. 6 Stan Musial Stan “The Man” Musial played 22 seasons for the Cardinals and was a 20-time all-star. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1969 1945 Kansas City Monarchs, No. 5 Jackie Robinson Before he broke in with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, Jackie Robinson played for this legendary Negro League team. 1946 Boston Red Sox, No. 39, Eddie Pellagrini This is the actual uniform Eddie wore when he was a coach in the Oldtime Baseball Game in 2000. Eddie, who in 1946 hit a home run in his first major-league at-bat, was later the longtime baseball coach at Boston College. 1946 Montreal Royals, No. 9, Jackie Robinson The Royals, playing in the International League, were the top farm club of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson led the IL in hitting with a .349 average in 1946 before making his historic ascent to the Dodgers in 1947. 1950 Philadelphia Athletics, No. 30 Bobby Shantz The gold coloring on this uniform was to commemorate Connie Mack’s 50th (and last) season as manager of the Athletics. 1950 Philadelphia Phillies, No. 36 Robin Roberts Robin Roberts went 20-11 for the National League pennant winners. The late Eddie Waitkus, who grew up in Cambridge, was a member of this team. Also known as the Whiz Kids. 1951 New York Giants, No. 21 Bobby Thomson Bobby Thomson’s shot heard ’round the world in a 1951 playoff game against the Brooklyn Dodgers remains one of the greatest home runs in baseball history. 1952 Boston Braves, No. 19 Joe Morgan Though he signed with the old Boston Braves in 1952, it wasn’t until 1957 that he made it to the big leagues with the Milwaukee Braves. 1952 New York Yankees, No. 7 Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle hit 536 career home runs during his career with the New York Yankees, and 18 more in his 12 trips to the World Series. 1959 Chicago White Sox, No. 2 Nellie Fox Nellie Fox played 14 of his 19 seasons with the White Sox. He lead the American League in hits four times and was a 12-time all-star. 1964 Boston Red Sox, No. 17 Dick Radatz This is the actual uniform worn by Radatz at the 2002 celebration of the life of Ted Williams at Fenway Park. Radatz, one of the greatest relief pitchers in Red Sox history, threw out the first pitch at the 1997 Oldtime Baseball Game. 1965 Cincinnati Reds, No. 20 Frank Robinson Robby played 10 of his 21 seasons in Cincinnati, and was an 11-time all-star. He eventually became the first African- American manager in the major leagues. Boston Tigers An original team in the Greater Boston Colored League, formed circa 1903. The league folded around the time of World War I but was brought back in the early 1920s and lasted another decade. Among their most well-known players were outfielder Mose Cisco, pitcher Bullet Campbell and infielder Ralph “Stody” Ward of Cambridge. Uniform donated by Mike Ginns. New York Knights, No. 9 Roy Hobbs The only fictional team in the Oldtime Baseball Game. Film buffs will recall “The Natural,” in which Robert Redford portrayed a slugger named Roy Hobbs.
  15. 15. RESULTS 1994~Giant Glass Giants 10, Arapaho Const. Indians 1 1995~Abbot Angels 5, Gary F. Romagna & Associates 2 1996~Abbot Angels 9, Fleet Bank Falcons 1 1997~Abbot Angels 10, Dynaco Diamondbacks 10 1998~Abbot Angels 4, Greenman Technologies 3 1999~Abbot Angels 4, J&C Adams 2 2000~Abbot Angels 4, National Amusements 1 2001~Centocor Angels 3, National Amusements 0 2002~Conley & Company 3, National Amusements 2 2003~Giant Glass Giants 3, Dain Rauscher 2 (10 innings) 2004~Abbot Angels 4, Mount Auburn Hospital 2 2005~Abbot Angels 5, Helping Hands of America 4 2006~Rally for Ali 4, Abbot Angels 2 2007~Alba Press 5, Bank of America 3 2008~Shapiro 9, John Hancock 6 2009~Abbot Angels 10, Alba Press 8 2010~Bejoian Family Trust 9, Abbot Angels 2 2011~Abbot Angels 9, Bejoian Family Trust 6 2012~Abbot Angels 7, Injured Workers Pharmacy 0 2013~ Anderegg Family 6, Eastern Bank 4 FIRST PITCH 1994~Mark and Matthew Fitzmaurice 1995~Thomas W. Danehy 1996~Lou Gorman 1997~Greg Montalbano, Dick Radatz 1998~Heather Whiles 1999~Kip Tiernan, Chad Gifford 2000~Mark Claffey, Margaret Danehy, Dan Sullivan 2001~Jerry York 2002~Felipe and Juana Pena 2003~Catherine Buckley 2004~Bob O’Loughlin, Dan Salera 2005~Sue DiRocco, Johnny Pesky, Lennie Merullo 2006~Doris Kearns Goodwin, Tom Courtney 2007~Rob Declement, Bill Novelline, 1967 Red Sox 2008~Janet and John Schwartz 2009~Mrs. Sara Bejoian and Benjamin J.L. Bejoian 2010~Melissa and Jason Cherella, Andy Montalbano 2011~Joseph Piro 2012~Sandra Walsh 2013 -Marie Coyle, Ted Lepcio, Pat Mason HOME RUNS 1995~Denard Stuart, Lynnfield Sox 1996~Fabian Alicea, Cambridge Bucs 1996~Dennis Doble, Harvard University 1997~Mike Pagliarulo, New York Yankees 1997~Mike Pagliarulo, New York Yankees 1997~Pat Mason, Northeastern University 1997~Carlos Pena, Northeastern University 1997~Franc Watson, Coastal Athletic (Portland) 1997~Jose Diaz, North Adams State College 1998~Steve Langone, Boston College 1998~Sean McGowan, Boston College 2000~Todd Korchin, Northeastern University 2004~Zak Farkes, Harvard University 2006~Nick Martinho, Suffolk University 2009~Matt Gedman, University of Massachusetts 2009~Joe Sheehan, Framingham State 2009~Chris Kucher, Babson College 2010~Ben Lima, Quinsigamond Community College 2010~Alex Torres, Suffolk University 2011~Sam Shaughnessy, Boston College MVP 1996~Joe Guarino, North Adams State 1997~Mike Pagliarulo, New York Yankees 1998~Sean McGowan, BC; Steve Langone, BC 1999~Ricky DeVanna, Westford Academy 2000~Todd Korchin, Northeastern University 2001~Brian Macchi, BC; Josh Klimkiewicz, BB&N 2002~Matt McEvoy, Holy Cross 2003~Damian Costantino, Salve Regina University 2004~Zak Farkes, Harvard University 2005~Danny Nugent, AIC; Patrick Bresnehan, ASU 2006~James Greeley, Newton North High School 2007~Jeff Keefe, St. Anselm College 2008~Sean O’Hara, Harvard University 2009~Matt Gedman, University of Massachusetts 2010~James Greeley, Mass. College of Liberal Arts 2011~Sam Shaughnessy, Boston College 2012~Skip Flanagan, RIT 2013~John Gorman, Boston College OLDTIME BASEBALL GAME STATS
  16. 16. Named in memory of the former Northeastern University star and Red Sox minor-league prospect, the Greg Montalbano Award is presented to a former OldtimeBaseballGameplayerwhobestexemplifiesGreg’sspirit,competitiveness and good nature. Greg was being treated for cancer when he threw out the first pitch at the 1997 Oldtime Baseball Game, and he was The Game’s starting pitcher in 1998. He died in 2009. 2010 – Todd Korchin, Northeastern University 2011 – Steve Langone, Boston College 2012 - Orazio Azzarello, Framingham State College 2013 - Junior Medina, Stonehill College 2014 - Pete Frates, Boston College THE GREG MONTALBANO AWARD Celebrating the BIG 90 Many Many Happy Returns ~ The Novellines ~ Congratulations Don Penny A Great Game for a Great Cause! Oldtime Baseball Game & Pete Frates #3 Fund John McDonald Consulting “Let’s Go James!” John Greeley & Cheryl Kosmo
  17. 17. The first banner was dedicated in 2001 to Brendan Grant, a Belmont native and American International College student who was just 19 when he suffered fatal injuries during a summer game. Though Brendan never played in the Oldtime Baseball Game, he was made a posthumous selection in 2001. Each year, a Belmont High graduate represents Brendan in the Oldtime Baseball Game, with the cast including Matt McEvoy (2001-03), Billy Watkins (2004- 07), Bryan Watkins (2008-10), James Ramsey (2010), Matt Brown (2012), and Mike Richardson (2013). (Ramsey missed the 2011 game because of a summer-league playoff game.) The Brendan Grant Foundation is dedicated to the betterment of parent-child relationships. Visit its web site at brendangrant. org. When Tom Cassell coached in The Game in 2002, he wore the uniform of the 1918 Chicago Cubs. Following Tom’s death, we remembered him in 2003 with the unveiling of our second banner. To further keep Tom’s memory alive, a member of the Cassell Club of the Intercity League wore his Cubs uniform in The Oldtime Baseball Game from 2003 to 2008. Andrew Green of Lexington wore it in 2003, followed by Tim Dunphy of Cambridge (2004-06) and James Likis of Cambridge (2007-08). Catherine Buckley was an annual fixture at The Oldtime Baseball game from its humble beginnings in 1994. Each year, she would park her beach chair behind home plate and wile away the evening holding court with baseball fans young and old. Even when Catherine was waging a battle with cancer, she still attended The Game. In 2003, in the midst of undergoing a summer of radiation treatment at Mount Auburn Hospital, she threw out the first pitch at The Oldtime Baseball Game. Her banner was unveiled at the 2004 Game, which was played in her memory. Most fans who attend The Oldtime Baseball Game marvel at the beauty of St. Peter’s Field, a gem of a ballpark whose very existence seems to conjure up images of baseball as it was played in earlier, simpler times. This is because of the tireless work done by the crew at the Danehy Park Athletic Complex. Shawn Megan was a proud member of that crew, and, as his brother Scot notes, “Shawn and I would always anticipate the day The Game was coming near so our staff could transform St. Peter’s Field into a field of dreams for that special night in August.” Shawn died on April 11, 2005. A banner was unveiled in his memory for the 2005 Game. In 1946, Eddie Pellagrini began his major-league career in uproarious fashion, hitting a home run off Washington Senators pitcher Sid Hudson in his first at bat. He went on to play eight seasons in the major leagues with the Red Sox, St. Louis Browns, Phillies, Reds and Pirates, after which he went on to coach at Boston College for more than 30 years. Eddie was a coach in our game from 2000 to 2002, and during those years told stories that many of our players will never forget. His banner was unveiled before the 2007 Oldtime Baseball Game. ABOUT THE BANNERS
  18. 18. Jim Bejoian was an institution at The Oldtime Baseball game with his bluster and his pride of what this game meant for the community and the charities it helped throughout the years. Even as Jim’s health began to fail over the last few years, he always insisted on being at the game each year, even if it was for just the first few innings. Jim never got to see the 2008 Game, the first one he missed. He will forever be a part of the Oldtime Baseball Game as one of our “Angels in the Outfield,” with a banner unveiled in his memory in 2009. Johnny Pesky - legendary Red Sox player, coach, manager, broadcaster and goodwill ambassador - helped put the Oldtime Baseball Game on the map. Signing on as a coach in 1999, he returned to St. Peter’s Field for many years and was still hitting pre-game infield -- to both teams -- well into his 80s. He died at the age of 93 on August 13, 2012 -- which happened to be the day of the 19th annual Oldtime Baseball Game -- and it was before last year’s game that a banner was erected in his memory. The banner is signed by players, coaches, umpires and fans from last year’s game.
  19. 19. Abbot Financial Abbot Financial Management Public A Anno Glenn K National Membe Emerson Theatr Official Karen John K Ump Charlie (17th year - Roger M (18th Dave T (eighth Brendan (sixth Tra Jeff S Suffolk U Pitchers B T HT WT Hometown Team Will Alden R R 5’ 9” 200 Westford Bentley University Joe St. Hillaire R R 6’ 1” 210 Chelmsford Chelmsford High James Greeley R R 6’ 1’’ 170 Newton Brighton Braves Paul Covelle R R 6’ 1” 190 Medford Franklin Pierce University Nick Ahearn L R 6’ 0” 185 Norfolk Babson College Sammy Evers R R 5’ 9’’ 170 Somerville Emerson College Ben Murphy R R 6’ 0’’ 170 Andover Skidmore College Catchers B T HT WT Hometown Team Zac Talis R R 5’ 10” 225 Lynnfield UMass/Dartmouth Ryan Delgado R R 5’ 10” 195 Wareham Wentworth Infielders B T HT WT Hometown Team Charlie McConnell L R 6’ 1” 175 Reading Belmont Hill School Alex Cheteleat R R 6’ 3” 215 Farmington, CT Newbury College Rob Caggiano R R 5’ 9” 165 Medford Babson College Nick Dell’Anno L R 5’ 10’’ 185 North Reading Salve Regina Kevin Casey R R 5’ 9’’ 170 Milford Tufts University Johnny Adams R R 6’ 0” 185 Walpole Boston College Mark Boland R L 6’ 0” 175 Orange, CT Salve Regina Bobby Gibbons R R 5’ 9’’ 185 Reading Chelmsford Merchants Jack St. Clair R R 5’ 11” 180 Newton Holy Cross Outfielders B T HT WT Hometown Team Mac Jacobson L R 5’ 6” 160 Norfolk Suffolk University Jimmy Ricoy R R 6’ 3” 220 Lowell U Mass Lowell Junior Medina R R 5’ 9” 210 Braintree Stonehill College (Alum) Chris McDonough L L 6’ 3” 175 Weymouth Wheaton College (Alum) Billy Uberti L L 6’ 0” 210 Newton Lasell College Matt Ferreira R R 5’ 7” 140 Norfolk Millis High School Cam Monagle R R 6’ 3” 165 Cambridge Matignon High School Dan Monagle R L 5’ 11” 140 Arlington Austin Prep Manager: Brian Carey Player-Coach: James Greeley
  20. 20. PerkinElmer PerkinElmerAddress ouncer Koocher l Anthem ers of the n College re Dept. Scorers n Kosko Kosko pires e Drane Crew Chief) Morrison h year) Treska h year) McCarthy h year) ainer Stone University Pitchers B T HT WT Hometown Team Mike Richardson R R 6’ 3’’ 205 Belmont Belmont High School John Gorman R R 6’ 2” 225 Norwood Boston College Sean Gustin R R 5’ 10” 185 Stoneham Holy Cross Matt Keough R R 6’ 0” 180 Waltham Quinnipiac University Mike Timlin R R 6’ 4” 205 Midland, TX Boston Red Sox Jack Copotorto R R 6’ 0” 170 Brielle, NJ Emerson College Mike Bortolotti R R 5’ 7’’ 145 Milton Babson College James Mulry R L 6’ 3” 220 West Roxbury Northeastern University Catchers B T HT WT Hometown Team Larry Day R R 6’ 0” 215 Amesbury University of Connecticut Dan Findley L R 6’ 0” 190 Duxbury Bowdoin College Infielders B T HT WT Hometown Team Tommy Haugh L L 6’ 0” 200 Andover Bentley University (Alum) Zach Keenan L R 6’ 0 195 Danvers Boston College Mike Gambino R R 5’ 9” 175 Newton Boston College Matt Antonelli R R 6’ 1” 200 Peabody Wake Forest Max Burt R R 6’ 2” 175 North Andover Northeastern University Steve Gath R R 6’ 1” 195 Reading Bentley University (Alum) Lou Merloni R R 5’ 10” 194 Framingham Boston Red Sox (Ret.) Johnny Adams R R 6’ 0” 185 Walpole Boston College Chris Shaw L R 6’ 4” 235 Lexington Boston College Ross Curley R R 6’ 0” 200 Lexington Bentley University Marco Albano R R 6’ 0” 210 Arlington Boston College Outfielders B T HT WT Hometown Team Andrew Frates R R 6’ 0” 175 Beverly Bentley University Ryne Reyoso L R 6’ 2” 215 Houston, TX Boston College Jared McGuire R R 6” 1” 220 Harwich Boston College Skip Flanagan L L 6’ 0” 185 Framingham Rochester Institute of Tech. Sam Shaughnessy L L 5’ 10” 180 Newton Corner Boston College Lindsay Berra R R 5’ 6” 125 Livingstone, NJ University of North Carolina Dan Graham L R 6’ 3” 220 Lowell Central Connecticut State Sean McElroy R R 5’ 11” 215 Norwood Mass College of Liberal Arts Drew Locke R R 6’ 1” 205 Weymouth Boston College Jay Delaney R R 6’ 4” 215 Hanson Boston College Manager: Cary McConnell Coach: Peter Frates, Dan Findley, Mike Gambino, Cory McConnell, Rick DeAngelis
  21. 21. CONGRATULATIONSSKIPFLANAGAN#9 Thank you to Pete & the “Frate” Train for fighting the ALS battle and inspiring all. The most beautiful “sound” of baseball is a pat on the back… not the crack of the bat… Love, Mom & Dad….Your biggest fans! Sign Language “I Love You” Skip Flanagan’s Great Grandfather
  22. 22. NATIONAL ANTHEM The Oldtime Baseball Game is once again proud and honored to have members of the Emerson College Musical Theater Department on hand to perform our national anthem, under the direction of our good friend Stephen Terrell. These students bring enthusiasm, dedication and eye- popping talent to our event, and we’re glad to have them. Partnering with Injured Workers Pharmacy & the Novelline Family to support the Oldtime Baseball Game & the Pete Frates #3 Fund Laura Kurzrok Pedro Arce 195 Market Street | EP 5-02 Lynn, MA 01901 781 598-7888 easternbank.com “Strike Out ALS!” -Bob & Dee Mclemore
  23. 23. Proud to be making world class food for a world class event! 528 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA • 617.532.9100 In Honor of Pete Frates Gregory J. Gailius Partner Advisory PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 125 High Street Boston, MA 02110 T: 617 530-5423 M: 617 834-0740 F: 813 639-3657 greg.gailius@us.pwc.com The Oldtime Baseball Game thanks the following people who made donations to Steve Buckley’s slow, plodding performance in the 2014 Boston Marathon in the name of ALS Therapy Development Institute. • Sean Flanagan • Charles Laquidara • Alyssa Friedman • Ryan Hannable • Gerry Callahan • Matt Kalman • Field Yates • Jim Braude • Mike Uva • Paul Monagle • William and Jeanne Campbell • Kurt Cerulli • Kyle Lawless • Doug Dineen • Alex Reimer • Thomas Rossi • Patrick Cushing • Adam Morton • Kevin Willis • Tanzeel Merchant • Mike Lovett • Ben Weiss • Robin Deutsch and David Himmelstein • Matthew and Heather Yaeger • Scott Leeman • Scott Delano • Mark B. Negip • Tommy and Susan McVie • Gianni Franco • Jay and Lisa Rogers • Thomas Findley • Sean Going • William Lynch • Dave and Erika Stachura • The McCormick Family • Roger Morrison • Stewart Bayuk Family • John Greeley and Cheryl Kosmo • Ed and Anne Lee • Todd Bloniarz • Paul “Lefty” Wennik • Mike Lynch • Marc DesRoches • Louis DePasquale • James Frates
  24. 24. Thank You for catering Media Day! tastyburger.com STEVE FOLVEN Babe Ruth Impersonator - 978.649.2831 Proud to Support the Pete Frates #3 Fund and the Oldtime Baseball Game
  25. 25. SULLIVAN FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP Each year the Oldtime Baseball Game designates $500 for a scholarship named in memory of two longtime Cambridge natives, Henry Sullivan and Ed Sullivan. The annual scholarship is presented to a graduate of the Cambridge Babe Ruth League who is attending college. For more than 40 years, Henry Sullivan was a familiar presence on the Cambridge sportscape. From his days as goaltender and captain of the undefeated Rindge Tech hockey team in 1937-38 to his many, many years as a supervisor in the Cambridge Recreation Dept., Henry earned a reputation as a man of heart and vision, and he had a splendid sense of humor. Henry Sullivan passed away in 1996. His son, Ed Sullivan, joined the Oldtime Baseball Game in 1997 as official scorekeeper. On a night when players are moved in and out of the lineup from inning to inning – sometimes announced, sometimes unannounced – it was Ed who quietly and diligently brought order to the annual chaos of the Oldtime Baseball Game. Ed Sullivan passed away in 2000. But the Sullivans will forever be a part of the Oldtime Baseball Game. Proud to Support the Oldtime Baseball Game and the Pete Frates #3 Fund Best Wishes for a Great Game Pete Frates #3 Fund! Anthony Galluccio Galluccio & Associates
  26. 26. Congratulations on Your 21st Year! Jon Miller thanks to phil castinetti of Moving October 1st to 47 Newbury Street Route 1 North, Peabody, MA. Phone: 781-233-7222 Email: shop@sportsworld-usa.com SET Have a Great Game! Sponsoring Skip Flanagan The Fuiks Family Matt, Carleen, Paige & Tucker
  27. 27. Proud to Support the Oldtime Baseball Game and the Peter Frates #3 Fund & ALS TDI The Reghitto Family Brian & Kristen Novelline – 1995 Oldtime Baseball Game Alum - Have a Great 21st Annual Game! Jay Russo & Congratulations to PETE FRATES & Team Frate Train -- Peter & Diane Lafond
  28. 28. Strike Out ALS! Good Luck Pete Frates, Team Frate Train & the Oldtime Baseball Game Bill and Ellen Meagher
  29. 29. Boston College alum and Oldtime Baseball Game board member Bill Novelline throws out first pitch prior to annual Red Sox-BC game in 2012 at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL. Joining Bill are BC catcher (and Oldtime Baseball Game participant) Matt Paré and Wally the Green Monster. Congratulations to the In Memory of Jules Lodish Best Wishes, the Lodish Family and the
  30. 30. Congratulations to Jack Capotorto, Emerson College Have fun in the Oldtime BaseballGame! Jay Hurd - Clara Read - Andrew Hurd CONGRATS Skip Flanagan! Strike Out ALS! GOOD LUCK! GLENN & ELLEN McLAUGHLIN TOTALPROPERTYMANAGEMENT Specializing in Cambridge Properties Paul J. Monagle Phone: (617) 899-8267 Fax: (617)845-9001 Email: tpm@nextel.blackberry.net 1770 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA. 02140 Happy to sponsor Tufts University players Tim Superko & Connor McDavitt in honor of Pete Frates! Dan Kopcso Director of Strength, Conditioning & Fitness Tufts University Proud to Support 21st Annual Oldtime Baseball Game Richard O’Donnell President Phone: 978 474-4455 Toll Free: 877 807-8400 Fax: 978 474-0077 RODonnell@FootBridgeCompanies.com FootBridgeStaffing.com PLAY BALL! - Michael Lawlor
  31. 31. In Memoriam: Joseph P. Donahue, Esq. Paul Gilmartin Leo Gravelle Lance Lofaro Suki Park May You Rest in Peace Bill & Eileen Novelline Congratulations & Good Luck Danny Findley, Dannys’ Grandfather, Joe Findley, played for San Diego Padres in the Pacific Coast League & was a Rindge Technical School grad. Sponsored By: Redline Freight Systems, Corsair Logistics & the Findley Family
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  33. 33. On April 13, 2013, Wellesley native and Duke University graduate Nate Freiman became the third veteran of the Oldtime Baseball Game to play in the major leagues when he debuted with the Oakland A’s. Freiman, who played in the Oldtime Baseball Game in 2005 and ’06, joins Carlos Pena and Chris Lambert as OTBG veterans who went on to play in the big leagues. Pena, who grew up in Haverhill and played at Northeastern University, played in the Oldtime Baseball Game in 1996 and ’97 and debuted with the Texas Rangers on September 5, 2001. He is also the first veteran of The Game to play in the World Series (with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008) and the MLB All-Star Game (2009). Lambert, a native of Manchester, N.H., who played at Boston College – as well as in the 2002 Oldtime Baseball Game – made his big-league debut on August 26, 2008 with the Detroit Tigers. The following veterans of the Oldtime Baseball Game have gone on to play professionally: • Jeff Taglienti~Boston Red Sox, seventh round, 1997. • Carlos Pena~Tampa Bay Rays, first round, 1998. • Steve Moses~New York Mets, non-drafted free agent, 1998. • Greg Montalbano~Boston Red Sox, fifth round, 1999. • Sean McGowan~San Francisco Giants, third round, 1999. • Steve Langone~Los Angeles Dodgers, 21st round, 2000. • Matt Keating~San Francisco Giants, 35th round, 2000. • Jim Sweeney~Chicago White Sox, 14th round, 2000. • Dan Morse~Johnstown Johnnies, Frontier League (Ind.), 2000. • Nick Tempesta~Toronto Blue Jays, 26th round, 2001. • Jon Cahill~Anaheim Angels, non-drafted free agent, 2001. • Ben Crockett~Colorado Rockies, third round, 2002. • Jeff Mackor~Houston Astros, 15th round, 2002. • Brian Macchi~Johnstown, Frontier League (Ind.), 2002. • Junior Medina~Adirondack, Northern League (Ind.), 2002. • Jaime Quiros~Lincoln Salt dogs, Northern League (Ind.), 2002. • Jeff Allison~Florida Marlins, first round, 2003. • Omar Pena~St. Louis Cardinals, 16th round, 2003. • Pat Bresnehan~Kansas City Royals, 23rd round, 2002.** • Brian Lentz~Seattle Mariners, non-drafted free agent, 2003. • Chris Lambert~St. Louis Cardinals, first round, 2004. • Mark Langone – Ciemme Maller Oltre Torrente (Italy), 2004 • Anthony Del Prete~North Shore Spirit, (Ind.), 2004. • Zak Farkes~Boston Red Sox, 39th round, 2004.*** • Ryan Edell~Cleveland Indians, eighth round, 2005. • Matt Bishop~Houston Astros, 37th round, 2005.** • Brian Trupiano~Brockton Rox (Ind.), 2006. • Pat Bresnehan~San Diego Padres, fifth round, 2006. • Matt Morizio~Kansas City Royals, 17th round, 2006. • Jeremy Papelbon~Chicago Cubs, 19th round, 2006. • Josh Papelbon~Boston Red Sox, 48th round, 2006. • Josh Klimkiewicz~El Paso Diablos (Ind.), 2006 • Andrew Green~Rimini Pirates (Italy), 2006 • John Welch~North Shore Spirit (Ind.), 2007 • Jack McGeary~Washington Nationals, 6th round, 2007 • Terry Doyle~Los Angelos Dodgers, 21st round, 2007** • Dorian Rojas~Macon Music (Ind.), 2007 • Brendan Akashian~Southern Illinois Miners (Ind.), 2007 • Rony Mercado~Brockton Rox (Ind.), 2007 • Nate Freiman~San Diego Padres, eighth round, 2009. • Matt Nuzzo~Toronto Blue Jays, 24th round, 2009. • Mickey Wiswall~Seattle Mariners, 7th round, 2010. • Nick Serino~Washington Nationals, 37th round, 2010. • Charlie Pagliarulo~Laredo Broncos, United League (Ind.), 2010. • Reid Jackson~Merchten Cats (Belgium), 2010. • Matt Gedman~Boston Red Sox, 45th round, 2011. • Matt Paré ~ San Francisco Giants, non-drafted free agent, 2013. • (**) Did not sign. • (***) Signed as a non-drafted free agent, 2005 MOVIN’ ON UP FRANK’S STEAK HOUSE BOSTON’S OLDEST STEAK HOUSE EST. 1938 2310 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, NORTH CAMBRIDGE | 617-661-0666
  34. 34. “Supporting Cambridge Players in the Oldtime Baseball Game” - Nick Mitropoulos “In Honor of Peter Frates & Dick Kelley” Andy Jick Chestnut Hill, MA Three Cheers to a Wonderful Event! Congratulations Pete Frates & Oldtime Baseball Game -- Sal & Maryellen Lentine In Memory of David Bachner - UNHITTABLE - Andrew & Amanda Novelline Have a Great Oldtime Baseball Game! Pete Frates #3 Fund & ALS TDI - Richard & Paula Conrad Trustees of Boston University http://www.bu.edu/trustees
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