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OpenMarket Fifty Shades of Mobile CRM at Mobile Marketing Live #mmliveglobal

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Presentation by Oisin Lunny on the Mobile CRM debate at Mobile Marketing Live with Velti, Text Local & Lumata.

For more information please visit: www.openmarket.com/europe

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OpenMarket Fifty Shades of Mobile CRM at Mobile Marketing Live #mmliveglobal

  1. Fifty Shades of Mobile CRMOisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager
  2. Fifty shades of Blackberry
  3. Fifty shades of Blackberry
  4. Fifty shades of Blackberry
  5. Worldwide smartphone activations… …outnumber child births three to one.
  6. One in three would… ...give up sex for smartphone access!
  7. What would you give up…? What % would choose daily use of mobile phone over... •Alcohol 70 % •Chocolate 63 % •Caffeine 55 % •Exercise 54 % •Sex 33 % •Toothbrush 22 % •Shoes 21 %
  8. Addicted to our smartphones? 80% …more likely to cause traffic accidents than alcohol due to its distracting nature
  9. Addicted to our smartphones? 35% …of adults with families regularly check their phone at the dinner table
  10. Addicted to our smartphones? 66% …of smartphone owners sleep with their phone next to them, and check them when they wake up
  11. Addicted to our smartphones? 48% …admit to ending a relationship via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter
  12. Addicted to our smartphones? “Mobile phones have moved beyond a necessity into an addiction”
  13. Massive Second Screen App Audience
  14. 16-24 demographic prefer mobiles Source: Ofcom UK Adults’ Media Literacy, 2010
  15. The Great Mobile Ad Spending Gap
  16. Here Me Now
  17. Here Me Now the power of now surprises social rewards simplicity free fun missions
  18. Fifty shades of...
  19. Fifty shades of...
  20. Fifty shades of...
  21. Fifty shades of...
  22. Fifty Shades of Mobile CRM
  23. SMS is stillSEXY
  24. Be sensitive* *respect your customer
  25. Get explicit* *opt in Source: Kitten & The Hip
  26. Use restraint* *less is more
  27. Choosing a mobile partner is not... BLACK & WHITE
  28. ...it’s actually...
  29. Get into bed with the right partner!
  30. customers and partners
  31. CMX2 platform
  32. CMX2 platform
  33. CMX2 platform
  34. SMS Chat platform
  35. Next... Fifty Shades of BURGUNDY
  36. ** Fifty Shades of Thank You ** sales@uk.openmarket.com www.openmarket.com text “sales” to 88600 Visit us at stand 26