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How to Get 1 Million Readers

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Nomadic Matt's presentation from TravelCon18.

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How to Get 1 Million Readers

  1. 1. How to Get 1 Million Readers Matt Kepnes SEPTEMBER 20–22, 2018 | AUSTIN, TEXAS | JW MARRIOTT
  2. 2. TRAVELCON Matthew Kepnes runs the award winning budget travel site, Nomadic Matt, and wrote the New York Times best-seller, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. After a trip to Thailand in 2005, Matt decided to quit his job, finish his MBA and head off into the world. His original trip was supposed to last a year. Over ten years later, he is still out roaming around and teaching others how to do the same. MATT KEPNES @nomadicmatt
  3. 3. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN  Effectively use social media to reach your audience organically  Land guest posts that drive traffic to your site long-term  Gain media mentions for your expertise  Find your network and build authentic relationships with people across industries
  5. 5. 1. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket 2. Each platform has one core use – plan accordingly 3. Post amazing content – by you and other people 4. Be honest, be real, be human GENERAL TIPS
  6. 6. PROS Show your personality Build brand Make quality connections Reach new peers and followers Create content quickly CONS Doesn’t drive traffic Growth is slow  Tweet about what you love  Follow others that tweet about what you love  Scan through followers of like- minded bloggers to find people who like what you do  Follow and engage with other bloggers  Most people won’t follow you back until you reach out and connect  Find people via hashtags  Create lists to stay organized TWITTER
  7. 7. PROS Mostly for women 2nd biggest social media site (after FB) Drives great traffic Users are ready to buy CONS Mostly for women Very visual  Get creative  Design Pinterest-friendly images  Make it easy for people to pin (plugin: Pinterest Pin It for WordPress)  Be active and consistent  Scheduler your pins (use Tailwind)  Promote your pins (spend $5 a day for promoted pins and run posts for about 3-4 days) PINTEREST
  8. 8. PROS Great for photographers Drives decent traffic Everyone is here Credibility CONS Only one hyperlink Need 10,000 followers to link to posts  Pick one topic  Learn to edit photos (use Snapseed)  Only upload amazing photos!  Upload 1-4 photos per day  Write captions  Ask followers questions  Use hashtags (relevant, no more than 8)  Find repost accounts (tag their name, account name and use their hashtag)  Post Instagram stories INSTAGRAM
  9. 9. PROS 1 billion+ users #1 driver of traffic Readers stay on website for a while Credibility CONS Dreaded algorithm changes 10% of followers will see your posts Facebook owns your page  Consistently post  Post often (even 4-5 posts a day)  Pretty pictures only  Share inspirational quotes  Write well-thought out captions  Pay to promote your best posts  Love Facebook’s analytics tools  Repost your best stuff periodically  Utilize Facebook Live feature  Share Facebook stories FACEBOOK
  11. 11. #1 WRITE GUEST POSTS
  12. 12.  Traffic, traffic, and more traffic  It’s the steroid of the blogging world!  Speak to whole new audiences  Reach entirely new niches  It’s shared their social media platforms and to their email list  Residual traffic since your post (with links back) lives on their website Guest-post from the time you start blogging until the time you stop. BENEFITS OF GUEST POSTS
  13. 13.  If within my niche, is the audience around my size or larger?  If outside my niche, does it have at least ¼ of my visitors monthly?  Decent social media following?  Newsletter?  Good SEO score?  Minimal sponsored content?  Does the site have lasting power?  Would I be proud to be on it? FINDING BLOGS TO POST ON
  14. 14.  Write posts before you even pitch: • Research the site (know it backwards and forwards) • Think of a topic for their audience • Create an angle for their genre • Write the post • Have it ready so the site owner can easily accept it  Find their guide to pitching posts  Do you know a mutual friend you could ask to introduce you? PREPPING YOUR IDEA
  15. 15.  Use his/her first name  Introduce yourself  Briefly say what your blog is about  Let them know you read their site: • Why do you like it? • Why do you want to guest-post? • How is it relevant to their readers?  Suggest the topics you want to write about. Be specific. List the titles and write a short summary of the articles.  Be succinct Word of caution: You will get rejected. CRAFTING YOUR PITCH Bad: I was thinking of writing a post on non-touristy things to do in Bangkok. Or I could do a post on food in Bangkok. Good: Off the Beaten Track in Bangkok – A list of 10-12 items (with photos) of things to do in Bangkok that you can only really know about if you’ve lived there like I have, with a primary focus on food and activities.  X
  17. 17.  Build your website and authority  Build your credibility in your feild  One mention begets another  “No” just means “no for now”  Be persistent  The more you’re mentioned, the more people will seek you out  Don’t burn any bridges  Let journalists get to know you, so you become their go-to source, and once you are always in their mind, you end up in their articles. GETTING MEDIA MENTIONS
  18. 18.  “Draft” journalists who already write on your topic  Investigate major newspapers. Who edits and writes in the travel/finance/gardening section? Follow them, read their writing, get to know them.  If a friend gets interviewed, follow up with that specific journalist  Interact with journalists on Twitter  Sign up for the HARO (Help a Reporter Out) FINDING JOURNALISTS
  19. 19. EMAIL EXAMPLES Dear Bob, My name is Matthew Kepnes and I run a travel website (nomadicmatt.com) on the topic of budget travel. I’ve been following you for a while and really love your work. I especially loved your article on [XX] and your latest tweet on sushi. If you’re ever in NYC again, visit Yuba. Best toro around! I saw your latest article on [website name]. I found it informative and excellent. I’ve spent a lot of time [in that country/doing that activity] and can say your [tip/advice/suggestion] was spot on. I’m not writing for any particular reason other than to say hello. As a fellow writer, I know how appreciative feedback is, so I wanted to send you some. Sincerely, Matt Dear Bob, My name is Matthew Kepnes, and I run a travel website (nomadicmatt.com). I saw your latest article on [website name]. I found it informative and excellent. I’ve spent a lot of time [in that country/doing that activity] and can say your [tip/advice/suggestion] was spot on. I’ve written a lot about that subject (here are some links). If you need an expert on your next article, I’m always available to be quoted. Sincerely, Matt  X
  21. 21. GETTING INTERVIEWED  Always say “yes” to interviews  Especially ones via email  Extremely easy to write  Answers are in your own voice  Get you in front of other audiences  Build your network of bloggers  Extra and residual traffic  Incorporate many (5-10) relevant links back to your site
  23. 23.  Networking is not transactional; it’s relationship-centric  I’m friends and colleagues with the people in my network  I help them, they help me when they can, and even if they don’t - we’re still friends  Care about people! That’s the central part of networking that most people miss and the good ones understand FOSTER RELATIONSHIPS
  24. 24.  Comment on every single blog  Not to make BFFs with site owner  To get on other commenters’ radar  Get the attention of small and medium sized bloggers  Commenters click through  Inject yourself into a community of like-minded individuals  Takes time, be patient Pay attention to bloggers commenting on your blog early on. They’ll become your superfans! COMMENT ON BLOGS
  25. 25. Think of these as daily conferences  Introduce yourself and your blog once  Don’t self-promote  Don’t post your own links  Don’t spam  Avoid arguments  Don’t ask for liking/sharing of your posts  Be nice and helpful  Find collaborations ENGAGE IN FACEBOOK GROUPS
  27. 27.  Successful people hang out with other successful people  They lift you up!  You are the average of your five friends – so get better, smarter, more successful friends than you  They can connect you to their network  Other people run businesses too – and business advice is pretty universal  These people become mentors: they give ideas, tips, help, and advice based on their own successful business experience BEYOND YOUR INDUSTRY
  28. 28. #6 IN-PERSON EVENTS
  29. 29.  Every major city has events geared toward like-minded people  Meetup.com  Google search for local meetups  Travel Massive (global)  Facebook events, especially in groups (i.e.: Girls Love Travel)  Join a mastermind group  If one doesn’t exist nearby, create it!  Nothing you do online is as powerful as meeting people in real life. MEETUPS & EVENTS
  30. 30.  TravelCon – Travel media  Women’s Travel Fest – Female travelers  Women in Travel Summit – Female travel influencers  FinCon – Finance  South by Southwest – Music festival, marketing, storytelling, branding  World Domination Summit – Personal development gathering for entrepreneurs and unconventional thinkers GREAT CONFERENCES  SumoCon – Business growth and scaling  VidCon – Online video creators  BlogHer – Female bloggers across industries  WTM – World Travel Market – Networking with large brands and tourism boards  Craft & Commerce – Online marketing geared towards bloggers
  33. 33. Thank you for joining HOW TO GET 1 MILLION READERS! QUESTIONS? #TravelCon18 MATTHEW KEPNES matt@nomadicmatt.com