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Evaluation of my media magazine product

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This is the evaluation of my final piece, of my media magazine.

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Evaluation of my media magazine product

  1. 1. Evaluation
  2. 2. Question 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? In my media music magazine, I tried to create a unique and different pop magazine. The research i found was that the main convention of pop music magazine target market were females. This therefore made a decision for me that my magazines target market should be female. Furthermore i looked at ways in which ways pop magazine that were already existing created a real target market for the female sex. The research that i found was that the main convention they used ,which i tried to implement in my magazine was the colour scheme. The magazines i found stuck to the traditional pink and purple colour schemes. This created an exciting magazines which had bright colours which were aimed at the younger girls, so by using strong, bold, bright colours they draw the attention of there audience. I wanted to create a pop magazine for the older females. I did this by toning the traditional pinks to subtle and classy colour, by doing this i used a form of colour pick that picks the colours of the background colours and matches these colours together, these are what real media products editors may use to create a professional feel. The fonts i have chosen rot use in my final media product, had to qualify certain criteria for the font that makes the magazine overall feel of fun and classy feel. It has to show that the target market is the female sex which means that it has to have a feminine style. This convention relates to the real media products because the magazine producers will be thinking if the hole style and font fit together and give of the real style they want. I finally decided to use AMERICAN TYPEWRITER. The reason for this is because it gives of the feeling that i feel suits my target market.
  3. 3. Question 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups? My social groups is represented well by my magazine. My social group is of the upper class, female and aged between 16-25. I show that i am aiming for the upper class and more of an older female target market by creating my magazine with more of a professional and classic feel to it. I do this by making the colours more subtle, this therefore means that if i had bright colourful colours it would look tacky and more for the lower class because the price would be cheaper. I also have tried to show that my magazine is intended for the upper class by setting the price at quite a high prise. The reason for this is because i want to make and expensive brand that the more of the lower class to working class would strive to buy and afford it. I want to make it a desirable magazine that only the people will the money can afford. This furthermore creates a certain market in which people want to buy this magazine as a luxury item making the other customers to want it because the richer people have this, striving so they can afford it. Another way i have shown that this is more for the upper class is by using more elaborate language. The reason being is that the upper class are more likely to be able to understand and relate better to it. By doing this i also want to add an element of learning for the people that have a lower level of vocabulary, Thus by making the language more elaborate it will differentiate from the upper class from the lower , working class. The photography will also have a more of a professional feel. There will be many various different types of shots used. For example my front cover will be a medium close up. In the magazine one of the bands are a girl group. The girl band has a classy feel that fits my style of the magazine.
  4. 4. Question 3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Another distributor could be Bauer. This company produces the magazine MOJO, this magazine brand tries to create more of a luxury and more of a higher brand magazine. This is what i want my magazine trying to do. They create a magazine that is of the highest quality. They also say that this magazine is “an educator, a living archive and a trusted source of musical excellence”, this therefore means that they are doing what i am trying to do not just be a pop magazine but to educate and really help the readers to learn. They do not distribute anything like my magazine , this is an advantage because it mean its a new and exciting product for them and they will be willing to invest there time and money in my magazine. It also means that it will create more customers sand gain more profit. My music magazine focuses mainly on the genre of pop. This therefore mean that one of the institution that may distribute my media product is the BBC this has produced many media product such as the pop music magazine “Top of the pops” this is one of my music magazine competitors. This magazine is a prime example of the kind of pop music magazine i want to reinvent. They do the bright colours and bright bold fonts and focus on the younger girls. Rather i have made a same kind of style pop magazine but without the big bright bold colours and my target market is similar but i want to attract more of the older female sex. The reason why this institute ay distribute my media product isn because the BBC are a very popular well know brand that try and have something for everyone. This magazine is different from the other products they already produce, so by distributing my product they will gain more customers and they will therefore gain a bigger piece of the pop music magazine out there, and will not have to compete with the new competitor that my magazine would bring. They also produce shows world wide which could create a new market for the magazine in different countries.
  5. 5. Question 4. Who would be the audience for your media product? For my magazine my audience is the female sex they would be aged between 16-25 and are of the upper class. The reason i have chosen to aim it at one sex in particular is because for my genre of music dance but mainly pop female seem to dominate in statistics for the sex that read more about pop. This therefore makes it easier for me to make my magazine because i can use certain colours or fonts that i believe best suit females. It also makes it easier because i don't have to think about if its to girly or to boyish for my market and it also makes it easier for me to pick the sort of contexts and imagery going into the magazine. It doesn't confuse the readers, it also helps because other competitors that focus on just the female sex have certain colour scheme which helps me to decide what colours i will use. Because i want to be different to my competitors that focus on the younger females , it gives me an opportunity for me to have a look at other media products out there and help me to create the best magazine for my audience. I have also considered what i found in the answers that were given to me in my questionnaire. The sex were very similar with the majority being boys so i decide to try and target more of the niche market and see a gap in the market.The age i have chosen was because i wanted to create more of an older more traditional classy magazine. This therefore means that i have to try and attract more of the older audience that will understand more of the subtle tones and fonts and that really understand the magazine itself because i don't want it just to be a normal pop magazine i want a bit of education in the magazine. The reason for aiming it at the more of the upper class is because i am aiming to sell my magazine for a higher price than the normal magazine. I want to make the magazine a desirable brand that everyone wants. By making it more expensive the magazine will be more of a higher quality and will make the magazine more of a luxury item than just the magazine. I am also using more elaborate words than most usually magazine, this is because i want to add more of an educational magazine to the public by making it fun and exciting but they will learn new words along the way.
  6. 6. Question 5. How did you attract/address your audience? How i attracted my audience was through many methods. One method i used was my colour scheme, As i have said before the style of my magazine was more classy than the existing pop magazine , however i still needed to use the colours in a way that would attract my audience. So i did this by creating the overall colour scheme to be more subtle and less bright therefore this helps to make certain words or sentences become more eye catchy by not making it to bright and tacky and it makes sure that its in keeping with the hole colours scheme. However certain things need to be brighter than others to catch the readers eyes and draw them in so for example i used a brighter tone for a comment on my front cover about an interview with the band. By doing this it will draw the readers in and will make them interested in the magazine therefore ultimately attracting the audience. Another way of doing this was by create plugs this gives freebies of prices. This encourages the audience and indices and attracts them, so by saying about a meet and greet with the band this encourages them to buy the magazine. I also created a headline at the top of the page that states that the magazine has won an award for be so good. This attract the audience because people like to know if they have won anything because if they have then it means the must be a good and enjoyable magazine to read. Another method would be the style of the font. By making it a fun but stylish font this attracts the readers because the fonts i have chosen represent what my magazine is all about. This is useful because if the readers liken the font it will catch there eyes and draw them into to read the magazine. This links into the style in which i wrote the magazine. I wanted to address the audience in such away they felt at ease and commutable reading it. I did this by writing in a way that i think my target market would write themselves this furthermore means that they will feel at home with the elaborate language that they may use or write with. The photography that was used in the magazine showed a personal and yet professional feel (Medium close up). I wanted to attract the readers In such a way that they felt like the bands pictures in a personal way so that the audience really feel like knew them and that they were normal people. This attracts the reader because they feel that they really get a feeling of what the bands are really like.
  7. 7. Question 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? I used another form of powerpoint called keynote, the reason for this i have a macbook and wanted to use this to my advantage as much as possible. I used keynote for many different things for example in my research, planning, production and evaluation. I used this to illustrate what i have found or what i have decided to do in my magazine. This was great because it helped me to visualise what my product was going to look like be like and how i was going to construct my product. It also helped me when i had to create a power point to tell people all about my product i could make the presentation visually appealing to whom was reading it. For example. There have been a lot of different technology i have used through out my magazine. One software that I used was photoshop, i haven't previously used photoshop before therefore this made it very difficult for me to get to grips with using this. I used photoshop for both the front cover and contents page of my magazine. For my front cover i used a medium close up of the girl band that my magazine revolved around. I had to crop the image so that it was the right size and frame for my front cover. I cropped the image on photoshop which if found difficult at the start as i did not exactly know how to do this, however once i got to grips with it ,it was easy. For my double spread page i used indesign, As photoshop i never used this software before. I had to copy and paste in texts that i have previously wrote for the contents for my double spread page. This helped me to construct my product as i could write the interview that was going to appear on my double spread page at home and maximise my time in class on other task for example photoshop as i do not have this at home. This saved me time that i would have ordinary had to do in class.
  8. 8. Question 7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? When doing my preliminary task i had no understanding of photoshop, therefore the final piece of my preliminary task was the bare minimum. I didn't know how to crop the image or how to change the colours very well so it looks all over the place. My skills of photoshop has developed increasingly over the course of creating this magazine. The writing on my preliminary task didn't fit with my style that i was going for. The font doesn't look professional and looks like an amateur designer. The colour scheme doesn't match the background and doesn’t tone well, This therefore is what i have learnt and developed and applied to my real magazine.I did this by using colour pick on photoshop blending the colours to the background. This creates a professional feel for my magazine and fits in with the upper class feeling that i want my magazine to have. I have also learned that the image is very important to the magazine, i have learned how to upload a photo onto photoshop form the computer and import it in. This has been helpful because i can use the best camera pixel to get the clear cut photo i want, and the upload it. It also helps because i can import different photos i have taken and put them into place on the magazine, and see which looks better. I learned this form my preliminary task because i didn't understand how to fully import the pictures in so i couldn't see which photo would look better, so this helped me in my real task.