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  1. 1. How to measure Customer Value
  2. 2. if a company is focused on operational efficiency, as amazon does, it indeed works to lower prices -- but if a company isfocused on product leadership or customer intimacy, raising prices seems a worthy goal
  3. 3. How to Monetize, Validate, Management
  4. 4. Connecting the Dots BE STRATEGIC
  5. 5. 1. Customer Lifetime Value (higher LTV is better) 顧客終身價值 (LTV愈高愈好) 2. Cost of Customer Acquisition (lower CCA is better) 取得顧客成本 (CCA愈低愈好) 3. Rate of Growth (higher is better) 成長率 (愈高愈好) 蒐集市場資訊 融入市場情報 修正計畫檢視成效並分析差異 確認 SCA 設定目標和策略 追蹤結果 發展與執行計畫
  6. 6. CRM + CEMCRM = Customer Relationship Management CEM = Customer Experience Marketing = Managing relationships = Planting value into relationships = Sales and after-sales = Pre-sales, sales and after-sales CRM Branding CEM and Extend customer lifecycle Marketing Pre-Sales Sales After-SalesNeed Awareness Interest Search Purchase Usage Satisfaction需求產生 知名 興趣 搜尋 購買 使用 滿意 Dissatisfaction 不滿意
  7. 7. CASE STUDY WeiChuanFrom Single Brand To Corporate!
  8. 8. # of Membership: 491,827 Membership Increase: 1,132,289 i-Yogurt網站相較TVC投放,更具成本優勢!947,371人次,每次停留4分12秒 vs. TVC 30秒 數據為2010年全年
  9. 9. Performance Scorecard (9 weeks Campaign) Members: 491,827 1,132,289 (+56.6%) Direct Revenue: CNY 12,733,527 Future Revenue: CNY 122,956,750 (over 5 years) Pre-Sales Sales After-SalesҰ RMB Ұ RMB Ұ RMB Ұ RMB Ұ RMB Ұ RMB Ұ RMB Need Awareness Interest Search Purchase Usage Satisfaction 產生需求 知名度 產生興趣 搜尋 購買 使用 滿意 Promote Increase Official Sharing and Referral Website Traffic 分享與推薦 Market Assessment 增加官方網站流量 Increase Website Increase Banner Increase New 市場評估 Click-through and Referrals Member Increase Social Stickiness 提升廣告訪問效益 Acquisition Dissatisfaction Target Audience Network exposure 增加網站點閱率與 增加新會員 Increase Repeat 不滿意 and Activity 黏度 Increase Search 目標群 Increase Sales Purchase Rate 增加社交網絡曝光 Engine Referral Increase Quality Volume 增加重覆購買率 與活動 Through SEO/SEM Leads 透過關鍵字優化 增加業績 Decrease Time-to-Purchase Competitor Analysis 競爭者分析 Effective SEO/SEM 增加優質潛客 提升關鍵字搜尋效益 降低再購區間 關鍵字搜尋優化策略 Increase Average Ticket Price Accurate Banner/Ad 增加平均客單價 Placement 廣告精準化 Customer (member) Acquisition Cost: Ұ2.03 Ұ1.56
  10. 10. Cross-Cross-Sell CNY 122,956,750 (over 5 years)
  11. 11. How to Increase Leads?
  12. 12. Exponential Data Growth What is happening out there?
  13. 13. Big Data there is so much more data outside the enterprise than within it… Corporation Big Historical Data (ERP, CRM, and etc) Data Issues  Large Enterprises  Mid-Size Companies  Small Companies Current Future
  14. 14. The Rise of Big Data Apps And The Fall of SaaS Not just track sales force productivity; we’d recommend how you’re doing versus your competitors based on data across the industry. Not just capture and nurture leads generated by our clients, we’d find and attract more leads for them from across the web. Not just track the financials of your company, it would compare them to public filings in your category so you could benchmark yourself
  15. 15. Lifestyle Segmentation - Understand more about my customer ?Customer ID Customer Address Customer Name Customer Address Mosaic Type10023232 5A, Block D, Tai Ko … 10023232 5A, Block D, Tai Ko … A0210023233 7D, Green Park Tower … 10023233 7D, Green Park Tower … D12…. …. …. …. Experian Mosaic Coder 100,000 “individuals” 100,000 “persons”
  16. 16. Help companies understand online consumer behavior and competitive dynamics. Who are your competitors? How to position your Company25million internet users CUSTOMER MIGO ACCOUNT MANAGER 1+ million online businesses
  17. 17. Competitor Analysis via Hitwise
  18. 18. CASE STUDY
  19. 19. Lifestyle Segmentation Analysis Eagle Dolphin Bee(Cover Story) (Life) (Reads All) Country Side Reader Loyal Customer (Very High Retention)
  20. 20. Re-MarketingTaiwan 450+ affiliate websitesChina: 450+ affiliate websites
  21. 21. 1 1 ALL to to1to1: 1-to-1 / targeted conversation 鎖定式對話1toALL: 1-to-all / social marketing 社群行銷ALLto1: all-to-1 / influence 影響
  22. 22. Social Influence - Identify Centrality & Betweenness of Your Fans
  23. 23. Video CRM - Analyze viewership & behavior domain social sharing geography unique visitors external publishing devices
  24. 24. Utilizing Mobile Informative Service GPS Entertainment Social Product news eStore Location (@Vibe) Check in Product info Web storage tracking Game Video CSC Music RSS Account App management RFM analysis Informative Mobile Behavior Survey Campaign Service Social Offers RIGHT -time -location GPS -channel Video -content Entertainment
  25. 25. Virtual Event - where is all happens
  26. 26. Virtual Event – Increase Customer Experience
  27. 27. Statics and Prediction Modeling Clustering Associations Sequential Patterns Similar Time Series Classification Value Prediction Conjoint Analysis Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis and more .……….
  28. 28. THANK YOU &Pleasure to be here!