prevention and control epidemiology stds five year plans diphtheria tetanus japanese encephalitis types of marriages types of family laws related to marriage nurses role healthcare physiological changes benefits to older citizens ageing socialization social groups individual and society society social isolation social change social process achievements of fyps planning commision niti aayog kartar singh committee bhore commmittee health committees planning cycle schick test sna unions tnai professional associations zinc supplementation management of diarrhoeal diseases diarrhoeal disease dehydration epidemiology of malaria polio vaccine epidemiology of polio malaria polio yaws stages of hiv hiv-aids hookworm disease ascariasis helminthic infection syphilis chancroids gonorrhoea syndromic management hydatid disease taeniasis steps in investigation of an epidemic types of social mobilization benefits of social mobilization approaches of nrhm components of nrhm pri asha core strategies usha mas uphc core satrategies five keys food safety rodent control measures mosquito control measures fleas housefly ticks mites black fly tse tse fly sandfly mosquito principles of policy -2017 policy prescriptions goals and objectives benefits cghs esi steps in development of bcc principles of bcc role of bcc in health process of bcc e-waste disposal excreta disposal methods of disposal solid waste disposal hospital empanelment bis arogya mitra light ventilation noise radiation good housing noise pollution air pollutants water purification water pollution niti- aayog planning commission of india determinants of health dimensions of health indicators of health levels of prevention germ theory epidemiological triad tuberculosis rubella rotavirus pneumococcal pneumonia pertussis mumps meningococcal meningitis measles hepatitis b hib vaccine preventable diseases quality assurance program quality assurance cycle tenets of qa factors affecting qaulity assurance donabedian model lang's model quality assurance in nursing school health nurse components of school health school health techniques for facilitator in pbl role of tutor in pbl roles of participants in pbl problem based learning steps in pbl facilitator phospholipids de-novo synthesis fatty acids cholesterol ketone bodies ketolysis prostaglandins lipoproteins lipids classification of leprosy types hansen's disease mdt leprosy epidemiology of tetanus treatment factors indirect method of nutritional assessment direct method of nutritional assessment clinical method of nutritional assessment methods of assessment nutritional status uses of epidemiology epidemiological methods epidemiological approaches india laws acts structure of cell membrane diffusion osmosis membrane transport health promotion health belief nurses biochemistry vitamins yellow fever rabies leptospirosis brucellosis kfd family planning counseling gather disease causation breastfeeding covid-19
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