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Web3 0 latest webtrends

  1. The phrases Semantic Web and Web 3.0 are often used interchangeably. Place where machines will be able to read web pages much like humans
  2. Intelligent Web
  3. Web 3.0 brings the human quality of analyzing and filtering results in the way search engines fetch information for you
  4. Openness
  5. Web 3.0 is known for open application programming interfaces (APIs), protocols, data formats, open-source software platforms and open data
  6. World Wide Database
  7. Bandwidth-heavy content such as 3D audio & video and transform it into a series of 3D spaces
  8. Social Web
  9. A single login will allow you to set your status update on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace together
  10. Interoperability
  11. Web 3.0 allows users to roam freely from database to database, program to program
  12. Mobility