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Object Orientated Ontology for IoT Design

Talk around adopting a design approach using OOO rather than HCD for the design of the Internet of Things. Includes an example using a Design Fiction of smart kettle called Polly

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Object Orientated Ontology for IoT Design

  1. 1. Is it a good idea to design a human centred internet of things? Paul Coulton Professor of Speculative and Game Design
  2. 2. Human Centred IoT
  3. 3. Invisibility and Simplicity Invisibility Shield
  4. 4. Constellations 4 3
  5. 5. 4 3 Constellations
  6. 6. Constellations 4 3Actually I’m an optical illusion
  7. 7. Is it all Heideggers fault? Present at Hand Ready to Hand
  8. 8. Speculative Realism Quentin Meillassoux, Ray Brassier, Ian Hamilton Grant, and Graham Harman we don't need no stinkin correlationism
  9. 9. Object Orientated Ontology but how do we materially engage with philosophy?
  10. 10. Alien Phenomenology “If a physician is someone who practices medicine, perhaps a metaphysician ought be someone who practices ontology. Just as one would likely not trust a doctor who had only read and written journal articles about medicine to explain the particular curiosities of one’s body, so one ought not trust a metaphysician who had only read and written books about the nature of the universe.” Ian Bogost
  11. 11. Design Fiction as World Building
  12. 12. POLLY
  13. 13. POLLY
  14. 14. Smart Rhetorics
  15. 15. Constellation Rhetorics
  16. 16. Conclusions • What are we saying? • HCD methods are problematic for IoT constellations. • OOO provides an alternative framing. • Design Fiction provides a way of exploring the potential of that framing. • What we are not saying? • That HCD is not a useful framing. • That we are proving the philosophy behind OOO.