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Yazoo OWBC Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 of the Yazoo family OWBC where we meet the first few kids of Generation 3.

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Yazoo OWBC Chapter 5

  1. 1. Yazoo Family OWBC Chapter 5
  2. 2. “ I like being alive.”
  3. 3. “ I like being alive.”
  4. 4. “ Oh I like being alive!” Yes welcome back to the Yazoo Family OWBC. I had to recently reinstall all my Sims 2 games, but luckily I actually had the neighborhood backed up. So on with the show.
  5. 5. “ I’m going to stand behind the refrigerator just in case your face explodes okay honey?” “ Mom, seriously it’ll be fine.”
  6. 6. The whole family was present to see our founder age up, save the eldest Bonus who died during college. Oxford is still pretty broken up about the whole thing. And yes, Jo’s simself really did hide behind the refrigerator.
  7. 7. And even as an old man Chunky can still work the Mohawk.
  8. 8. Of course the family was gathered together for more than just Chunky’s birthday. They also were together to see Oktoc and Gem get married.
  9. 9. I hope the green dress is bright enough for your wedding day Gem.
  10. 10. “ It’s so nice to see the family tradition carried on by the next generation.” Yes Chunky, your son and daughter-in-law are carrying on the pillow fighting.
  11. 11. Gem and Chunky wasted no time becoming best friends. I mean Gem barely had time to change back into her usual clothes.
  12. 12. And then Gem was mauled by her pirate husband for a makeout session on the front lawn. Not that I think Gem minded.
  13. 13. Back inside second generation spare Ora is being utterly adorable by playing with the new fish.
  14. 15. Yep Oktoc is still a pirate. *grin*
  15. 16. Two days later and Jo ages up into some really inappropriate clothes.
  16. 17. But I fixed it. I think Jo turned out to be a very lovely elder.
  17. 18. So these two actually had to put the family stuff on hold because elders weren’t at top of their chosen career and this is the generation I’m going to go without promotions.
  18. 19. But Jo came home with her final promotion and aged right on the sidewalk. So that’s why she didn’t get a party.
  19. 20. Gem can I have a word with you? “ Sure what’s up?”
  20. 21. Did you really have to eat that cheesecake?
  21. 22. Don’t look so excited there Chunky. “ Why’d they have to have twins?” Well it could have been worse. So yes Gem and Oktoc have a set of twins. A little boy named Leland and a little girl named Little. Yes, there is a town in Mississippi named Little and actually I even think there’s a town named Little Yazoo too.
  22. 23. So since we took the time to check in with the main line, let’s take some time to check in on the rest of generation two. We’ll start first with Oxford here since he’s the eldest of the twins.
  23. 24. Ox just loves this thing. He spends all his free time on it. It’s fun having a playful knowledge sim for once. And since Ox was abducted as a teen, he got to go for a very special ride on the dance sphere.
  24. 25. He came back preggers alright and he had a very easy pregnancy. Don’t mind all the food flying out of his mouth; Ox is a bit of a slob.
  25. 26. Oxford ended up taking a job in the education career and met Samantha Ottomas. They have 3 bolts for each other. So yes I used my special powers to stop her pregnancy with Peter and went and broke them up.
  26. 27. Samantha moved in with Sharla and Tommy. David left home and went straight to Uni.
  27. 28. Little Tommy spent a lot of time with mom Samantha who is now not going to break my hood since the demon spawn will never be born.
  28. 29. Sharla on the other hand spends all her time with Oxford. It seems she’s starved for attention from a father figure. I swear Ox is proving to be one of the best dad’s ever. Let’s all enjoy some picspam.
  29. 33. I’m sorry but this family is soooooooooooo cute.
  30. 34. The big day finally arrived and I clicked the random button to see how many aliens we’d have in the family. I ended up with another set of twins.
  31. 35. A boy named Larry. (I’ve decided to name all the children from Oxford’s line after characters from Numb3rs. What he’s a knowledge sim and well okay I’ve also been watching the show a lot.)
  32. 36. And the second born was a little girl named Amita. Speaking of little girls let’s go check on Ox’s twin sister Ora and see what she’s been up to.
  33. 37. Well the first thing Ora got up to was marrying Matthew McGaw. And because I wasn’t careful he ended up with her last name. Oh well.
  34. 38. And yes she got a fairytale wedding because I loves her. Plus she’s a family sim, she’d want an actual wedding ceremony.
  35. 40. Unfortunately since this is a OWBC half the guests decided to watch the wedding from inside the bathroom.
  36. 41. But twin brother Ox and his lover Samantha got it right. Doesn’t Ox have the best geek faces ever?
  37. 42. “ Do you think mom’s noticed that all her kids eyes have suddenly changed colors?” “ Hmm, well it’s not like Mystery asked for her game to explode and need to be reinstalled. Your mother should just be happy that the neighborhood was backed up and you weren’t lost for all eternity.”
  38. 43. “ Why did I agree to do this?” So what has poor Ora worried? Well, she’s a family sim and just hated to see her twin brother so broken up about losing Bonus. So she put her life dreams on hold and joined the paranormal track. She earned the bone phone and well.
  39. 44. I did need that zombie for the University bonus point so since he died and was a real jerk to girls especially Ora, I had him zombified.
  40. 45. So Bonus Yazoo is back, well sort of back. He’s been pretty good since he came back and is actually now friends with his sister. Maybe dying had an effect on him.
  41. 46. Not so much that he’s not still Bonus though. He was best friends with Matt in a day. And he and Matt get along great. They’re constantly pranking each other. It’s quite funny actually.
  42. 47. Having fulfilled her promise to bring back older brother Bonus, Ora then started on working toward her own goals of reaching the top of the education career. However, this was put on hold again when she became pregnant.
  43. 48. Not that she and Matt spent anytime complaining about it. Ora thankfully had a very easy pregnancy and before I knew it another baby had joined the family.
  44. 49. A healthy baby girl that I named Eureka. (I’ve decided that Ora’s descendents will be named after favorite childhood movie/book/tv characters Eureka here is named after Eureka from Eureka’s Castle)
  45. 50. And I’ll end the chapter with Bonus cheering at the birth of his niece. Join me next time to see what other wacky adventures this family can get up to.