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Mw20 -3k Physical Visualizations

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MW20 presentation by Michael Haley Goldman and Sara Pitcairn: Physical Visualization: Turning Data into Space

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Mw20 -3k Physical Visualizations

  1. 1. Physical Visualizations: Turning Data into Space Michael Haley Goldman Sara Pitcairn
  2. 2. Please contact us to continue the conversation: mhaleygoldman@ushmm.org sarapitcairn@ushmm.org
  3. 3. What do we mean by physical visualizations?
  4. 4. '1.8', 2015 by Janet Echelman Photographed by Ron Cogswell
  5. 5. The Book of Names Photographed by Destructive Compliments
  6. 6. Untitled (Names on the 9/11 Memorial Fountain Photographed by Sanderslelli
  7. 7. National Memorial for Peace and Justice Montgomery (AL) 2019 Photographed by Ron Cogswell
  8. 8. Field of Empty Chairs, Oklahoma City National Memorial Photographed by KenLund
  9. 9. There are many areas that have explored some form of physical visualization: - Art as physical visualization - Memorial installations as physical visualization - Memorial spaces as physical visualization
  10. 10. Our experience with physical visualization in our galleries: - One Thousand Seventy-eight Blue Skies - Liquidation
  11. 11. One Thousand Seventy-eight Blue Skies installation by Anton Kusters United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photographer: Joel Mason-Gaines
  12. 12. Liquidation Original Design by Sarah Maravetz and Gillian McCallion
  13. 13. These physical spaces embody historical data sets. How do visitors understand the data within them?
  14. 14. Themes from audience responses: - Curiosity and interaction - Different perspective or frame of reference - Affective understanding, feeling the data
  15. 15. What did we learn?
  16. 16. Presence in a space or immersive environment impacts how audiences experience data
  17. 17. Design choices influence audience understanding
  18. 18. Physical visualizations can link the affective and intellectual experiences of audiences
  19. 19. Future work: what are the unique qualities of physical, rather than screen- or print-based, visualizations?