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Explore WordPress VIP with Multidots

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WordPress VIP is a platform built for enterprises. Let’s explore - What is it? What is its infrastructure, services? What approach does this platform follow? Is it suitable for your Organization? This presentation will help you have a better understanding about the platform.

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Explore WordPress VIP with Multidots

  1. 1. WordPress VIP Explore with Multidots www.multidots.com
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1.WordPress VIP -What is It? 2.Key Benefits 3.Infrastructure 4.Approach 5.Services 6.Support
  3. 3. • WordPress VIP is a Content Management Platform which is specially designed to work for Enterprise Level. • It is designed to meet the requirements of websites that would demand high traffic, secure hosting and uptime. • VIP ensures 100% uptime for most months of the year. • The VIP service typically serves more than 100M page views in a day without encountering any issues. What is WordPress VIP?
  4. 4. • A complete digital publishing solution. For instance, News Corp has used WordPress Vip for one of its remarkable publications – New York Post. It has used every component provided by WP VIP – the interface, workflow automation, section management, API, content, front end and hosting. All other brands of News Corp can select and integrate the components into their defined infrastructure. • Provision of platform for product and corporate marketing. For example, Facebook uses WordPress VIP to empower marketing individuals and teams to ship their sites and projects. The VIP team reviews every line of code, subsequently, unifying development, publishing and deployment. Hence, the marketing individuals have to focus only on marketing. Key Benefits (Continued)
  5. 5. • Centralized Content and Fragmented Content Management System. Be it the need to build Javascript app or feed for native mobile app or any third party integration – WordPress REST API gives the luxury to seamlessly interact with your content. For example, companies like Jet.com, Quartz uses WordPress to exchange content between ecommerce engines, JS front end, syndication systems. • Workflow and Editorial Component Management. WordPress is known for its simplicity and flexible usage. Clients of VIP use it for better collaboration and reviewing various methods across the departments and various regions of the world. • Quick development and efficient deployment. WordPress VIP is ideal for launching new projects with scaling each feature to various sites. For instance, USA Today’s Sports Media Group shipped and tested one of their NFL Wire sites swiftly and launched 31 others quickly after that. Key Benefits (Continued)
  6. 6. Approach 1. Evaluation The VIP team helps you do the internal evaluation of the resources, development and third party designs (if any). They examine the existing platforms and codebases in accordance with your objectives and recommend the best tools and models for your use case. 2. Planning & Development They provide training to developers, editors, administrators etc. of the website, whenever required, so that they can collaborate with VIP team in the best possible ways. Also, they will guide you throughout the design and building phase; analyze existing UI and content to plan out migration.
  7. 7. Approach 3. Implementation & Launch The team of WordPress helps with the final checks of the project and the launch of the same. They would review the traffic on your website and do the spot optimization as and when required. Also, they would provide the necessary evaluations post-launch and various account-level check-ins. 4. Growth For the betterment of your future plans, the team of VIP helps you plan the release cycles. They review all the code prior to the deployment and handle all the updates and the backups. They will also help you in adding the new features to the website and various integrations if required.
  8. 8. The support provided by the people of VIP has a crucial role to play through each phase of the development of your website. They closely connect to the project and provide expertise at each phase of the project. Also, they give guidance for migration and code deployments and review the code keenly; thereby, making the process execution simple. Apart from the above said support, the experts from VIP help your development team in finding various anomalies and fixing them on your behalf. The various architecture designs consultation is provided along with SEO services and various integrations with new vendors. They also provide training - either in person and/or virtually, to develop skills, understand needs and gain feedback on their service. Support & Planning
  9. 9. Multidots Solutions Pvt. Ltd. C-202, Ganesh Meridian, Nr. Sola Over Bridge, S.G. Highway, Sola Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380060, INDIA +91-79-2970-8121 www.multidots.com inquiry@multidots.com Multidots Inc. 2301 Gallows Road Suite 205, Dunn Loring, Virginia – 22027, United States +1-646-568-5447 inquiry.multidots