advantages features objectives store and non-store retailing market management process of marketing control meaning of marketing control procedure of marketing research market research psychometric geographic behavioristic market segmentation has been classified on the bas advantages and its limitation market segmentation difference between advertising and personal sellin sales promotion personal selling difference between advertising and publicity publicity advertising promotion mix pricing policy methods meaning of pricing product development product life cycle and its stages plc product life cycle feature of product meaning of product opportunity definition of threat micro environment macro environment swot analysis marketing environment elements by r.s. davar 8 ps by dhaval mehta sales promotional tools place-physical distribution price product its features meaning of marketing mix limitation of online retail marketing advantages received by buyer and seller in online role of seller in online retaining essential features meaning of online retail marketing government market value added reseller's market resellers's market consumer's market producers meaning of market features of marketing meaning of marketing store and non store organisation functions of marketing management marketing management cyber appellate tribunal offences and penalties e-governance certifying authority digital signature/electronic signatures & electron exception 2000 – definitions information technology act difference between arbitration and conciliation. methods for settlement of industrial disputes effects of industrial disputes causes of industrial unrest forms of industrial disputes definition of industrial dispute meaning of industrial peace and harmony major cases of trade union in india future roles. rights and duties of trade union functions of trade union meaning of trade union guiding principles of change management of change causes for resistance to change process of planned change actors responsible for organisational change nature of organisational change concept of change cyber cop empowerment enterprise resource planning value stream management business process re-engineering core competence mission vision effective team guidelines for effective team building process of team building dynamics networks difference between team and group group team disadvantages of privatisation of insurance objectives of privatisation of insurance condition blanket policy fleet policy declaration policy specific policy average policy valued policy sprinkler leakage policy policy fire insurance performance appraisal measurement of knowledge management issue of knowledge management process knowledge management meaning of knowledge need of power for the organisation impression tactics to generate a favorable impression management tactics to obtain power sources of power factors behind positional power dimensions meaning of organizational power issue in organisational culture role of organizational culture cameron & quinn handy types of organisational culture by goffee & jones developing and sustaining culture characteristics organizational culture modern management school learning organization management schools/theories japanese management techniques principles of management retail marketing marketing retail organisation marketing & selling scope of marketing directing meaning its characteristics principles of directing procedure the importance of planning difference types of planning strategic planning operational planning administration vijay govindarajan c.k.prahalad f.w. taylor henery fayol remedies for breach of contract discharge of contract performance of contract indian contract act revocation free consent contract agreement consideration promise acceptance offer off the job on the job need executive development career stages succession planning career development career planning career advantages & limitations of hrp hrp procedures factors affecting hrp hrp web based hrm electronic-hrm guidelines for e-recruitment disadvantages of e-training e-training e-selection e-recruitment e-hr activities e-hrm advantages of hrm scope personnel management hrm college sdj intellectual property ipr b.r.f. vnsgu parasmani trade secret patent copyright intellectual property rights intellectual
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