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Mobile Revolution - MobileMarch-2011

Mobile Trends presentation from MobileMarch 2011 covering Mobile adoption, statistics, usage trends, and future innovation.

Group brainstorm by Mobile TC user group, presentation curated by Peter Pascale and Ron Lancaster, and made available for others to deliver and reuse.

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Mobile Revolution - MobileMarch-2011

  1. the Mobile Revolution Mobile March 2011 January Participants Mobile Twin Cities Peter Pascale, Enterprise Architect Ron Lancaster, Director of Technology Pearson VUE
  2. A Curated PresentationBecause All of Us areSmarter Than Each of UsSmarter Than Each of Us
  3. A Curated PresentationBecause All of Us areSmarter Than Each of UsSmarter Than Each ofMe
  4. (Re)UseBuild Awareness of Mobile Trends -(Re)Give the Presentation to That End Licensed for Reuse - See ‘Terms of Use’
  5. Who Is This Guy?
  6. Who Is This Guy?(Is He Qualified?)
  7. Is He Qualified? NoBecause All of Us areSmarter Than Each of UsSmarter Than Each oHim
  8. The Mobile Revolution Mainframe1 Million Units Sold in First Ten Years
  9. The Mobile Revolution Minicomputer 10 Million Units Sold in First Ten Years
  10. The Mobile Revolution PC100 Million Units Sold in First Ten Years
  11. The Mobile RevolutionDesktop Internet 1 Billion+ Users In First Ten Years
  12. The Mobile Revolution Mobile Internet 10+ Billion Units Sold in First Ten Years
  13. This is Not a Bubble, It’s a Revolution Units Sold/Users in First 10 Years10 Billion 5 Billion Mainframe Minicomputer PC Desktop Mobile Internet Internet 1 Million 10 Million 100 Million 1 Billion 10 Billion
  14. January 25th, Egypt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SD4_CRNETw
  15. The Mobile Revolution January 25th - Egypt Creator Records Video, Joins YouTube: 600,000 views in two weeks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_emuOVvlbU
  16. Smartphone units sold willsurpass PC units in 2012 - Morgan Stanley - June 2010 Smartphone units sold actually surpassed PC units... In Q4 2010 - IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tracker - January 2011 100 million units sold in Q4 2010 vs. 92 million PCs
  17. Year Over Year PCGrowth is Currently 2.7% Year Over Year Smartphone Growth Currently 87.2 % - IDC
  18. By 2011, Over 85% ofHandsets Shipped Globally... Will Include Some Sort of Web Browser. - Gartner
  19. The iPhone is Available from185 Communication ServiceProviders Around the World - Gartner Not Just Smartphones - Nokia Sold 360 Million ‘Dumbphones’ in 2010 - Nokia / Tomi Ahonen
  20. India and China Added300 Million New MobileSubscribers in 2010 ... More Than the Total Number of Subscribers in the US - Int’l Telecom Union
  21. There Were 5.3 Billion MobileSubscribers by the End of 2010 Comprising 77% of the World’s Population, 3.8 Billion of them in the Developing World - Int’l Telecom Union
  22. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile, Mobile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8To-6VIJZRE&feature=related
  23. Mobile: How We Live
  24. More Than Half the Time... Other Games Internet 8% 3% 9% The Phone 45% VoiceMusic 10% Isn’t Used as a Phone 12% E-Mail 14% SMS - Morgan Stanley / iSuppli - iPhone usage studies
  25. Media Mobile Devices Match Always-On Internet and Convenient Consumption... To a Time-Crunched Consumer Lifestyle
  26. Media:Video Video Currently Half of All Mobile Data Traffic... Expected to be 70% in Four Years - Morgan Stanley
  27. Univision:Video Mobile Part of Univision’s Strategy to Be the #1 US Network Mobile Short-Form Video World Cup Mobile App - FREE
  28. Time Shifting: Flagging Content to be Consumed Later at a More Convenient Time
  29. Time Shifting:“The flood of content disruptsus all day... as if we have a maniacal paperboy throwing new editions on our doorstep every 15 seconds.” - Read It Later http://readitlaterlist.com/blog/2011/01/is-mobile-affecting-when-we-read/
  30. Time Shifting: Is Mobile Affecting When We Read?
  31. Time Shifting: Read It Later Articles Saved Source: ReadItLater - 100 Million Articles Saved on Web and Mobile
  32. Time Shifting: Read It Later Articles Saved Articles Read on iPhone Source: ReadItLater - 100 Million Articles Saved on Web and Mobile
  33. Time Shifting: Is Mobile Affecting When We Read? Yes - Read It Later http://readitlaterlist.com/blog/2011/01/is-mobile-affecting-when-we-read/
  34. Time Shifting: Instapaper Instapaper
  35. Content Aggregation Flipboard
  36. Passive Personalization Pandora Netflix
  37. Future Media: In the Cloud Whose New Datacenter? datacenterknowledge.com
  38. Trend: CommunicationSocial Networking timespent globally surpassedemail in November 2007 Social Networking users surpass email users in July 2009 - Comscore Global
  39. Facebook 150 Million Mobile Users
  40. Facebook had 150 million mobileusers in 2010. Up from 65 millionin 2009 Each of those 150 million mobile users creates twice the daily activity of desktop users. - facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics http://digitalbuzz.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/ Facebook-Mobile-Large.gif
  41. Facebook is the Third Most VisitedMobile Destination in the US And the Most Popular Mobile Destination in the UK
  42. TwitterFast Company’s #2 mostinnovative company for 2011 (behind Apple) - http://www.fastcompany.com/most-innovative-companies/2011/profile/twitter.php
  43. TwitterMobile Twitter usage up 347%from January 2009 - 2010 - Comscore 40 % of all tweets come from mobile users - Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at 2011 CES
  44. Mobile Learning iTunes University - Stanford iPhone Course
  45. Basic Skills and Test Prep
  46. “Say Something Irish” Every Student in Ireland Learns Gaeilge from Age 4 to 18. Speaking and Listening Skill Development is “Deacair”
  47. “Say Something Irish” Every Student in Ireland Learns Gaeilge from Age 4 to 18. Speaking and Listening Skill Development is “Deacair” (Difficult)
  48. Learning Language http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsUo-YcBpEY
  49. “Say Something Irish” Use Familiar and Commonly Available Technology - Mobile Personalized, Present, Comfortable Learning
  50. Learning Language
  51. Learning Language
  52. It Worked 15,374 Calls - Ave. 42 Calls/Student As Late as 11pm, 1am, 6am Highest Use - 272 Calls Usage Continued After the Project http://prezi.com/hra-d3ytaq8p/2010-learnisity-prezi/
  53. It Worked Teachers Perception of Listening Skills Ok Good Very Good Pre Project 64% 18% 9% Post Project 50% 50% Teachers Perception of Irish Enjoyment It’s Ok Enjoy Really Enjoy Pre Project 43% 36% 14% Post Project 88% 13% http://prezi.com/hra-d3ytaq8p/2010-learnosity-prezi/
  54. Mobile: Agent of Change
  55. Ubiquitous Communication 1,615 Texts Per Month - Ages 18 - 24 3,339 Texts Per Month - Teens 4,050 Texts Per Month - Teen Girls 6.1 Trillion SMS text messages sent in 2010 - ITU, 2010
  56. 16.7 Billion messages per day 2.5 SMS for every live person on the planet per day, or 11.6 million messages every minute
  57. Managing theSupply of Anti-Malarial Drugsin AfricaSMS Remindersto RecordInventory andRequestRestocking SMS as Application
  58. SMS as Application Architecture Forthcoming Facebook SMS-based service will reach all phones, not just smartphones -http://blogs.wsj.com/tech-europe/2011/02/15/facebook- could-be-accessed-by-every-gsm-phone/
  59. Location
  60. Location: EvolvedMore thanjust seeingwho’snearby.
  61. Using thephone’scamera, aninformationlayer issuperimposedover the real-world. Augmented Reality
  62. Device Integration Square Credit Card Reader
  63. Mobile Integration - Chevy Volt
  64. Near Field Communication: Touch to Share
  65. NFC: Touch to Pay
  66. NFC: Touch to Learn
  67. NFC: Personalized Advertising
  68. The MobilePersonalComputer
  69. The Mobile Personal ComputerNot This
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