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Cloning extinct species

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Alec A.
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Cloning Extinct Species
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Cloning extinct species

  1. 1. Cloning Extinct SPECIES<br />By Alec Albright and Jacob cotch<br />
  2. 2. Human Genome Project<br />The Human Genome Project started in October 1990. The goal was to identify the DNA sequence of all the genes in the human body.<br />The social problem with the Human Genome Project is that it can effect the environment and health such as food that could have been infected. Legally people have a right to share their genes with scientists to study. And ethically it’s the treatment and enhancement of humans.<br />The law “GINA” prohibits insurance companies and employers from discriminating on the basis of information from genetic tests.<br />
  3. 3. Basic Genetic Principles<br />Dominant alleles express their Phenotype and recessive alleles is when the phenotype is not shown in a heterozygote. Usually when the dominant is shown it over powers the recessive. <br />Co-Dominance is when it is neither Dominant or Recessive.<br /> When the parents genes connect to form the DNA for the offspring alleles from one parent and another combine<br />
  4. 4. Argument One<br />If one species is rare such as the Siberian tiger or the great Panda it would be very hard to mate them. That’s when the theory of cloning comes to place. When you clone something it can be used for good and bad, usually good. When we want an animal not to die out we can take a sample of their DNA and transfuse that with a species that is very related. Example: the elephant and Willy mammoth. <br />
  5. 5. Argument two<br />Another reason why we should clone extinct animals is to show the world what these animals use to look like and how they behave. So if we bring back dinosaurs the paleontologists can study these ancient mammals and reptilians without having to wonder ever again. We can also have a zoo for these species and as they progress in population and if they demonstrate good behavior we could release only certain species in to the wild. <br />