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Customer journey map – example from a coffee company

  1. 1. Lisa LISA’S DETAILED DESCRIPTION Lisa LISA’S STORYBOARD Lisa CHANNEL OVERVIEW Lisa EMOTIONAL JOURNEY Lisa DRAMATIC ARC Lisa BACKSTAGE LANE Powered by Smaply Lisa and her internet provider JOURNEY MAP Example journey map: Telecommunications (Shared) PROJECT 27 January 2017 EXPORT DATE -2 -1 +0 +1 +2 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 Pre-Service Stage Service Stage Post-Service Stage Lisa is tired of the bad online services of her internet providerLisa searchs for an internet provider that fits her needsLisa finds an internet provider who fits her needs Lisa checks the conditions Lisa signs up Lisa gets a call from the company. The technical support installs the device The device does not work Lisa contacts customer service Lisa explains her issues in a foreign language Lisa contacts the company via email Lisa quits the contract Lisa warns her friends against the provider As an extensive user of online services - does not matter if university, banking, or shopping - Lisa is not satisfied with the online services her internet provider offers. Lisa wants a provider who ▸ offers modern online services ▸ she can communicate with in her mother tongue - German The website is available in English and German. ▸ written in German ▸ makes Lisa aware of the modern online services Prices are reasonable, the quality of the connection looks promising . Lisa needs to fill out a form online and gets a confirmation via email. A technical support man asks her for an appointment to instal the device at her home. Lisa can choose from office hours. It takes longer than expected and the technical support tells Lisa what else she has to buy and to instal on her own so the device can work. Lisa bought additional features and asked friends to help to finalize installing the device. However it does not work properly. No internet connection at all. Customer service does not speak German Lisa has difficulties to find the right words for the device. Customer service talks very fast. Lisa tries it via email because she hopes the email is forwarded to a German- speaking support person. The answer is not satisfying. They write a German email but Lisa could nearly not understand what they want to express because of insufficient German skills. She has to buy 3 months of service even thought she could not use the device. She also has to pay a high service cancellation fee. Whenever she is asked for an internet provider she starts grumbling about the service provider. Search engine Providers' website Telephone Face to face Product Email Website  The website shows Lisa all the information she needs in German language  The website guides Lisa through the signup process  Technical support  Technical support gets a notification with Lisa's telephone number so he can call her.  Technical support gets Lisas address from her signup form  Customer support  Customer service uses internal software to make suggestions on what to do.  Customer service normally uses predefined templates, but they do not have any in German and need to invent them.  Retailer  Retailer consults Lisa  Friends  Friends consult Lisa  Friends get the warning and opt for a different provider. 