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Types of Outstaffing and Remote Web Development

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What are the main differences between outstffing and outsourcing? We will give you the answers: the advantages, comparison and the salary rate of developers worldwide. extend the team
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Types of Outstaffing and Remote Web Development

  2. 2. Difference Between Outsourcing and Outstaffing ● Outsourcing is a process of handing projects, activities or functions to a third party, which has all needed resources to conduct it – such as qualified staff and equipment. ● Outstaffing is all about the staff itself. If you wonder what does outstaffing mean, it is when a company lacks web developers to develop a project and needs to extend team and reduce staff expenses.
  3. 3. Advantages of Outstaffing: When deciding on outstaffing software, companies often rely on the following advantages of outstaffing: ● Reduced costs. ● Flexibility in cost-sharing. ● Access to the best professional skills. ● Predictable, standardized (international) processes. ● Concentration of capital and rebalancing of regulatory or business risks.
  4. 4. Outsoucing vs Outstaffing Comparison
  5. 5. Rates of Developers and Designers Worldwide
  6. 6. Reference: https://mobilunity.com/