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Hiring software developer costoverview 2018

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Ever wondered how big is the difference in the cost of a developer in different counties. Well, we have prepared an overview of the salary rates and all signs point that Ukraine if the best place to look for developers. Take a look for yourself.

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Hiring software developer costoverview 2018

  1. 1. Hiring Software Developer Cost Overview 2018
  2. 2. Consider the developer cost in terms of salaries in various countries & their projected growth by 2020.
  3. 3. Employment of software developers is projected to grow 24% from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Software developers will be needed to respond to an increased demand for computer software. How to decide on where to hire PHP and JavaScript developers, frontend, backend or full stack devs? Mobilunity is here to provide you with salaries of the most demanded programming languages worldwide.
  4. 4. Frontend Web Developer Salary Frontend developers are always in demand. According to our salary research, frontend developer salaries are expected to increase by $700 by 2020 in the USA.
  5. 5. Back End Developer Salary In the USA, backend dev salaries tend to decreasing by 2020, while average salaries of UK backend devs will grow.
  6. 6. Full Stack Web Developer Salary These salaries have been growing by $200 since 2016 in UK and are expected to increase by the same rate by 2020. In the U.S., full stack developer salaries lower rapidly by $1000 per month in 2017, and are expected to keep the rate $4123/month by 2020.
  7. 7. HTML/CSS Developer Salary HTML/CSS Developer Salary is expected to grow in the USA by $1000, while in Ukraine it might keep at the same rate.
  8. 8. Ruby Developer Salary Ruby dev salaries in US has been dropping by $1000 each year since 2016, and will continue to lower at the same pace. In Ukraine the rates have been dropping by $100 since 2016, and will continue to do so.
  9. 9. Java Developer Salary In USA, java dev salary will grow insignificantly by $400 by 2020, while in Ukraine it will decrease by $200.
  10. 10. JavaScript Developer Salary These salaries in USA, have dropped from $10000/month in 2015 till $4600/month in 2018, but by 2020 are prognosed to grow by $1000. In Ukraine, they are staying at the same rate with $100-200 of leverage. As for JS frameworks, you can hire Aurelia developer at the same cost as JS developer.
  11. 11. SQL Database Developer Salary In USA, the salary will decrease by $2000 by 2020, while in Ukraine it will drop only by $200.
  12. 12. PHP Developer Salary PHP is the most in-demand programming language. According to our salary research, PHP salaries have been increasing in all countries since 2010 by 2016, while in 2017, salaries have dropped on average by $1000/month.It is expected that it’ll continue to insignificantly decrease by 2020.
  13. 13. Python developers In USA, Python rates are lowering by $1000 each year starting from 2017, while in Ukraine the rates are insignificantly growing.
  14. 14. ASP.Net Developer Salary .NET developers talent pool is not of high demand actually, compared to Java. .NET devs deal with the Microsoft tools created projects which in fact are quite rare. So finding the right team of .NET developers is quite a challenge.
  15. 15. Why Hire Dedicated Teams from Ukraine? ● Cost-effectiveness ● In Ukraine developer costs less than in Western Europe and USA ● Experienced talent pool ● Flexibility and diligence in approach to projects ● Convenient location
  16. 16. Contact us now to get the best developers at affordable prices!
  17. 17. References: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/software-de velopers.htm#tab-1 http://www.businessinsider.com/programming-languages-in-highest-demand- 2017-5