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Defining Your Breakout IoT Strategy

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Mendix and David Stephenson share insight to help IT leaders define their organization’s incremental IoT strategy. Discover a framework for setting your IoT vision and enabling rapid experimentation to deliver quick wins while paving the way for more significant innovations.

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Defining Your Breakout IoT Strategy

  1. 1. Defining your Breakout IoT Strategy Webinar
  2. 2. W. David Stephenson Owner, Stephenson Strategies @data4all Insights from:
  3. 3. Internet of Things Potential to change everything!
  4. 4. Components • A name for every thing • Real-time monitoring • Instant data sharing • Analyze things’ current state & control them
  5. 5. The Value •Turn data into insights •Make those insights actionable, to create smart, precise operations and products “IoT could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025.” – McKinsey
  6. 6. IoT Tools & Components Internet Sensors Actuators Data storage & analysis Mobile devices & apps Augmented reality Platform
  7. 7. Circular Company • Away from hierarchy & linear processes • Circular organizations linking everything & revolving around real-time data hub
  8. 8. 40% of companies wont survive without IoT! Don’t wait!
  9. 9. Everyone needing real-time data to do jobs better and/or make better decisions can instantly share it.
  10. 10. Attitudes • Privacy & security critical • Share data — don’t hoard it • Close loop • Rethink products
  11. 11. Team Approach Start with an IoT SWAT Team Identify pilot projects Use Agile, visual development DevOps for continuous delivery Create a feedback loop
  12. 12. First Things First • Data analysis tools • Cloud storage • Data scientists
  13. 13. Precision: Maintenance
  14. 14. Precision: Manufacturing
  15. 15. Precision: Supply Chain Precision: Supply Chain
  16. 16. Precision: Supply Chain
  17. 17. Precision: Distribution & Sales
  18. 18. Precision: Distribution & Sales AntTail • Sensors monitor medication temperature & light for the “last mile” between pharmacy & patient • App makes data actionable through proactive notifications & workflows • Results: • 99% temperature compliance • Less wasted medicine • Better patient outcomes
  19. 19. Product Design
  20. 20. Today: Servitization • Rolls Royce: “Power by the Hour”
  21. 21. Customer Experience Hortilux: • Monitor light processes with sensors & apps to interpret data & inform grower • Optimizes indoor growing conditions instead of selling bulbs • Predictive maintenance
  22. 22. Efficiency & Revenue Generation Solomon Group: • Sensor-enabled turnstiles and apps track attendance at large festivals • Ensures compliance with fire codes • Sells more tickets with real-time insight into traffic in/out of venue • Minimizes counterfeit tickets • Optimizes staffing, food & beverage etc. based on traffic patterns
  23. 23. IoT & Transformation • Make incremental improvements • Make organization real-time data-centric • Empower your workers, share the data • Democratize data, give them the tools
  24. 24. Download the on-demand webinar to learn more about defining your IoT strategy. Download Webinar