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xAPI and the Evolving Learning Ecosystem

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xAPI Camp DevLearn 2018 presentation by Patrick Selby

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xAPI and the Evolving Learning Ecosystem

  1. 1. xAPI and the Evolving Learning Ecosystem A 5 Year Plan Patrick Selby - Learning Systems Manager xAPI Camp - DevLearn 2018
  2. 2. Our Team 5 IDs 6 PMs 6 Customer Trainers Content Vendor +/- 40 products 100k external, 10k internal students
  3. 3. Limited Visibility Formal learning – classes and workshops and online events – is the source of only 10- 20% of what we learn at work. Informal Learning - the other 80-90% ~Jay Cross
  4. 4. xAPI & Informal Learning Insight • Enables additional analytics per user • Customer Documentation Right now you're learning “informally”
  5. 5. xAPI & Analytics • xAPI will enable students to create their own learning records • Empowers them to manage their own learning and customize their own experience, manage gaps. (Prescriptive) • Portable records better view of their students learning history • Compare the best performers • By enabling the students, they get to learn smarter • The organization, in turn, gets smarter learning xAPI isn’t just a revolution of data but also the the start of a analytics evolution
  6. 6. Changing the Ecosystem
  7. 7. Our LMS is holding us back
  8. 8. Current State = Systems Silos
  9. 9. To Do List ➔ Convert Content to Mobile ➔ Adopt Sales Enablement Platform ➔ Setup LRS ➔ Capture xAPI Statements ➔ Perform Analysis ➔ Process Changes Getting Started
  10. 10. 5 Year Plan: 1 Year Target
  11. 11. Sales Enablement Email Notices Reporting Video Coaching Course Authoring Streaming Video Integration Worksheets Workbooks Checklists Quizzes Exams GTM Recording Sales Enablement Platform Authoring and Delivery on a single platform provides for tighter integration, lower associated administration, responsive instruction, and greater learner engagement. CMS Content Archives LNRS Training Center Alfresco Marketing Sales Desktop Training Materials Authoring 5 Year Plan: 3 Year Target
  12. 12. xAPI is the glue between the learning systems 5 Year Plan: 5 Year Target
  13. 13. Tie together external systems using a common repository 5 Year Plan: 5 Year Target LRS Learn.lexisnexis.com Lynda.com Youtube and other video learning Moocs Opencourseware Coursera University Professional development •Conferences and workshops Also lets us take advantage of outside learning resources, things that are traditionally been “in the dark” from an organizational standpoint.
  14. 14. Diversified Content Sourcing
  15. 15. Learning Profile
  16. 16. Mapping domain knowledge Source: http://acecolumns.info/image/s/spider-chart.html By: ➔ Role ➔ Team ➔ Department ➔ Location
  17. 17. Track Learning in Sharepoint ● Enterprise wide content traffic with little to no analytics ● Self-reported & automatic tracking
  18. 18. Big Learning Data What is it? How is it different than regular training data.
  19. 19. ● Learner - learner centered approach - smarter, tailored learning ● Technology - more flexible, customizable, collaborative learning ecosystem ● Impact to the Business - Reduce cost and improve efficiency, improved learning outcomes Expected Impact
  20. 20. Patrick Selby - Learning Systems Manager https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickselby Unobstructed View of Learning: Beginner's Guide to xAPI in the Enterprise A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO GETTING STARTED WITH xAPI
  21. 21. Bonus
  22. 22. Cloud Adoption and Learning Present Day Several Learning Systems are installed on premise Future More systems migrate to cloud
  23. 23. Video 24 https://learn.lexisnexis.com/lexisnexis/resources/courses/LexisNexis%20eVideo/vide o/LexisNexis_evideo_02.mp4
  24. 24. Beginning in 2000, the ADAM Program from LexisNexis has helped recover 159 children through April 2016. 25 Did You Know?
  25. 25. Machine Learing and Facial Recogition with user Generated Content Happy Expression 90 Sad Expression 10% Machine Learning detection
  26. 26. Agenda 8:30a – 9:00a - Welcome and Introductions (Megan & Aaron) 9:00a -- 10:00a - xAPI - The State of the State (Aaron) 10:20a - 10:50a - CenarioVR (John Blackmon, Trivantis) 10:55a - 11:25a - Authoring xAPI Content (Paul Schneider, DominKnow) 11:30a - 12:00p - Four-Step Learning Analytics Process (Nick Washburn, 5th Logic) 12:00p - 1:00p - Lunch (Please register for an Expo Pass if you haven't yet for a lunch ticket) 1:20p - 1:50p - Case Study (Art Werkenthin and Duncan Welder, RISC, Inc) 1:55p - 2:25p - Case Study (Patrick Selby, LexisNexis) 2:30p - 3:00p - Case Study (Shelly Blake-Plock, Yet Analytics) 3:00p - 4:00p - Breakout Groups