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10 Ways to Build a Link in 20 Minutes Flat + Bonus Content

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10 Ways to Build a Link in 20 Minutes Flat + Bonus Content

  1. 1. 10 Ways to Build a Link in 20 Minutes Flat* *If I somehow manage to cram this all into 20 minutes!
  2. 2. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO “Create great content and you will rank on the first page of Google.”
  3. 3. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  4. 4. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Not quite…
  5. 5. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO “Combine great content with great links and you’ll stand a chance of ranking on the first page of Google.”
  6. 6. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The problem…
  7. 7. Earning great links isn’t easy.
  8. 8. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The solution…
  9. 9. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Apply simple link building methodologies to your campaign(s) and modify them to work for your audience.
  10. 10. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Here’s ten of them to get you started.
  11. 11. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 1. Press requests.
  12. 12. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Gain editorial mentions within top publications by responding to requests from journalists within your niche.
  13. 13. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  14. 14. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Sign up to a press request service: HARO (one of the most popular free services) ResponseSource (paid service aimed more at the UK) Muck Rack (paid service) Gorkana (paid service) Source Bottle (free service) Press Quest (UK free service) Vocus (paid service) #JournoRequest (Twitter hashtag used by journalists) #PRrequest (Twitter hashtag used by journalists)
  15. 15. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Organise your mailbox Use my IFTTT recipe to get high priority alerts sent to you via SMS: http://bit.ly/brighton-ifttt Create a simple response template for quick responses Extra reading: http://bit.ly/brighton-pressrequest
  16. 16. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 2, 3 & 4. Wikipedia.
  17. 17. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Get links through Wikipedia citations, broken links or your own listing.
  18. 18. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process (1). Go to WikiGrabber.com and search a topic related to your industry Find articles marked as ‘citation needed’ Create a piece of content that can be used as a citation for the Wikipedia article Edit the Wikipedia article’s citation section to reference your article Important: get an experienced and active Wikipedia editor to make the edits to the article. Here’s a guy I’ve worked with: http://bit.ly/brighton-wiki
  19. 19. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  20. 20. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process (2). Go back to WikiGrabber.com and find articles marked as ‘dead link.’ Find the broken links on the Wikipedia page and view them in Wayback Machine Recreate the old content (tailoring it so it’s unique) Edit the Wikipedia article to reference your article Get in touch with any previous linking domains Remember: get an experienced and active Wikipedia editor to make the edits to the article. http://bit.ly/brighton-wiki
  21. 21. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  22. 22. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process (3). Write up a Wikipedia page for your business Make sure you adhere to Wikipedia’s formatting guidelines Get an experienced and active Wikipedia editor to upload your entry http://bit.ly/brighton-wiki
  23. 23. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  24. 24. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 5. Reddit.
  25. 25. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Get relevant [dofollow] links from subreddits related to your industry or business.
  26. 26. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Find a subreddit relevant to your niche If active, build relationships with mods to get links to your resources in the sidebar or wiki section If inactive, post a link to your content and gain a quick dofollow link that will stay around for a long time No subreddit? Create one!
  27. 27. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  28. 28. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 6. Sponsorship.
  29. 29. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Sponsor local events and clubs to cash in on quality relevant links.
  30. 30. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Find local events relevant to your industry within Meetup.com Find all of those that have websites and get in touch with them Most small meetups will accept sponsorship in the form of a lunch being put on (not bank-breaking!) Tip: You can also get a link from their Meetup.com page
  31. 31. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  32. 32. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 7. Build a content influencer team.
  33. 33. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Leverage the audience and channels of industry influencers through working with them on content creation and promotion.
  34. 34. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Identify industry influencers online within your niche Search through contributors to major publications in your industry Use Followerwonk to identify those that are influential on social media Hire these influencers to write content for your website Have them share it to their audience Tap into their media relationships for links Tip: ask them to place a contributor badge on their own website
  35. 35. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  36. 36. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 8. Interviews, columns & guest blogs.
  37. 37. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Get featured in, or supply content to online publications within your niche.
  38. 38. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO
  39. 39. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Start small with larger quantities and move to large with less volume Build up an initial portfolio of features that can be used to attract higher profile opportunities Press requests Competitor link research Reddit AMA (in a niche-relevant subreddit) Podcasts Hey.Press (find journalists and reach out to them) Mention.com (find competitor mentions) Niche community/forum AMA Notify.ly (track brand/topic/competitor mentions)
  40. 40. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 9. BuzzFeed.
  41. 41. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Whether it’s for links or traffic, BuzzFeed has a huge audience that you can tap into within their community section.
  42. 42. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO http://bit.ly/brighton-buzzfeed
  43. 43. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Create a BuzzFeed account Publish an article within the community section and put it forward for a ‘community feature’ Don’t: Obviously promote products/services Use keyword-rich anchor text Ignore BuzzFeed’s guidelines Do: Run social advertising to increase ‘social lift’ Get influencers (that you mention) to share the post Stick to the tried and tested BuzzFeed format
  44. 44. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The listicle number calculation.
  45. 45. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 10. Repurpose interesting data.
  46. 46. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Adapt raw data that’s useful to your audience into consumable and linkable content.
  47. 47. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO http://bit.ly/brighton-data
  48. 48. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Find data that’s interesting to your audience http://bit.ly/brighton-publicdata - 30 different public data sources Validate the idea by finding questions around it on Quora, Reddit, Twitter and niche communities Create the content and reach out to those interested in it
  49. 49. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Extra reading…
  50. 50. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO http://bit.ly/brighton-extra1 http://bit.ly/brighton-extra2 http://bit.ly/brighton-extra3 http://bit.ly/brighton-extra4 http://bit.ly/brighton-extra5
  51. 51. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Bonus Slides
  52. 52. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 7. Website aquisition.
  53. 53. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO If you can’t beat them, buy them!
  54. 54. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO http://bit.ly/brighton-eubanks
  55. 55. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Identify relevant website with existing search traffic (SEMrush/SimilarWeb) Evaluate the website (DA/traffic/content/links/etc.) Migrate content and redirect traffic Follow my full process here: http://bit.ly/brighton-buythem Useful read on evaluation: http://bit.ly/brighton-smale
  56. 56. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO 10. Widgets.
  57. 57. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO Create custom widgets to scale larger volumes of branded links.
  58. 58. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO The process. Create widgets for your customers Start your own awards Create a charitable campaign with a custom support widget Badges for external content creators
  59. 59. @MatthewBarby // #BrightonSEO

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