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How to dominate on Pinterest

Presentation given during SMX Social Media Marketing Conference in Las Vegas 2014 talking about Pinterest and how to dominate using the social media platform.

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How to dominate on Pinterest

  1. HOW TO DOMINATE matt@avalaunchmedia.com @Matt_Siltala
  2. INTRO is moving closer to an advertising model and there are many opportunities for businesses to help people discover your brand and products. Pinterest is expanding as a content marketing and advertising platform. It’s more than just advertising. These features give you a chance to engage with a community and expose people to more about your brand and products. @matt_siltala
  3. http://marketingland.com/pinterest-social-search-goldmine-107925 @matt_siltala
  4. @matt_siltala
  5. @matt_siltala
  6. 62% 61% Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ button Has now overtaken Facebook’s ‘Like’ button and Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ button on brands’ product pages. 59% 42% Of brands have Pin It buttons Of brands have Tweet buttons Of brands have Like buttons Of brands have Google+ buttons @matt_siltala
  7. 6 Billion Photos uploaded each month Photos & Images get… More Interaction than other content More Shares than links More Likes 50% 10x 7x @matt_siltala
  8. Videos on landing pages Increase page conversion Rates by 90% Posts with Visuals receive 94% More page visits and Engagement than Those without 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results @matt_siltala
  9. The trend is going visual @matt_siltala
  10. FEATURES YOU NEED TO KNOW @matt_siltala
  11. FEATURES SUGGESTED PINS YOUR When you pin something Pinterest suggests many related pins from people you follow and those you don’t). Pinterest is adding many more suggested pins. Notice what comes up and get ideas for boards or content. PIN SUGGESTED PINS PINTEREST USERS SUGGESTED PINS @matt_siltala
  12. FEATURES LOCATION PINS People or brands can pin things to a geological location. This makes it easier for businesses to advertise to a local audience or for local businesses. While they tend to have less followers you’re likely to get people planning a trip or dreaming of going to these places. You can create demand for your hotel, real estate company, state/city/country, attraction, festivals/events, etc. YOUR PIN YOUR LOCATION @matt_siltala
  13. FEATURES FOLLOW BUTTONS & LANDING PAGES Businesses can add Pinterest’s newer follow buttons (much like the Facebook like button) to their pages. It goes to a landing page. @matt_siltala
  14. FEATURES FOLLOW BUTTONS & LANDING PAGES Brands also have a unique landing page that showcases a few of your most recent pins. It has a unique URL that you can also use in campaigns or contests. This helps brands when they are running a contest that requires people to follow all their boards to enter. This is an easy way to do that. pinterest.com/(YOUR USERNAME)/pins/follow/ @matt_siltala
  15. FEATURES The Gift Category gives you more exposure for products and is a visual shopping engine. Eventually, there will probably be sponsored pins here. When only items that are available for sale are listed in this category. Most are rich pins which give details about the price and inventory. Pinterest also alerts people when the price on a something they pinned drops. pinterest.com/all/gifts/ GIFT CATEGORIES @matt_siltala
  16. FEATURES GIFT CATEGORIES Pinterest curates the Pins feed, but they choose from products that have the rich pins functionality on your website. eBay, Etsy and Shopify already have this feature integrated into their platforms but everyone else has to apply and add meta data to enable this feature. We can see this being another place where advertisers will someday be able pay to have pins show up in searches or highlighted in user’s feeds. PIN FEED Curated by Pinterest RICH PINS @matt_siltala
  17. FEATURES Pinterest announced a new Featured Category. It shows up at the top of the list of categories. These are called PinPicks. FEATURED CATEGORIES & PIN PICKS @matt_siltala
  18. FEATURES FEATURED CATEGORIES & PIN PICKS For example one week’s Pin Pick said: “Weekend Campout.” From this page, you can follow REI (the sponsor of the featured pins). Pinterest also suggests other brands to follow in the niche and places to visit. There are boards featured that showcase products relating to camping. Featured Category @matt_siltala
  19. FEATURES FEATURED CATEGORIES & PIN PICKS The page shows product pins from REI, and content from users as well as other brands that don’t compete but are related (Camper World, KOA, etc). It features camping food (as food is one of the most popular themes on Pinterest) and creates an experience and discovery tool for people based on a theme. Most Frequently Browsed Pinterest Categories: ACTIVE USERS DAILY USERS • Weddings • Kids • Science & Nature • Education • Technology • Tattoos • Videos • Geek • Celebrities • Architecture • History • Sports • Men’s Fashion • Cars & Motorcycles • Education • Place Boards • Tattoos • Science & Nature • Weddings • Videos • Geek • Technology • Celebrities • History • Sports • Architecture • Men’s Fashion • Cars & Motorcycles Ahalogy 2014 Pinterest Media Consumption Study @matt_siltala
  20. FEATURES WHAT YOU CAN LEARN Get content ideas, make sure to tie into something current in the boards at the top of your profile. Change them out with the seasons. Create boards relating to a theme that are popular on Pinterest. Featured Category Content Ideas Content Ideas Content Ideas Content Ideas @matt_siltala
  21. FEATURES COMMUNITY QUESTIONS ? Anyone can ask questions on Pins and get answers from the community. You can get an answer from anyone in the community and you get an email when you get an answer from someone. Community Answers Question on Pin @matt_siltala KILLED
  22. FEATURES COMMUNITY QUESTIONS This is a great way to interact with your community and get to know individual pinners or to find content. Get to know your community @matt_siltala KILLED
  23. FEATURES MESSAGES Pinterest can drive traffic to your web site regardless of product or service. @matt_siltala
  24. FEATURES MESSAGES Pinterest can drive traffic to your web site regardless of product or service. The new Messages feature can be used as a marketing tool. @matt_siltala
  25. CASE STUDY @matt_siltala Courtesy of Pinnablebusiness.com
  26. CASE STUDY @matt_siltala RUSTIC ARTISTRY 90% of her pins getting at least one repin 64% of her social channels traffic comes from Pinterest Visitors from Pinterest have a lower bounce rate – 55% compared to 70% with Facebook visitors Facebook, with over 4,000 Likes, accounts for 34% of her social traffic
  27. TIPS INSPIRED BY CASE STUDY @matt_siltala
  28. INSPIRED TIPS Don’t just repin, find new material that expresses your brand personality Sign up for Newsletters from Like-minded brands Look at Magazines In your niche Look for related Content on Blogs and websites Slideshows often Have great pin-worthy Images @matt_siltala
  29. INSPIRED TIPS Find new ways to promote your best-performing pins. Look at your analytics tab on Pinterest to see the Most Recent, Most Repinned and Most Clicked pins. Then comment on pins with something helpful or “like” them to acknowledge the person who pinned them. @matt_siltala
  30. INSPIRED TIPS Feature your most pinned or popular images and feature on other social networking sites. Don’t use the feature to tweet them, create a unique tweet. Same with Facebook, create a unique post. @matt_siltala
  31. INSPIRED TIPS You can quickly create a few of your best images together into one image to pin again or for other sites. A tool called PinThemAll.net helps make this easy. Use it to create a vertical collage. @matt_siltala
  32. INSPIRED TIPS Create a pin advertising a new board and pin it on a more established board. @matt_siltala
  33. INSPIRED TIPS Do not fill your boards with pins from your own website. Eventually you will run out of things to pin. You won’t have fresh new content to share on a consistent basis. On her “Make Mine Rustic” board, only about 5% of the 2800+ pins are from her own website. @matt_siltala
  34. INSPIRED TIPS Pin your most popular pins to group boards that have a strong following and are a good fit. PinGroupie and Board Deck boarddeckhq.com are tools that can help you find group boards. You can also use Pinterest search to find group boards. YOUR MOST POPULAR POPULAR PIN GROUP BOARD @matt_siltala
  35. INSPIRED TIPS Pin content that is performing well more than once - to another board, to a group board or even again on the same board. That way your new followers will be exposed to your best content. Wait a month or more in between pins. 1 MONTH @matt_siltala
  36. INSPIRED TIPS Use PinAlerts to see what’s being pinned from your website (not just what’s popular on Pinterest). @matt_siltala
  37. CASE STUDY Courtesy of Business.Pinterest.com @matt_siltala
  38. CASE STUDY BUZZFEED According to Dao Nguyen, VP of Growth and Data at BuzzFeed… Pinterest is BuzzFeed’s 2nd Largest social network referrer Has a much longer lifecycle than other social networks, often driving traffic to posts moths after publication More than Half of BuzzFeed’s traffic from Pinterest Goes to posts published more than 2 months ago @matt_siltala
  39. TIPS INSPIRED BY CASE STUDY @matt_siltala
  40. INSPIRED TIPS Put your pin button at the top of your images. @matt_siltala
  41. INSPIRED TIPS Optimize your pins for mobile @matt_siltala
  42. INSPIRED TIPS Create beautiful vertical editorial images and put them first in your blog posts Height: 762 px Width: 625px @matt_siltala
  43. INSPIRED TIPS Pin Humor. Of the 100 Buzzfeed stories that have the most traffic from Pinterest, 30% of the visits are to humor posts. @matt_siltala
  44. CASE STUDY Courtesy of Hello Society @matt_siltala
  45. CASE STUDY CHOBANI YOGURT 15 of 25 of their boards are recipe boards Chobani has over 113,000 followers on Pinterest They share recipes from fans, sponsored recipes from bloggers, and their own recipes @matt_siltala
  46. TIPS INSPIRED BY CASE STUDY @matt_siltala
  47. INSPIRED TIPS Become friends with your followers by helping them catch a vision of a better life with your product. “Through mouthwatering pictures and branching out from their product, Chobani has used Pinterest to become more than just a brand. They have become a friend to their customer, sharing the same hopes, goals, desires, dreams, and tastes. ” -Angela Swenson @matt_siltala
  48. INSPIRED TIPS Leverage your social following on other sites. Chobani tweets their pins but they don’t share them on Facebook with posts and with the Pinterest app on Facebook @matt_siltala
  49. INSPIRED TIPS When they feature recipes on Facebook, they could also add a link to pin the recipe. A newer feature is a landing page that has a follow all button. @matt_siltala
  50. INSPIRED TIPS Create custom board cover images to give a consistent look and brand style to your profile @matt_siltala
  51. INSPIRED TIPS Get your fans involved. Pin their recipes or ideas. Also consider teaming up with bloggers (who often have a broad social footprint) to create new ways to use your products. @matt_siltala
  52. CASE STUDY Courtesy of Pinterest @matt_siltala
  53. CASE STUDY FOUR SEASONS HOTELS & RESORTS “Pin.Pack.Go” Since it launched, Four Seasons has seen a 525% increase in followers to its main account. Over 26,0000 followers. Created profiles for their more than 81 hotels, each showcasing the resort’s distinct style & features. @matt_siltala
  54. TIPS INSPIRED BY CASE STUDY @matt_siltala
  55. INSPIRED TIPS They have a board Gastronomic Travel featuring upscale restaurants around the world. They pin their own restaurants as well as others. @matt_siltala
  56. INSPIRED TIPS 900% INCREASE in the average number of people repinning their content every day 600% INCREASE In the average number of pins from their website fourseasons.com year over year @matt_siltala
  58. TOP 10 TIPS 1 Don’t only pin your own products. Once you have pinned all your own products, there is nothing left for you to pin or to keep your profile fresh by adding new content. Instead, pin around themes relating to your business. @matt_siltala
  59. TOP 10 TIPS 2 Find other pinners in your niche who have a lot of followers. Follow them. Repin them. This will make your own boards more interesting. @matt_siltala
  60. TOP 10 TIPS 3 Comment on pins of popular pinners in your niche. When you do, your logo will show up next to your comment and people who like similar content may click over and follow your boards. @matt_siltala
  61. TOP 10 TIPS 4 When you get comments, follow up with a comment so the person knows you saw it and that their comment is appreciated. @matt_siltala
  62. TOP 10 TIPS 5 Don’t just repin, find new material that expresses your brand personality. Some creative ways to find content include, sign up for newsletters from brands you align with. Look at magazines in your niche. Look for related content on blogs and websites. Slideshows often have gorgeous pin-worthy images you can use (being aware of copyright). @matt_siltala
  63. TOP 10 TIPS 6 Use Pinterest tools and business analytics. Examples: Tailwind, PinAlerts (so you can see what people are pinning from your own website), PinGroupie (to find group boards) and PinThemAll.net (this finds all photos on a page and lets you select which ones to pin, add your comments and reorder them into a collage). @matt_siltala
  64. TOP 10 TIPS 7 Pin your best performing pins to popular group boards you belong to. You can also pin the same pin more than one time, spaced out several weeks or months. In time the pin will get buried, making it harder for people to find. @matt_siltala
  65. TOP 10 TIPS 8 Make a collage of your most popular pins and post it on Facebook. Invite people to see more of your images on Pinterest. The two networks work well together and people who like what you do on Facebook will probably like you on Pinterest too. @matt_siltala
  66. TOP 10 TIPS 9 Increase your engagement. In the Analytics tab on Pinterest, open the Most Recent, Most Repinned and Most Clicked sections. Click the heart to "Like" the pins from your website that people have pinned. This is better than putting a comment on each pin that says "thanks for pinning." It's also a great way to find boards to follow back. Sort of like favoriting a tweet on Twitter so people know you saw it. @matt_siltala
  67. TOP 10 TIPS 10 Use rich pins. They give your brand so much more exposure and also give your community much more information and value. Example: a recipe pin regular and one that is a rich pin. @matt_siltala
  68. TOP 10 TIPS BONUS Use alt tags for your images because that’s what becomes your description when people pin from your website. Most people won’t change what’s there. Be sure to add hashtags and keywords so your images come up in searches on Pinterest. @matt_siltala
  69. HOW TO DOMINATE matt@avalaunchmedia.com @matt_siltala @matt_siltala