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Business of APIs Conference 2011 - deCarta

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Business of APIs Conference 2011 - deCarta

  1. 1. Steven Citron-PoustyTechnology Evangelist, deCarta
  2. 2. SHOCK!!!
  3. 3. Evil?
  4. 4. VoiceofReason
  5. 5. “You should expect that the platformyou’re building on top of to dosomething that’s not in your interest,”Wilson said. “If you’re going to stayon top of that platform forever youmight wake up one day to find thatthe owner of the platform iscompeting with you and that sucks.”http://gigaom.com/2011/06/07/fred-wilson-to-devs-expect-platform-owners-to-work-against-you/
  6. 6. By h.koppdelaney on flickr
  7. 7. Consumer Facing Pure PlatformPower Mashups Power Branded AppsStarted as an app Started as an platformPlatform as an extension ala Mark Suster Platform as a service
  8. 8. By Roland on flickr
  9. 9. ConsumerBy raneko on flickr
  10. 10. PlatformBy yibadau on flick
  11. 11. Some examples from deCartaFull Stack with Carriers Powering Samsung bada LBS
  12. 12. Moving ForwardBy bufferchuck on flickr
  13. 13. Well, Ive been Cause Iveafraid of builtchanging my life around you
  14. 14. Not your best signalBy Orin Zebest on flickr
  15. 15. ClearBoundariesBy Julianmeade on flickr
  16. 16. Over-communicateBy ehnmark on flickr
  17. 17. Be Clear What YouBy bad9brad on flickr Expose
  18. 18. Don’t be the Grape