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Managing Self and Exercising Leadership in Challenging Times - Patty Clark

Patty Clark, Kansas Leadership Center

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Managing Self and Exercising Leadership in Challenging Times - Patty Clark

  1. 1. Women Managing the Farm Managing Self and Exercising Leadership in Challenging Times Patty Clark, Kansas Leadership Center
  2. 2. Kansas Leadership Center  Non-Profit 501-c-3 established as a school/educational institution  Founded in 2007 with a grant from Kansas Health Foundation  Dedicated to improving the health of Kansas through enhanced civic leadership  Leadership Framework – Adaptive vs. Technical  Leadership Competencies  Manage Self  Diagnose Situation  Intervene Skillfully  Energize Others
  3. 3. Adaptive vs. Technical –  Stakes are high – and there are no easy answers  It’s messy with lots of complexity  It can’t be solved by one “expert”  The problem and the solution require learning  Adaptive challenges must be addressed by the very people affected by the problem  Adaptive challenges require a lot of curiosity and patience
  4. 4. Managing Self  Self-awareness and a willingness to do things differently are at the core of Manage Self.  It's about making progress that requires taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone for the sake of something you care about
  5. 5. Getting Used to Uncertainty and Conflict  Stakes are high  Unknowns outnumber knowns  That causes discomfort and the perception of future loss  We tend to settle things quickly just to get away from the uncertainty and the conflict
  6. 6. How Do You Handle Uncertainty  Stay grounded in your purpose  Treat every situation as an opportunity to learn  Acknowledge risks  Don’t put a time stamp on progress  Be smart about what you ask of others
  7. 7. How Do I Engage Conflict?  If something is on your mind, say it  Resist the urge to keep everyone happy  Resist the urge to play the peacemaker  If you feel yourself taking something personally, don’t  Get really curious about other points of view
  8. 8. Reflect On These Questions  What will be difficult?  What support do I need?  Who will be disappointed?  How will I keep from taking things personally?  What makes it worth it?
  9. 9. What are values? And what does it look like when they compete?
  10. 10. How Do I Choose Between Competing Values?  Choose consciously  Articulate the values at play  Once in awhile, acknowledge that your own values may be in conflict  Embrace your contradictions
  11. 11. How Can We Be More Conscious?  Reflect in writing  Ask yourself – “Why did I think I did what I just did?”  For 10 days – log how you spend your time  Ask someone who works with you