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BTD Brochure 2016

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BTD Brochure 2016

  1. 1. ... when it matters most BEYONDthisDAY THE WAY OF HOPE B TH Loyalty Appreciation Personal Concern
  2. 2. Representing your company in a positive manner. Leaving a lasting impression of your care and personal concern for the family, co-workers and to all who see it in the community. Providing a program that is suitable for anyone regardless of personal beliefs. Helping your employee and every family member address the specific type of loss they are facing. Offering therapeutic and ongoing support by addressing the common emotions experienced during a loss while providing a full-year of aftercare through inspirational monthly meditations and affirmations. Sending a consistent, caring message and lowering your cost. This unique family memorial resource includes: • Beyond This Day, The Way of Hope memorial volume with gilded pages • Personalized Company Inscription and Company Name or Logo • Gift Chests offer an elegant keepsake compartment for family heirlooms • A matching inscribed sympathy card to the family Loyalty Appreciation Personal Concern ... when it matters most The Foundational Principles of Beyond This Day Begin With … Beyond This Day provides a level of comfort and support for the grief stricken family that traditional gestures lack the ability to convey. Providing comfort and consolation to those who experience the loss of a loved one. THE WAY OF HOPE THE WAY OF HOPE
  3. 3. Throughout history, we humans have grieved the passing of our loved ones. Because of death’s inevitability, the act of remembering deceased loved ones is a way to hold the life of another in our mind, and support one another during a time of grief. In this way, memories can be a wise teacher and a profound comfort to us in a time when we are most vulnerable. A full third of our lives is spent working side by side with others who often share in our happiness and our sorrows. Those we work with come to know our lives and those of our family members, and genuinely want to provide comfort and support when needed. Beyond This Day allows your company to sincerely express that support in a tangible way. Our program affirms to the employee and their family that they are not alone in their grief. The simple act of sharing a keepsake gift from your company to help them remember the life that was lost is an enormous comfort to those who receive it. The profoundly positive impact on the family is apparent when the employee and the family thankfully respond to your Human Resource department for caring enough to send such a meaningful memorial tribute in honor of their loved one. BeyondThis Day not only reminds the employee that your company truly cares,but conveys a message of personal concern to the entire family. In that first difficult year after the death, Beyond This Day provides a section called,“A Year of Aftercare”which offers positive affirmations and meditations to prepare the family members for that first holiday or birthday or anniversary without their loved one—true therapeutic support for all. BeyondThis Day leaves a lasting impression from your company that is remembered for generations, while controlling and often lowering the cost. The Strength of Our Program Dedicated to all those who have walked with Sorrow and passed her lessons on. The hand-polished, hard-wood Legacy chest is our most exquisite presentation option. THE WAY OF HOPE THE WAY OF HOPE Beyond This Day offers companies and organizations a unique and dignified way to support and comfort those with whom we work when a family member passes away.
  4. 4. The Record of a Family ... The Memory of a Life In section one “Remembering”, the family is invited to remember their loved one in special ways. A record of the funeral service itself is provided for those who, in years to come, will see how when and where the family bade farewell to their loved one. A place for a photograph of the deceased becomes part of the family treasures passed along from generation to generation. A “Family Register”provides a record for the spouse, and of children and grandchildren. Journal pages are provided to list friends who are near and dear to the person lost. Recording the relationship that person had to the community and the unique things they may have stood for is a powerful way to remember their loved one. Additionally,“Times to Remember” allow the family to record those personal memories of their loved one as it relates to the family. This act of writing is known to provide therapeutic and ongoing support that is befitting a memorial tribute to the lost loved one. Walking with the Sorrow ... Living with the Grief In “A Time to Mourn”, Beyond This Day addresses the varying degrees of grief and the depth of emotions surrounding the loss. The fact is, grief is an individual experience. The emotional anguish and rush of feelings are unique to every person and are influenced by differing relationships and circumstances. Understanding that to be true, there are common denominators of sorrow and the undeniable, “reasons of the heart” that are addressed throughout this section. The shock, the emotional avoidance, having to face the pain, or the search for answers, dealing with the fear and the sorrow, and carrying the guilt and loneliness that sometimes leads to despair are the emotions explained in the light of hope and gratitude for the lives we shared together. A Unique Personal Tribute THE WAY OF HOPE THE WAY OF HOPE PART ONE Remembering PART TWO A Time to Mourn
  5. 5. A Special Section Beyond This Day focuses on helping the entire family by examining the unique relationships each family member has had with the person who was lost. Based on the relationship to each family member and the circumstances surrounding the loss, Beyond This Day offers a hopeful discussion for the each family member that addresses the emotional changes and challenges they are facing. The discussion reinforces a sense of understanding and purpose to help the family member continue their journey. Beyond This Day is a lasting resource for the entire family. Sixteen additional pages help the family to identify and address the emotional changes they may experience. The Movement of a Year ... The Movement of a Heart The first year is generally the hardest for us. Section Three, “Seasons of Feelings”, provides a full year of aftercare and focuses on each month with positive meditations and affirmations to help the family move through their grief. There is an emphasis on the special occasions of birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries that can often bring the sadness and sorrow surrounding the loss into profound focus. Beyond This Day offers words of encouragement and inspiration that reminds us of the presence of our loved ones in our hearts in their absence. The affirmations identify the emotional hardships we face and remind us to yet be grateful for those times we shared and celebrated in life. Helpful Connections ... Helpful Bereavement Resources In the last section, Beyond This Day acts as a functional resource for the family.There are key responsibilities and obligations that require our attention when a family member is gone. We provide helpful discussions on what to do immediately, what must be done in the days and weeks following the funeral, along with helpful books and websites that offer assistance in a variety of ways. This section offers a wealth of practical advice in addition to highlighting other avenues of knowledge and support from a number of outside sources and materials. PART THREE Seasons of Feeling PART FOUR The Way of Hope Call toll free 877-416-0157 or visit www.beyondthisday.com
  6. 6. Classic Comfort and Support The Classic may be considered as an accompaniment to traditional memorial gifts or as a stand alone bereavement resource for the entire family. The Beyond This Day memorial volume is presented in a Burgundy velveteen satchel, lined with contrasting satin and Velcro tabs to preserve the book. A personalized sympathy card and envelope accompany the memorial volume to identify your company to the family. Order the Signature from $33.95/ea. – $24.95/ea. Each presentation option includes the Beyond This Day memorial volume. The volume is written exclusively for the grieving family and is a lasting resource. A personalized insert and matching sympathy card presenting your company name or logo identifies your company as the donor of this tribute. The family will always remember the care and support shown at a time when they needed it most. Presentation Options THE WAY OF HOPE THE WAY OF HOPE Legacy Our Most Exquisite Chest The Legacy edition offers your company an elegant, furniture-quality keepsake chest in which to present the memorial volume, Beyond This Day. The honey-colored wood is hand polished with smooth, beveled edges and leatherette accents that remind the recipient of the care and thoughtful consideration your company wishes to convey by presenting Beyond This Day to the family. The hand crafted workmanship and personalized inscription insure that this gift will not be duplicated. Order the Legacy from $84.95/ea. – $75.95/ea. Premium A Dignified Case The Premium offers the Beyond This Day memorial volume in a burgundy covered gift box that also provides a keepsake compartment under the book for photos, heirlooms and family mementos.The cover converts to a stand-up display for showcasing the gift. The Premium is less than half the cost of a representative floral arrangement. Order the Premium from $43.95/ea. – $34.95/ea. Signature A Distinctive Keepsake Chest The Signature keepsake chest is designed to compliment the Legacy with an eye toward economy. Covered in rich tan and cordovan leatherette, the Signature chest conveys that sense of support and comfort to the family that will last for generations. Order the Signature from $61.95/ea. – $52.95/ea.
  7. 7. Standard A Resource for the Entire Family The Standard offers the memorial book as an option for the company to provide a full-year of after care to the entire family. The four sections of the memorial volume offer comforting words and inspiration to persevere through the challenges we face as families. Beyond This Day stands apart from traditional gifts as a resource that addresses each person’s relationship to their loved one, and helps them recognize the emotional changes they may experience throughout their lives as they reconcile the loss of someone for whom they dearly loved and cared for. Order the Standard from $27.95/ea. – $18.95/ea. How is the program administered? The Beyond This Day program is easy to administer. There are no contracts. Our customers typically maintain an adequate supply on hand in order to respond immediately to an event.The keepsake chest is shipped complete with the book and the personalized insert and matching sympathy card with the company inscription. By signing the sympathy card, the company representative personalizes the memorial gift for that employee and their family.The memorial gift may be presented to the employee at work, at the funeral home, or it may be mailed to the employee’s home or the funeral home if out of town. Is BeyondThis Day suitable for any family? Yes.The memorial book is non-religious and is written to provide comfort and inspiration to the grieving family. By focusing on the universal emotions we all experience the memorial volume provides support to the entire family and is suitable for all families regardless of their personal beliefs or convictions. What commitment do we have to make? None.There are no minimum order requirements and no contracts to be signed. A sample request provides an option for you to test the concept of Beyond This Day for yourself. Experiencing the reaction of families first-hand will convince you of the value of this unique program. Its simple to present and there are no minimum order requirements. What if HR is not notified of a death until after the funeral service? Many families have said that it wasn’t until after the funeral that they read the meditations and inspiring words in Beyond This Day. Once they experienced the powerful, healing messages contained in each section, they were inspired to place special mementos in the keepsake compartment. Regardless of when Beyond this Day is presented to the family, it is never too late to express your sympathy by presenting a memorial tribute in honor of their loved one. What if the family is given a BeyondThis Day by someone else? Beyond This Day is not sold in the consumer marketplace, and is not available to funeral homes, churches or florists. It is a unique gift which the family will always remember they received from your company. How long does it take from the time we place an order until it is delivered? You should receive your order in ten days. If an unexpected delay should occur, you will be notified by your Customer Service Representative. Our Company has multiple locations.Are we able to combine orders to qualify for discount pricing? Yes.We will ship designated quantities to each location and customize inscriptions for each location, provided the combined orders are placed at the same time. Frequently Asked Questions Call toll free 877-416-0157 Or visit www.beyondthisday.com
  8. 8. A Successful Program THE WAY OF HOPE THE WAY OF HOPE Eli Lilly US Foods Home Depot Coca-Cola Bottlers United States Post Office Verizon Pella Windows Marriot Hotels TJ Maxx / Marshalls Kraft Foods AirGas La-Z-Boy Michelin Tires Tyson Foods Lowe’s “The feedback from our employees and their families who have received Beyond This Day during this difficult time in their lives is overwhelmingly positive ... it is a meaningful and lasting memorial gift that represents our company in a unique and permanent way.” Regional HR Manager Miller-Zell, Inc. “A beautiful gift in which to keep life’s memories safe and close by.” Business Office Manager CareGivers Medicare Certified Home Health Services “In the past flowers were sent to the funeral homes, and as we all know, flowers don’t last a lifetime, but the memorials are something the families can keep and cherish forever.” Tabetha Church Manager, Employee Relations Quebecor World “I hear nothing but positive comments from our employees and management staff in regards to this program.” Juan Gomez Regional HR Manager Tru-Green Beyond This Day is a proven, successful employee engagement program for corporations, family-run businesses, and non-profit organizations. Healthcare providers find that our program can be used for residents and patients as well as employees with the same result; showing that the company cares. Below is a list of some of the more recognizable companies that utilize Beyond This Day within their organizations: Customer Testimonials Our customers recognize that while traditional gestures for bereavement are always appreciated, they lack the ability to leave a long-term, lasting impression. Comparatively, they understand that traditional gestures limit the company’s ability to engage their employees and support the extended family as Beyond This Day does.
  9. 9. Quantities & Pricing Information for Quantity Discounts THE WAY OF HOPE THE WAY OF HOPE TM Classic and Standard Presentation Options Legacy, Signature and Premium Presentation Options Presentation Options are Discounted by Order Quantity The Beyond This Day and One Who Served programs are designed to convey consistent messages of personal concern and support to families. By ordering the units in sets of eight or ten, the administrator has an adequate supply to respond immediately to the needs of the families. Our goal is to help you reach those families in need in a timely and cost effective manner, and lower your overall costs for bereavement. Ordering a year’s supply based on need, helps to accomplish this goal. Presentation Options Apply toTwo Bereavement Volumes The presentation option prices listed above apply to both of our bereavement volumes: Beyond This Day and One Who Served. The One Who Served volume is our Veteran’s bereavement program and is presented in detail on the pages that follow. Quantity > LEGACY SIGNATURE PREMIUM Quantity > CLASSIC STANDARD 1-2 $84.95 $61.95 $43.95 1-9 $33.95 $27.95 96-143 $80.95 $57.95 $39.95 60-99 $29.95 $23.95 16-47 $82.95 $59.95 $41.95 20-39 $31.95 $25.95 3-15 $83.95 $60.95 $42.95 10-19 $32.95 $26.95 144-249 $79.95 $56.95 $38.95 100-143 $28.95 $22.95 48-95 $81.95 $58.95 $40.95 40-59 $30.95 $24.95 Call for Extended Pricing Information Call toll free 877-416-0157 Or visit www.beyondthisday.com Additional Options Gold/SilverStampTextEmbossingonFrontCoverofBooks-$2perbook. LogoEmbossingDie-$40onetimemanufacturing fee. Logo Set Up Fee for Insert Page - $10 one time setup fee. Logo print charge for inserts (cards included) - $1 per unit.
  10. 10. A Perfect Tribute! Honoring those who served in all branches of our armed forces ... This beautifully appointed memorial volume is designed exclusively for the families of deceased veterans. The One Who Served volume is set apart with a personalized insert and matching sympathy card that is displayed in lieu of flowers at the visitation or wake. It becomes a treasured family keepsake that celebrates the life and service of the veteran and provides valuable resources and helpful information for the veteran’s family. • Padded Cover with Full-Color Onlay • 112 Full-Color Pages with Gilded Edges • Custom Military Artwork • Journal Pages for Personal Remembrances of the Veteran • Helpful Resources for Military Families TM THE UNITED STATES ARMY Army From Continental Army to Counterinsurgency The first of America’s armed forces was the Continental Army of 1775. It was made up of former British army soldiers and members of colonial militias. Under the leadership of George Washington, it was quickly embroiled in battle against British forces, employing what would later be called guerilla tactics to hack away at British forces and their mercenary allies. The Continental Army ultimately succeeded and at the Treaty of Paris, the independence of the United States was recognized. In 1791 a standing army was established. In the war of 1812 the ground army stood strong, and scored a major defeat of British forces. For the next decades the Army skirmished with Native Americans who were trying to halt the rush of settlers migrating west. It also fought the Mexican-American War, which gained for the United States an enor- mous amount of territory. With the Confederate States of America opening fire on the Union- held Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, the bloodiest war in U.S. history began. The superior industrial strength of the north and sheer number of Union troops afoot, brought decisive end-of-war vic- tories in Gettysburg and Vicksburg. After the Civil War, Army victories in the Spanish-American War and Philippine-American War gained much additional land for the U. S. In World War I, Army troops helped breach German lines, aiding the ultimate victory for the allied forces of Britain, France and Russia. The United States joined World War II after the attack on Pearl Har- bor. Army forces eventually helped capture Sicily and North Africa and army soldiers by the thousands engaged the enemy courageously on D-Day and in battles leading to the subsequent defeat of German 33 From a Grateful Nation Our lives are bound at every turn to other people. We live in groups and usually do what we can to make the life of the group a little better. No where is this more evident than in the United States Armed Forces. Whether your loved oneservedonetourofduty,orprovideddecadesofservice,thereisauniqueand unbreakable bond among those who served. It is one of the few professions that require a commitment to a cause greater than one’s own life. The profession of arms revolves not around the tangible rewards associated with other endeavors but rather around the intangible virtues of duty, honor and service. Military service often comes with extreme hardship, suffering, separation from family and trauma not only to service members but also to their loved ones. It may also bring a sense of fulfillment and pride rarely achieved in other vocations. Your loved one was part of this distinct group of men and women who, at one time, stepped forward and said, “I will serve.” Many, if not most veterans, go on to meaningful and rewarding careers af- ter their service. Veterans contribute to society in an untold number of ways and their time in uniform helped define them. Traits and skills learned are eas- ily transferable and much needed in society. More importantly than job skills, however, are the traits veterans learned while serving: courage, commitment, selflessness, tenacity, the list continues. Veterans have been tested, many on the battlefield, on or under the sea and in the skies above. In this volume we honor the many Americans who have served, and in doing so made great sacrifices; some even the ultimate sacrifice, so that we all might live free. A Memorial Tribute & Keepsake Volume To Pay Tribute ... The Great Longing. Throughout recorded history we humans have grieved the passing of one of our own. The religions of the world have all variously defined the great longing in the human heart to reach beyond this mortal life. Because of the inevitability of death, the act of remembering de- ceased loved ones has always been a way to hold the life of another in our minds. Those associated with the military might perhaps have a better no- tion of this tradition than others. The families of veterans understand in a unique way that memory is a great teacher. What we share as humans is the innate need, the great longing to remember those we have loved. The particular qualities that endeared a loved one to us can and should be passed on to others, stories of the bends and curves and blind corners of a life; stories of triumph and service, of duty and honor. Our loved ones live on in the hearts and minds of those who are left. The great longing is really for an undying connection to those we love. Their character does not perish, but lives on in those who have been affected by it.   In the following section we offer a record of the life of your loved one. It is a place to set down the dates, the times, the images and the thoughts that make up your loved one’s legacy and that will keep an eternal flame in your heart and in the hearts of future generations. Remembering One Who Served
  11. 11. Legacy PRESENTATION The polished finish of the Legacy chest is an elegant, furniture-quality keepsake chest in honor of your veteran. The beveled edges and leatherette accents remind the recipient of the care and thoughtful consideration your company has for the service of our veterans.The hand- crafted workmanship and personalized inscription insure your company that this memorial tribute will not be duplicated. Order the Legacy Edition from $85.95/ea - $76.95/ea based on quantity Classic PRESENTATION The Classic edition presents the One Who Served volume in a Navy blue velveteen pouch with contrasting blue satin-lined interior and Velcro fasteners. This unique presentation option provides the same formidable resource for the family of veterans while preserving and protecting the memorial volume for years.The sympathy card and envelope are included in this option. Order the Classic Edition from $34.95/ea - $25.95/ea based on quantity Signature PRESENTATION Presenting the One Who Served volume in the Signature chest, provides the family with a leatherette covered, hard-wood chest and offers the same keepsake compartment to present the book and house treasured mementos, medals, photos and personal items. Order the Signature Edition from $62.95/ea - $53.95/ea based on quantity Standard PRESENTATION One Who Served volume alone is designed as a gift to be presented to a family when they lose a loved one who serves or has served in the Armed Forces of the United States. It is a resource to help them through the bereavement period as well as a keepsake of military service. In these pages they can memorialize their loved one, read a brief history of each branch, record special thoughts and learn how better to cope with grief.The final section provides resources for help. Order the Standard Edition from $27.95/ea - $18.95/ea based on quantity ©2013 Good Will Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Each presentation option includes the One Who Served volume with the Blue-Star Banner onlay,embossed padded cover,gilded pages,attractive white foil stamping and our commissioned military artwork. The matching sympathy card and personalized inscription permanently recognizes you or your company as the donor of this military tribute to the family. One Who Served Presentation Options
  12. 12. Contact the Beyond This Day staff for more information 1-877-416-0157 Mon-Thurs 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Friday 8:00 AM to noon, Eastern Time A Division of Good Will Publishers, Inc.