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ChatBot Employee Query and Service Manager HR HCM Machine Learning AI Artificial Intelligence

FusionFox brings revolutionary Chat-bot to advance HR transformation in your organization and you can even replace employee self service with Chat Bot Employees

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ChatBot Employee Query and Service Manager HR HCM Machine Learning AI Artificial Intelligence

  1. 1. Can you imagine a chat-bot that can understand your organizational policies, eligibility rules and data residing in the HR systems to answer employee queries or questions Not exciting enough?…please have a look I am not just a chat-bot for Employees, I am a revolution in HR Technology FusionFox Talent Systems brings most awaited and Power packed ChatBot for your employees www.fusionfox.info/chatbot-alex
  2. 2. I am Alex, your most awaited Chatbot. I am finally here to set a new benchmark in HR technology transformation and fully ready to assist your employees in many ways I am fully equipped to chat with your employees, answer their queries, concerns, provide them information that they need and finally extending the great employee experience that has never been before I am magical, I can even initiate leave request, travel request or submit expense report through chat Would you like to know how? Please follow me in this presentation Hey
  3. 3. My Unique approach to understand and respond will amaze you I am designed to improve quality of employee service, efficiency and make sure your employees do not wait for information and support they are looking for I am capable of understanding queries and decide where is the potential source I will check hr data sources if query is about any value, balance residing there If query is about asking eligibility, policy or rules then I go-to Policy framework using ML If query is for creating request then I will validate inputs and if yes then I proceed
  4. 4. Employee Sense Receive message and transform data into workable text Comprehend Understand message content Category whether it is related to policy or data query or it is to create or submit request or it is a generic question or greeting Find Query data source based on the message Category Search into Policy Framework Query HR data Sources based on Query Type: e.g. Leave, Salary, Payroll, calculation formula Create or submit request. Supports Leave, Expense and Travel Query generic source with keywords Search greetings, retrieve standard responses Here is my work approach and Architecture My mentors have designed various machine learning tools to ensure I do things efficiently and keep learning
  5. 5. Unique Weblink for each Employee to chat with me, they can plug it anywhere including in the Outlook
  6. 6. I do not understand query I Forward I forward chat query to the concerned chat support center means I identify query subject and redirect it to the respective chatroom based on subject. I collect feedback and respond to the employee Never mind, I wait for the response for allocated time let’s say 15 minutes and if I still do not get any response then I send email to the concerned person nobody is available in Chatroom I Send Email What if I knew you would like to know this, it depends on how you want me to take this forward. I can create service ticket or escalate matter to next level I do not get answer to the email I create service ticket
  7. 7. My Support System, Machine Learning Tools and Analytics
  8. 8. How do I handle generic queries using ML Classify content, define subject, topic followed by keywords and I will find most relevant answer
  9. 9. How do I handle structured policy or data query using ML Define your policy structure Grade-wise, position-wise and setup data query rules by selecting query class (data source name), query code (code of the element e.g. Comp Off in this case)
  10. 10. How do I handle structured policy or data query using ML Integrate your policy documents in the Machine Learning Setup to enhance employee experience
  11. 11. Redirecting to Experts Chat Room 1: Job Queries Press this button to record this as generic question I also learn from my backend Support Team To answer generic questions
  12. 12. ADAPTION OPTIONS Deploy at your pace, start from anywhere and go to any level A B C D Start Start with offering employees chat for generic queries and backend handling Gear Up Include Structured policy discoverer and Enable data query into the chat Move On Now move to next level and enable transaction or request generation thru chat Extend Extend this platform for Job related queries, learning and chat driven training Extend when ready to achieve more with FusionFox ChatBot Structured Policy Query Structured Data Enquiry/ Query Transaction Generator Job Related Learning
  13. 13. Power Packed Sum up: 5 KEY REASONS To plug this revolutionary ChatBot into your HR technology platform 1 2 3 4 5 Revolutionize your HR Single ChatBot with diverse capabilities to uncover a new world of possibilities On Cloud and On Premise You can either deploy on public cloud or In your own premise Flexible Licensing You can decide if you wish to buy perpetual license or go with SaaS model Easy Integration We use API and standard web services to pull and push data from external sources Single Sign-on Out of box integration with active directory to enable single sign-on Easy to Adapt Robust Technology
  14. 14. Did I impress you? If yes, then enroll your organization with us. We will inform you when we are available to serve you We are a start-up doing extensive work in Artificial Intelligence and demo or implementation is done on first come first serve basis For enrollment or demo please write to us at alex@fusionfox.info Product visit: https://www.fusionfox.info/chatbot-alex