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Storytelling Expedition Around the World in 80 Brands

Storytelling Expedition Around the World in 80 Brands - By Maarten Schafer (Brand Storyteller) and Anouk Pappers (Brand Anthropologist) for CoolBrands.

We started a 'Storytelling Expedition Around the World'
meeting ‘people with a vision’ and ‘brands with a purpose’.
We write their stories in a narrative context to facilitate word-of-mouth.
We believe that stories can change attitudes, behavior and, ultimately, the world.
So by writing and sharing the stories, we want to inspire people and contribute to making the world a better place.

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Storytelling Expedition Around the World in 80 Brands

  1. 1. A STORYTELLING EXPEDITION FOR BRANDS by CBNWS What is a Storytelling Expedition? A reportage on a certain subject / project" with the objective to create content: stories, pictures, video The content can be used to: - Convey a complex (brand) message - Create talk value - Activate brand fans in social media - Create a publication (online or print) - Create augmented reality content Anouk  Pappers  –  Founder  CBNWS   anouk@cbnws.com - maarten@cbnws.com  
  2. 2. A STORYTELLING EXPEDITION FOR BRANDS by CBNWS How does it work? - Together we’ll decide on the subject of the Storytelling Expedition - During the expedition CBNWS can interact with your brand fans - We will write stories, make pictures and create video (post in social media and blogs) - At the end of the expedition we can create a hardcopy book, an ebook, a story app or publish the stories online - The stories can be used as a marketing tool Optional deliverables - Creating the content - Seeding the content online and activating the brand fans " on social media - Creating a hard copy book plus printing - Creating an ebook - Creating a story app Anouk  Pappers  –  Founder  CBNWS   anouk@cbnws.com - maarten@cbnws.com  
  3. 3. Who are we: CBNWS was founded by Anouk Pappers and Maarten Schäfer in 2002 in Amsterdam. Our mission is: Travel the world, meet people with a vision and brands with a purpose; write and share their stories to inspire others. Our core business: Our business evolved from interviewing brands to ‘creating meaningful content’ and ‘conducting storytelling expeditions’. Our global business: In 2014 CBNWS is a global network with curators in 15 countries. Maarten  Schafer  –  Chief  Storyteller  CBNWS  
  4. 4. OUR PRODUCTS / SERVICES: 1. AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BRANDS We travel the world, ‘meet people with a vision’ and ‘brands with a purpose’. We write their story and place it in a narrative context. We share the stories in a book and e-book, distributed to influencers worldwide. 2. STORYTELLING EXPEDITIONS Creating talk-value for brands to support a specific brand message. 3. STORYTELLING ACADEMY Workshops storytelling for companies and university students. 4. STORYTELLING CONSULTANCY Creating brand narratives, content strategies, etc… 5. PERSONAL BRANDING THROUGH STORYTELLING Writing the personal story, increasing relevance and findability online. Maarten  Schafer  –  Chief  Storyteller  CBNWS  
  5. 5. OUR PORTFOLIO: We created content for more than 600 brands and people worldwide Content creation: PepsiCo - Louis Vuitton – Diesel – BMW – Mercedes – Bacardi – Disney – Nespresso – Unilever - Osklen – Lenny Niemeyer – Scotch&Soda – Vlisco – Deola Sagoe - AMREF – Shanghai Tang – Sol de Janeiro – Etisalat – MB&F – Le Bon Marché - JWT – Saatchi&Saatchi – Havas – Lowe – Cheil… Storytelling expeditions: Michelin – Kempinski Hotels - Harley-Davidson – APEX Brasil – KLM – H.Stern Jewellers – Henkel – Vodafone – JBS… Maarten  Schafer  –  Chief  Storyteller  CBNWS