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Psycho geometrics

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Psycho geometrics

  1. 1. PSYCHO-GEOMETRICS Presented By- Muhammed Bava KH (Assistant Professor , MEA Engineering College)
  2. 2. Agenda What is Psycho-Geometrics ? Why Should you learn Psycho-Geometrics? Scope of Psycho-Geometrics.
  3. 3. Do you have one difficult person in your life?
  4. 4. Why do you consider the person as a Difficult person ?
  5. 5. Psycho-Geometrics Psycho-Geometrics is based on the notion that we tend to be attracted to certain shapes and forms in the environment because of our personalities, attitudes, education and experiences, as well as the ways in which our individual brains function…
  6. 6. Psycho-Geometrics-in short • Psycho-Geometrics is a science of decoding people using geometric shapes. • It explores geometry of personality.
  7. 7. The concept of Psycho-Geometrics is based on the book Psycho-Geometrics by Susan Dellinger, PhD Prentice Hall, 1989
  8. 8. In the rapidly changing business scenario , what is the real cutting edge? Is it advanced Technology? or Innovation or Business strategy Or People Skills
  9. 9. So my Answer is People skills. 100% customers are people 100% employees are people So If we don’t understand people, we don’t understand Business.
  10. 10. Introducing Psycho-Geometrics as a result of intensive research emerging out of two core studies of human functioning 1.Neurology of Human brain Functioning 2.Study of human personality types conducted by Carl Gustav Jung.
  11. 11. The word Psycho-Geometrics is derived from Psyche + Geometry.
  12. 12. The word Psycho-Geometrics is derived from Psyche + Geometry.
  13. 13. Which shape are you most attracted to
  14. 14. 5 SHAPES OF PSYCHO- GEOMETRICS 1.Square 2.Triangle 3.Rectangle 4.Circle 5.Squiggle
  15. 15. Core Needs of Each Shape SQUARE DISCOVERY DIRECTION ATTENTION SUPPORT Perfection Certainty Objectivity secirity SUCCESS ACHIEVEMENT POWER STATUS
  16. 16. Core Needs of Each Shape Excitement Change Variety Spontaneity Love Intimacy Harmony Deep Connections
  17. 17. Core Expectation of Each Shape SQUARE SUPPORT MENTORING Freedom to try many options Orderliness Accuracy Persistence AUTONOMY AUTHORITY VISIBILITY CREDIT FOR ACHIEVEMENT
  18. 18. Core Expectations of Each Shape Thrive on change Unorganized Freedom to explore Variety of people &task Work in a caring & Trustworthy & Open Environment
  19. 19. Core Working need for Each Shape SQUARE Change Respect Lead
  20. 20. Core working need for Each Shape Create Connect
  21. 21. What do each shape contribute to an organisation SQUARE Open to learn Orderliness Organisational skills Goal oriented Delegation
  22. 22. What do each shape contribute to an organization Creativity Fun Innovation Harmonious Relationship
  23. 23. Scope of Psycho-Geometrics 1.Inter personal Interactions can be improved. 2.Understanding and managing conflicts in an optimum way. 3.Building Better customer relationships. 4.Managing Intense conversations. 5.Close deals and increase sales. 6.Building better married life.
  24. 24. Thank You All
  25. 25. CONTACT MUHAMMED BAVA KH 9447544224 Muhammed bava koodali muhammedbavaqr
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